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Barely 24 hours after the massacre of LGBT people in Orlando, Florida, a Christian pastor in the US posted a video celebrating the attacks.

Pastor Steven L Anderson, from a Baptist Church in Tempe, Arizona, published a ‘response’ to the Orlando killings last night that was full of hate-speech.

He says:

The good news is that there’s 50 less pedophiles in this world, because, you know, these homosexuals are a bunch of disgusting perverts and pedophiles. That’s who was a victim here, are a bunch of, just, disgusting homosexuals at a gay bar, okay?

But the bad news is that this is now gonna be used, I’m sure, to push for gun control, where, you know, law-abiding normal Americans are not gonna be allowed to have guns for self-defense.

And it gets worse from there…

UPDATE: The original video was deleted by YouTube for “hatespeech”, but here is a copy:


This is how his Church describes itself

We are a local New Testament church reaching the Phoenix area with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Don’t expect anything contemporary or liberal. We are an old-fashioned, independent, fundamental, King James Bible only, soul-winning Baptist church.

There are vigils organised across the UK (London, Leeds, Glasgow, Manchester, Brighton, Coventry, Edinburgh and Nottingham) in solidarity with the Orlando victims this week.


A sad reminder that homophobia is still prevalent everywhere…

  1. Kathleen Puffett says:

    No real Christian would ever be so digusting as such a vile Pastor as this. I hope for the sake of others that Christian leaders look into the conduct of his gross behaviour and deem fit to revoke his Pastoralship.

  2. I wonder if he’s wearing a shirt or tie made out of 2 threads.

    Leviticus 19:19 “…..nor wear a garment upon you of two kinds of material mixed together.”

    Deuteronomy 22:11
    “You shall not wear a material mixed of wool and linen together.

  3. Mike Smith. says:

    Pastor Anderson I have listened to your thoughts on the Orlando massacre, I note you do not mention the Gospel once, just the book of Leviticus. The love that Jesus brought into the world is absent from your thoughts, I only heard hate. Your religion is no better than that of the Islamic State; you just cloak your hatred in a Christian mantle not a Muslim one. I am going to pray that God opens your heart to his Love.

  4. Jonathan Wilson says:

    @Kathleen, there is a huge difference between “churches” as we understand them here in the UK and the American version where anyone can set themselves up as a church or religious institute. There can be no way to revoke a “pastor” that is the leader of their own church, just look at the evil and vile Westboro Baptist “Church” for a clue as to how disgusting some of these “churches” are.

  5. Fr. Martin Murray says:

    It’s a shame this man has no idea of Christian principals. Whats frightening is that he is preaching this vile to others in the name of GOD. He really is no better than Omar Marteen who took the 50 lives in Orlando. It seems mental health and radicalization is not limited as to whom it affects. Perhaps the best thing to happen now is that this man be sectioned under the mental health act or better still arrested and imprisoned for in-sighting hatred. I hope and pray his god forgives him

  6. What a very sick mind you have . Is this what God ask you to say to His people ?
    God tells me to beware of false Prophet .
    Stephen Peter Chamberlain a happy gay man created in Gods Image . Now if you do not believe that you can believe in God . Where do God use the language that flow so elegantly from your lips and mouth . I do not you are speaking with your heart or brain and maybe the word love is missing in your soul . May God forgive you . London UK

  7. Jesus Christ would throw up on hearing the words from this phony Fheistian’s mouth, and any of his believers. The language he used puts him directly in bed with the same ignorant, narrow-minded ‘true believers’ in ISIS – both an abomination of what their respective religions stand for. These right-wing Taliban phony Christians are as much a threat to our country as ISIS is… Rot in hell, ‘preacher.’

  8. Child of the King says:

    Sounds like u need to get saved . Satan seems to have u right where he wants you because the born again people I know have no hate God is love he died for them like he did us mayb one day they will c the truth and realize hey this is wrong. But what your doing is just as wrong there is no big sin or little sin sin is sin u promote everything Jesus Christ is not. Try to get to know the REAL JESUS he will turn all this that Satan has meant for evil to good.

