Boris Johnson zipwire

A new video has been unearthed of Boris Johnson giving an interview and saying he would vote to stay within the EU and its single market.

Can anyone really take him seriously?

Three years ago in 2012, when asked Boris told an interviewer (courtesy of ITN and Sky News):

Presenter: How would you vote tomorrow if there was a referendum?

Boris: I’d vote to stay in the [EU] Single Market. I’m in favour of the Single Market, I want to be p- I want us to be able to trade freely with our European friends and partners.

Then, just a few days ago, he said…

The benefits of being in the Single Market have been wildly over-stated. And it’s striking that countries outside the EU have actually done better at exporting into the EU than we have.



Boris and his supporters would respond by saying he changed his mind because Cameron failed in his big ‘re-negotiation’ with the EU.

But that was about primarily limiting immigration, not cutting off access to the EU Single Market trading zone.

Boris the flip-flopper – can we really believe anything he says?

  1. I think Boris is a dangerous self-obsessed twit BUT I really dislike the idea that politicians should be derided when they change their minds about anything.

  2. Carla Polhill says:

    Boris is no twit. His mastery of diversion, disguise and misdirection is astounding. He has forged a path to the pinnacle of the british political system without any of us truly knowing his position on any of the major issues. Of course, politicians should be able to change their minds on policy etc. but they should absolutely ensure that any policy statement is supported by a clear and transparent rationale, something I have never detected in any of Mr Johnson’s buffoonery. if any sensible person were to really think about how close we are to seeing two of the biggest economic and military powers being led by a partnership of Boris Johnson and Donald Trump then surely they would see what dangers may lie ahead and use their votes wisely and carefully.

  3. Anne Marie Garner says:

    Well said, Carla. He does his lovable bumbling eccentric schtick and people fall for it. Wouldn’t trust him further than I could throw him.

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