A Tory councillor in East Riding, and a campaigner for Vote Leave, posted to Facebook today: ‘I have just donated the steam of my p*ss’ with a link to the Jo Cox memorial fund page.

Dominic Peacock is part of the Beverly and Holdnerness Conservatives

His post was captured in a screenshot on Twitter.


Dominic Peacock


After severe online criticism, Political Scrapbook understands he then deleted it and posted an apology.


Dominic Peacock

UPDATE 1: We understand he has now been suspended. This is by a BBC political reporter:

UPDATE 2: Statement from Cllr Stephen Parnaby OBE, Leader, East Riding of Yorkshire Council & Leader, Conservative Group

Following inappropriate and offensive comments made on social media relating to the sad and tragic death of Jo Cox MP, I have suspended Cllr Dominic Peacock from the East Riding of Yorkshire Council Conservative Group with immediate effect. I shall be reporting this to a meeting of the full Group and my recommendation will be that he be expelled.

Mr Peacock says he won’t say anything more:


We’re trying to get in touch with Peacock and Vote Leave for a comment

  1. Pattie Hill says:

    Totally and utterly despicable! This man must be removed from all positions and by the conservative party. He has shamed himself,constituents, friends and family.

  2. Alan J. Taylor says:

    Such statements must reflect upon all who are in reasonably close association with the author and who must disassociate themselves by name . Name and shame and demand exposure of all concerned.. Birds of a feather.! etc. A.J.T.


  3. What a disgusting comment for a man in the public eye to make. Did he think he was being funny ? Totally unacceptable.

  4. Typical tory reaction when they think they can get away with it.

    Whole reason the leave campaign is coming with the “they’re using the death to further their aims” story is that they don’t understand human emotions. No profit in them.

  5. Annette Stokes says:

    What a disgusting man he should hang he’s head in utter shame, he should be sacked immediately there are NO excuses for this shameful quote

  6. Annette Stokes says:

    What a despicable man he should hang he’s head in SHAME, he has to be sacked immediately there are no excuses for what he has said, there is no place for him as a councillor I would never trust him again

  7. Ryan Griffiths says:

    This referendum has exposed just what a bunch of lying Psychopathic out of touch people actually run this Country .
    I have lost ALL respect for our politicians + their lies designed to keep them comfortable = keep the rich in power.
    The House of Cards is about to fall + if the so called “leaders” don’t change their ways very soon the whole of Europe (including the UK) will see a revolution that will take us all back to the dark ages.
    This councillor has no place in ANY political party as he has brought shame on the whole population not just the Tory’s
    We want our Country back from the 1% that buy our MP’s :'(

  8. Nasty piece of work – what type of moron writes a message like that when someone has been killed by a lunatic. A man is without his wife and children have lost their mother. You should be thoroughly ashamed of yourself. I hope you are disciplined that you are removed from your position immediately. I’m sure that the decent people of East Riding will not want you in public service for them any longer than necessary!

  9. How do low life scum like this make it into politics in the first place? Oh wait…

    He should be put in the stocks!

  10. I really don’t know how Lexit people can vote leave knowing they’re voting the same way as people like Dominic Peacock

  11. Luke Rogers says:

    AJT, does that rule go for others too? Like Muslims apologising for ISIS or Corbyn associating with PIRA? Define “reasonably close association”.

  12. juliet solomon says:

    I wonder what kind of a delinquent schoolboy this so-called “man” is. Even his thoughts – “the steam of my piss” are utterly contemptible. How was he elected a councillor? And how dared he even stand, given the level on which he clearly operates?

  13. typical tory. I think cameron should admit his calling Corbyn a “terrorist sympathiser” was the sort of thing that leads to idiots becoming radicalised and murdering people.

  14. Dominc Peacock,
    I think that by now you will have realised that your considerable lapse in not just judgement but in human decency renders you unfit for the office to which you have been elected. The only decent thing that you can do now – and this by no means balances the account – is to resign with immediate effect from that office.

    You may think that a) this will blow over and
    b) resignation is a harsh penalty.
    I can assure you that neither is true: just think of the unnecessary hurt that you have heaped upon all members of the Cox family.

    By all means stand again after you have resigned – you will then see how much you are despised.

  15. This vile excuse for a human being exemplifies the Tory ethos.

    I truly hope that those who vote will remember…………

    I wouldn’t cross the road to P155 on him if he were on fire!

  16. How on earth can he possibly think ANY person can be impressed with that? Or amused? Astonishing. What a complete waste of space. Let’s see him meet up with the tall, well built Brendan Cox and say the same thing.