  9. Anthony Court says:

    Ahum. A perfect example of the bigotry, homophobia and racist bile being encouraged by Trump in this crazy and dangerous season of appealling to the lowest common denominator in the electorate and broader society. The question always springs to my mind: If it were the “pastor’s” family brutally killed by a lunatice – let’s say an anti-Baptist murderer – would he be posting celebrations on the internet. Would the LGBT community be posting sick justifications for these murders? It would seem that this “pastor’s” “christianity” ends where he begins. I feel pity for you Mr Anderson. You have no soul

  10. Christina Coles says:

    People say to me, “preaching on face book”.There is so much to say against people like pastor Steven L Anderson, of which this world needs to beware. The scriptures teach,Study to show yourself approved, a good workman who needs not to be ashamed, correctly dividing the word of truth”. So the KJV is not the only book to be used in the study of the ancient scriptures.
    Wonder what part of the KJV he studies?

  11. This man is ignorant
    Clearly using the term pedophile he means lover of feet!
    Or does he mean paedophile ?

  12. Mick Austin says:

    There are confused Christians….and then there is this guy. He does not represent Christ, God, or the Church.

  13. Deborah Kerr says:

    We don’t need preachers like him. I have gay friends who mean the world to me and I can count them as the best friends I have ever had. This world is big enough for us all. This guy just wants to insight hatred and more deaths. I am no Christian but even I know what he said is so so wrong. Why did anyone give him the chance to air his views they must have known they would cause offence to many people

  14. I’m sure this guy will never have a moment of clarity deep enough to understand it, but HE is the problem in the world. He is sick and brainwashed. Quoting the bible but judging anyone without the same views. Quoting the bible and forgetting the bits that say its cool to own slaves or wear two threads at the same time. Also he seems to have completely misunderstood the difference between homosexuals and pedophiles. What a fucking evil fucker.

  15. Really folks, how long did you think it would be before some self righteous self acclaimed self anointed narrow minded piased numpty gave their hatred fuelled so called “Christian” opinion on this ?
    Wonder if he offered any prayers for the innocent victims…I don’t think.

  16. @Johnathan Wilson. You can do that in the UK. Ian Paisley set up his own church on discovering the church he was a member of intended allowing dancing in the hall.

    “Ian Richard Kyle Paisley, Baron Bannside, PC (6 April 1926 – 12 September 2014)

    “He became a Protestant evangelical minister in 1946 and would remain one for the rest of his life. In 1951 he co-founded the fundamentalist Free Presbyterian Church of Ulster and was its leader until 2008. Paisley became known for his fiery speeches and regularly preached and protested against Catholicism, ecumenism and homosexuality. He gained a large group of followers who were referred to as Paisleyites.” (Wikipedia

    His friend and follower Mrs Robinson, wife of the last FM of NI, shortly before it was discovered she had a teenage lover (despite being over 60) and her subsequent withdrawal from public life, described homosexuals as worse than paedophiles.

    You get them everywhere.

  17. I’m going to go along with Trump for ONE milli-second. He wants to ban Muslims because he can’t figure out which ones are terrorists? OK. I say BOYCOTT REPUBLICANS because I can’t figure out which ones are pro-gun control and which ones have the BLOOD OF INNOCENTS on their hands. Every single Republican who justifies having semi-automatic weapons available for sale is partially responsible for all the blood shed on American soil due to gun violence. EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOU REPUBLICANS IS RESPONSIBLE BY ASSOCIATION. Republicans will go down in history as the American version of Nazis.

    Soooo I have decided to starve you all out. I will no longer be doing business with Republicans. I won’t eat in your restaurants. I won’t buy anything from your shops. I won’t even let you mow my lawn. As far as I’m concerned Republicans can starve to death. Let ’em eat shit!

    No Republicans? No semi-automatic weapons available to slaughter our innocent children. (And don’t even get me started on hunting.

