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The Vote Leave campaign today quietly deleted a misleading page on its website that was advertised on Google if Britons searched for ‘Register to vote’ for the EU Referendum

The page was linked to from a Google search ad, and gave the impression Britons could register to vote in the EU Referendum through that page.

Someone fooled by the ad told Political Scrapbook it was in place a week ago.

Here’s a screenshot of the ad


Vote Leave Google ad


But the link was not to the official Electoral Commission page and would not register a potential voter.

Users who entered their information were simply added to the Vote Leave mailing list, but not the electoral register.


Vote Leave Google ad


By the afternoon, as more people started to raise the alarm over the page, the Vote Leave campaign hurriedly deleted the page


Vote Leave page


We contacted the Vote Leave campaign today to ask why they have now deleted the page. They didn’t get back to us.

UPDATE: We spoke to the Electoral Commission about this story. A spokeswoman said it was not in their remit to “regulate campaigner content” even if it was “confusing”.

Today is the last day to register to vote.

UPDATE TWO: Someone who was tricked by the page told us:

tried to register my girlfriend’s sister to register to vote, googled ‘register to vote’ clicked first link without looking.

signed her up without realising it was a leave campaign landing page, now she is getting lots of leave email despite unsubscribing several times, this was [on] Tuesday 31st May mid afternoon.

That means this misleading page had been active for several days…

Trying to mislead people has become central to the Vote Leave campaign now

  1. Roberto Gonzales Jnr 2nd says:

    this is deceit and lies from the brexit team, how can anyone back these losers is beyond me

    Vote Remain

  2. It is on the same level as Election fraud – a knowing attempt to defraud the public with intent to change an election outcome…

    Not that we needed much more by way of evidence but it is telling that this bunch were pissed off at not being recognised as the funded leading group representing “Patheticliarswhowanttoexpresstheirfearofforeignersbykillingtheeconomy”

  3. There’s no way that anyone who REALLY wanted to Leave set this up. It makes no sense whatsoever.

    1. It’s the leave website for fucks sake! What remainer would use that over gov register website?

    2. Nearly every single online poll puts Leave ahead, so having this page on the internet could only mean less registered Leave voters.

    Honestly the whole leave campaign smells fishy. But it’s important to remember the smell is only worse, because we are used to the stench of our own government and their campaign…



  4. Jack Gladstone Holroyde says:

    A spokeswoman said it was not in their remit to “regulate campaigner content” even if it was “confusing”.

    No, it’s the remit of the police.

  5. Typical shenanigans from the lying Brexit brigade but you also have to wonder about people who click stuff without looking, especially when it has a big orange square with the word “Ad” inside it.

  6. like the whole leave campaign just lies and decite. I just can’t believe the British public are being brain washed with bullshit so easily.

  7. FifthcolumnBlue says:

    The irony is that they’ll be wasting money sending pro-Brexit propaganda to people who won’t be able to vote for them due to not being registered. Is there such a thing as an Electoral Darwin award?

  8. S.Boothroyd says:

    And Cameron and his cronies haven’t been lying to us for the last 5-6 years already which is why we are so deep in the s*#t now and if we vote to stay it’s only going to get deeper !!!

  9. James Donaghy says:

    The remain campaign have made many dubious claims about what might happen if we leave. The fact is nobody knows what, in two years time, will replace current trade deals if we leave. I suspect they will be replaces by something very similar and the biggest difference is that we will feel more sovereign. That’s all.

  10. The electoral commission might not be able to do anything but the Information Commissioners Office might- if these people are collecting people’s personal information under false pretences and also failing to remove people’s data on request then they are in breach of the Data Protection Act

  11. There is clearly nothing wrong with this advertisement. The problem comes with people not reading what it says. Hardly the problem with the people who wrote the ad more with those that don’t pay attention. It asks the question if you’ve registered to vote. It offers information and It further explicitly shows the website as VOTELEAVETAKECONTROL.

    Anyone who clicked on this thinking they were registering to vote, imho are not sufficiently intelligent to vote.

  12. How can Deed say base you vote on facts and then follow it up with the EU army is coming. What EU army. I suggest you start looking at facts

  13. James Donagy – do please enlighten us as to how you think you will feel after Brexit when you are more sovereigny – what do you mean by this? People care about the price of their food, the cost of their fuel, protection of butterflies whatever is their concern but I have never ever heard people moaning about the lack of sovereignity. I am a British subject of her Majesty and an European citizen. It says so in my passport. Following Brexit I will still be a British subject but the Brexiters will have taken away my European citizenship. and that sucks.

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