  17. I dont think this is a ‘typical tory’ comment. It is the comment of an a$$ who thinks he is being clever.

  18. Huge round of applause to all the Tory voters out there, this is the type of hands you have put our country’s future in, well done “England” thankfully there a tiny minority in Scotland

  19. You are the big reason I never vote conservative, because you advocate selfish stupidity and self gain, even to voicing absurdities over a dead person.

  20. John Devine says:

    That any man could think it was acceptable to make such a foul remark in public is perhaps a sign of how low this referendum debate has sunk. That Jo Cox challenged this sort of behaviour is to her everlasting credit, honour and memory.

  21. Angry woman says:

    Hopefully, if he’s not removed from the council and the party, he will not be allowed to stand again. Those he is representing have it within their power at the ballot bix to ensure that such a miserable apology of a man is never in a position to cause such offence again.

  22. Typical vile commen spewed from the mouth of a right wink scumbag, he should be made to resign his seat and disappear into the hole he crawled out off.

  23. Ruth Wortley says:

    Every day the Tories roll over even further to expose the thoroughly nasty underbelly they keep very close to the ground to try and hide before they get elected. They are all still part of the same insatiable predator however. Shame on this piece of filth. Good riddance, Pea cock.

  24. Aside from the fact that is a hateful thing to say in the circumstances, it’s a pretty lowly piece of scum thing to say at all, surely.
    Just the expression is something you expect from stupid teenagers who’ll grow out of it, and groaning neanderthals who won’t.
    Not fit to be an MP and should be sacked immediately.
    And other public figures should be put on warning that just because a crap stand up thinks it’s funny doesn’t mean you can say it and retain any respect.
    Fir heavens sake let’s hold our public servants to account and expect them to communicate with maturity and decency.

  25. Malcolm Pearson says:

    This is utterly contemptible. We must have mature humane adults who can represent us and provide positive outcomes for our society. This man’s comments qualify him for the dole queue and nothing else. It doesn’t matter what political party you represent. In a democracy we will grow or we will fall, but we do it together.

  26. Peter Yardley says:

    How low can you get. How does someone other than an utter scumbag think they can say this and still hold his position.

  27. Charlie Monck says:

    Scum like Peacock are the reason why we need a recall law, to allow the people to remove any political official who offends in any way. I am not ASKING … I REQUIRE his local party to expel him forthwith both from the party and from the council, and I REQUIRE the national Tory party to expel him as well.

  28. Ian Jenkins says:

    There’s a place for low lives like this…’s called UKIP. I’m sure he’s just pushed himself to the top of the list of potential councillors for that “party” at the next local elections.

  29. The tory ethos personified. Peacock has demonstrated what a sociopathic group of scum they are. They seethe with hatred for heir fellow human beings. I won’t wish harm on another person but should Peacock happen to meet karma in a dark alley somewhere, I won’t shed a tear.

  30. John Riggins says:

    Unbelievable piece of scum, the true face of the Caring Sharing Tories?
    Like the way they make an offensive remark and immediately apologise as if that makes it all ok when we know full well that is what he/they actually believe and feel, like the Tory Councillor who said all disabled children should be gassed, we know full well that’s what he feels deep down.
    Still with a racist, fascist bigot for a Prime Minister who else to take a lead from?

  31. Ian Blackburn says:

    It is always an apology from people who make such remarks. As if that makes it alright. We now know the real character of this councillor. No words or apologies will change it.

  32. Disgusting comments how on earth has this man ever been voted in he needs to be ashamed of himself you are not fit to represent anyone and I for one would not give him the time of day
    Resign and do the right thing

  33. says:

    With idiots like this on councils that usually make it to MPs and finally into government, do you wonder why this country is in such mess, the same people are liars and cheats, refuse to give a positive answer to a question, and usually answer it with a question, or even just smudge the question.

  34. Appalling …..disgusting and he represents the people…… I would spit on him I ever met him ……disgusting individual

  35. Seems his career with the Tories is over,,,, but I an sure UKIP will welcome him with open arms….

  36. Terence Voysey says:

    Interesting that this odious little man is, according to his own profile on the Beverley and Holderness Conservatives page, Chair of the Beverley Branch of the Royal British Legion. The Secretary of the Branch is available on email here:-

  37. Sara-Jane Cromwell says:

    We are well and truly returning to the days of the the 1930s, when politicians of this ilk lead their countries irredeemably down the wrong path; and we all know where that led us to. I agree with those who say his apology is utterly meaningless. He wrote what he felt, and what he felt is rotten to it’s core. The question for the Tories and those who vote for them is quite simple. Do you or don’t you support his views?

