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Vote Leave campaigners aren’t quite telling the truth about the supposed lack of checks on EU doctors’ English skills.

On their official website, the Leave camp claim

“systematic checks on whether EU doctors can speak English remain illegal under EU law.”

It turns out that’s not true.

The only time doctors can’t be tested is when they already have evidence of an official language qualification. If anything, current rules make it easier to check doctors can speak English.

And we thought the Vote Leave were so keen on telling the truth…

  1. Les Nicholls says:

    Vote out, vote out, we have spent too much money on other countries whilst our services are allowed to go downhill………22.000 people employed by the EU……..Its time we thought of ourselves…….Vote out…….Remember what they said about us when they wanted us to change to the Euro…………YOU WONT SURVIVE……..Well we did…..we did even better but because of that we had a bill for 1.7 billion………………..Where do think that money came from……YES WE THE PEOPLE……….

  2. The Leave campaign would have more credibility if they just ran with the line :

    “VOTE LEAVE . . . . just to see what the heck happens”

    cos that’s essentially what we’re being asked

  3. @Les nichols: you do know the Her Majesty civil service (UK) is about 400k people don’t you? So 22,000 for the whole EU is a bargain.

  4. 22,000 employed by the EU, is it possible some are British? In or Out, no-one can see the future, just need to do a bit of research to find as many “facts” or explode some of the myths and vote accordingly.

  5. “What happens if we remain is what I would like to know.” So would we all. As Michael Lewis pointed out, NO ONE KNOWS – either way.

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