  18. The ones that preach the loudest are usually the ones that have the most skeletons in their closet .

  19. Warnings Galore says:

    The arrogant sodomites are offensive as are the NYC and Washington, DC and Tel Avi supporters, advocates and you need to look at your (the reader – the false accuser) who inadvertently shows his true colors with his comments. Did you notice they didn’t have gendy-bendy-bathrooms? Beware WOLVES in Sheeps clothing – Ask yourself: who owns the media (and feeds you trash), who owns the movies (and feed you trash), who owns your money and controls your MIND? Bro Steven keep on keeping on. Beware SHILLS and paid to spew hate on websites — just like the so-called protesters — THEY ARE PAID TO CREATE TURMOIL AND DEATH – they are lead by a Luciferian Elite crowd — look beyond the surface and see the putrid SAME ONES BEHIND IT ALL! Wake up

  20. Marianne Glahn says:

    Hvad er dog det for en overskrift, den tyder på samme stupiditet og uvidenhed som andre fanatikere, lad dog være med at forurene nettet med slige tåbeligheder, det skaber kun mere had og mangel på kristen tankegang. Det er ikke det, vi har brug for lige nu.

  21. Marion Noonan says:

    He’s choosing to use a transcription from the book of Leviticus to justify his hatred of Homosexuality any sane person would understand that the translation of the scriptures are a loose guide to how People doing the translation at the time perceived the particular scripture. What he should really be saying is my Dad hated Homosexuals so I hate them.

  22. What a sad ignorant poor excuse of a human being. This so called Christian in NOT a Christian he is a vile man, he is doing the work of the devil not God’s work. God loves all of his children. This man should not be allowed to preach the word of God. He is just so angry because no gay man would give him a second look, he is acting out his fustration because of all his hidden skeltons in his closet. How could he say that those poor 50 people who were murdered deserved it and that he would not cry or greive for them. if anyone is breaking God’s heart it is this piece of crap. He does not represent Christ, God, or the Church. He seems to completely misunderstand the difference between homosexuals and pedophiles. What a fucking evil piece of shit. Self righteous pompous asshole living in the dark ages. Boy if you ever need a good Lawyer or Doctor you better hope they have a forgiving heart because they could be gay.

  23. There is absolutely no difference between this piece of well fermented dogshit and any other mad religious nutcase! If you wanted to shoot someobody then people like this should be first on the list but instead they steal people’s minds and glory in their petty power and predjudice. No doubt he will be found in a gay bar getting a blow job and say he didnt know what he was doing! People this nasty are almost always utter hypocrites and liars and this example seems almost perfect in his nastiness. I dont believe in hell but if there is one it has a special layer reserved for human excrement like this!

  24. So encouraging to hear someone not afraid to speak the truth. We have been so demoralized in America, as part of a huge plan to destroy us, from God fearing Bible believing people to where we now think anyone talking down SIN is just plain wrong.


  25. This guy runs a new testament church but quotes the old testament.

    To call yourself a Christian I would have thought that you would follow the teachings of Christ, I.e. turn the other cheek, foregivnes love etc.not some old writings that contradict his teachings.

  26. FRANCIS LYNCH says:


  27. This man isn’t a man of religion, a man of love or a man in any respects. He needs to keep his hateful and discriminating words to himself.

  28. Catherine Carden says:

    You must be a closet queen just like the shooter! Do think about Brad Pitt when you have make a dozen babies with your wife. You are disgusting!

  29. This is a personal view as Jesus loves everyone, so he can stop using his role as a pastor to say these things. I feel sorry for the people in his church as they won’t be getting taught about Jesus and his love for everyone.

  30. Lots of the “No true Scotsman” fallacy going on here. This man is every bit as Chrisitan as everyone else in this thread. This guy just didn’t cherry pick the nice parts like most “good” Christians do.

  31. He sounds like he is part of a terrorist organization and should be on the FBI terror watch list.

  32. I don’t believe in going to church and I have no religious affiliation! Simple because of this type of believe. I believe in a higher power and that God lives within us all. Only that we don’t all reflect Him through our actions. If this bastard has followers, may you all be condemned to hell!!!!

  33. What are the first and second great commandments? I live in Arizona and never heard of this guy. The internet can make a loner seem like he is followed by millions.

  34. Angus Shaw (S.R.) says:

    Jesus said, “Do not judge other so that God will not judge you, for God will judge you in the same way as you judge others.”Matthew 7 : 1 – 2.

    This poor soul need to read his Bible and discover Christ’s doctrine of love – for everyone – no qualifications!
    Do not hate this Pastor, pray for him, he needs all the love and forgiveness he can get.

  35. Jason Ronaldo Ell says:

    Blah…..blah…..blah. Typical closet fag preacher hiding his self loathing behind Christianity.

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