  38. Sally Beggs says:

    I think maybe Marty meant Katie Hopkins. Poor Katie Holmes has had one oddball husband in Tom Cruise. She doesn’t need this monumental bellend.

  39. The plain fact is that the people to whom this was addressed probably *did* find it funny. These people also need to be identified and outed if they hold public office.

  40. I do not understand the mentality of this man. These are the people representing us. what a shame. It doesnt matter what party you belong, you have to have some dignity in your words. After you have said something, you can never take it back.

  41. John Whitmore says:

    This goes beyond politics and his chosen party. This shows a basic disregard for human life that is potientially representative of an underlying psychopathology. There is nothing but the coldest, unfeeling selfishness that would lead you to.think let alone express this.

    The fact he apologised just meant he became aware of the consequences of what he’d said not actual contrition.

    I cannot think of an emptier man.

  42. And this person is meant to be an councillor and serve the interests of the people???

    He’s obviously lacking a few brain cells to boot.

    A dangerous fool placed in a position of power – sack him before he does any further harm!

  43. Nasty man, horrendous comments, no respect, shame on you. Now you should reap what you sow. Should NOT be reinstated!

  44. George Gornall says:

    This is the face of hatred for anything positive. Jo Cox was a woman of valour and this piece of Tory scum has besmirched her memory. Not only should he resign from the council, he should be facing charges in court for hate crime. This however is the nasty face of the Tory party and many within that party will hold similar views.

  45. Remove this man,not just suspend him,to late for sorry the disgusting comment should never have been made,bye bye idiot.

  46. Graham Walker says:

    Words absolutely fail me. Such a comment is vile and totally uncalled for.
    Immediate removal and not allowed to hold any office in any organisation again.

  47. Janice Hansford says:

    How typical of this political climate in this EU Referendum campaign: a yob masquerading as a politician.

  48. Richard Body says:

    It still comes as a shock every time someone, and especially an elected official, says something this hateful. How can anyone be so devoid of empathy?

  49. Peter Thomas says:

    These are the Tory’s that have no emotion and just want to continue to steal money from hard working people

  50. Whatever happened to civility? Is this a bi product of the internets liberation of people from the ability to consider the consequences of their idiotic impulses, if people acted and said things on the internet imaging they were face to face with people concerned, maybe they would be more cautious; everyone’s a hero when they are anonymous, except of course some idiots forget they aren’t.

  51. What an odious excuse for a human being. Whichever political party he represents or whether backing Remain or Brexit the EU he does not deserve a life in politics. I’m sure he will be dealt with accordingly.

  52. I agree with Stevel, I won’t tar everyone with the same brush, he should be dealt with as an offensive, odious individual who should NOT be allowed to represent any political party. I suspect no-one would have him anyway.

  53. Peacock….. What an offensive and completely idiotic comment!….. I am aghast at your insensitivity and stupidity…..

  54. In NO WAY does this man represent the feeling of my party .
    I say again first and foremost Jo was a mother and a wide ….. Yes I’m of differing political beliefs , that doesn’t take away from her and her friends , this does not make me a vile monster with no humanity

  55. How did this idiot ever get elected? – it’s time to make all public figures accountable for their deeds and words … and sack them immediately if they lie, fiddle expenses (or pigs) or offend the public with stupid comments…

  56. Excuse me, but as offenaive (to some people) as this post was, we have a fundamental right in this country, which millions of people fought and died for, and its for the freedom of speech.
    Yes he was stupid, but hes allowed to say whatever he likes.
    The people commenting hate filled replies to the initial offensive post might do well to look at the contradictions in their own posts…

  57. This is so dispicable a beautiful, kind woman is dead – her children have lost their mother and a husband his wife. This man should be sacked at the very least. This is so upsetting and offensive. Just awful. Get him out.

  58. Justin Greenwood says:

    he should be charged under misconduct in public office, that way it would ensure that a thing like this would not be allowed to re-enter politics again for a few years, he should also be investigated by the police to see if there is any possible criminal charges to be made after he has been kicked out of the conservative party, who to be honest are starting to prove that they are a party that is irresponsible and cannot be trusted

  59. Disgusting never heard anything so sick come out of the mouth of someone who’s party is running this country he should be sacked after a good whipping

  60. Dominic peacock or whatever his name is has no place as a politician or as a part of these crass comments. Jo Cox was an entirely admirable individual who had compassion for all citizens in our world. This is what “leave” stands for not some nonsensical racist bandwagon. Racist attitudes have no place in British culture.jsd

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