Kelvin Mackenzie

The Sun’s former editor and now resident columnist idiot says today he regrets voting for Brexit. Yes, you heard that right.

The man who could barely bring himself to apologise for Hillsborough has u-turned on Brexit within days.

In his column for the Sun today he says:

When I put my cross against Leave I felt a surge as though for the first time in my life my vote did count. I had the power.

Four days later I don’t feel quite the same. I have buyer’s remorse. A sense of being careful what you wish for. To be truthful, I am fearful of what lies ahead.


Kelvin MacKenzie LEave


Amazingly, just a few days ago he offered us ’10 Reasons Why We Must Vote Brexit’ (via @jpublik)


Kelvin MacKenzie Brexit


Perhaps his next column could be ’10 reasons why you should ignore me’

  1. Elsie J Large says:

    Perhaps the TV programme producers who were keen to get him onto their TV shows in order he could espouse his views about Brexit, might like to invite him back to confirm to the electorate what a bigoted racist bully he is.

  2. ‘Took our country back’
    ‘Great Britain great again’

    Idiotic empty slogans that mean what exactly?

    seriously- we all knew that voting to leave was going to @@@@ the country up but not even the government were prepared for this shit storm.

    All this vote has showed us is the massive gulf in society. Very sad when the uneducated or working class or the bigots think that voting leave meant ‘kick the buggers out’. It’s the 21st century. To be European is amazing. And the money that regenerate that shitty estate in Barnsley was eu money. Nice one guys.

    Colour, creed, nationality who gives a shit.

    Stop pointing fingers of blame for your own failure in societies.

    It starts with the the government YOU elected in not being in or out of The EU.

  3. Took our country back from whom ? All that has happened is that the 52% have handed over the reins to an even bigger shower of c*nts.

    “Take back control” was the Leave slogan, does any working class person honestly beleive that they now have control?
    The £350m was shown to be a lie
    The promised extra spending on the NHS or whatever will not materialise,
    The hysteria around immigration has been shameful

    so yeah “Take back control” indeed, but its rather like putting a hole in a ship then getting control of it – good luck to you on that.

    Oh yeah I nearly forgot – us 48% are in that sinking ship with you idiot.

  4. so, are we going to permit the tabloids to continue to use terminology such as “jockistan ” for much longer? When are we going to realise that if we teach tolerance in the workplace, prohibit negative language against others in schools….then the tabloids should be forced o follow suit. it’s not political correctness, just common decency and an understanding that the language we use determines levels of acceptability/unacceptability….aaarrrgh. (P.S. I’m not Scottish, for the record)

  5. Joanne McLaughlin says:

    “About time we took our country back” ……. back to what exactly?
    Dark ages?
    Closed economy?
    Civil unrest in NI?
    Racist abuse in our streets?
    All great outcomes there.

  6. John BANTIN says:

    Last Thursday, my teenage daughter was driving through Southall Middx when she carelessly hit a kerb and broke two tyres. She was stranded, when a kind man stopped his car to offer help. He tried pumping up her tyres but to no avail so escorted her slowly to a tyre-fitting shop where two replacement tyres were fitted. She had no money so he PAID FOR THEM too. (She has since transferred the money to his bank account.) Thank God for Moslems.

  7. Frankly, we are being overrun. Have any of you tried to get hospital treatment, affordable accommodation, or a primary school place for your kid in certain areas “enriched” by mass immigration? If not then you don’t know what you’re talking about. If yes, you probably voted Leave. If getting out of the EU can even slightly reduce immigration (which it will) it was worth it. As for the 350 million, whether it was 350m or 250m, that’s still a hell of a lot of money we’re getting back.

  8. Then do something about it. Firstly have the honour to say sorry. Secondly use the power of the media to help the country pull together before the stupid people unleash more bigotry and hate.

  9. We get 250 million back!

    All for the price of massive economic uncertainty, conceivably for years. Great balance sheet, that.

  10. Jimmy G – do you honestly believe any of us will see any money that may or may not have been saved? If you do, you’re a fucking idiot. Even Farage has said it was a lie.

  11. Hi Kimmy G, you do realise that none of those immigrants are going anywhere and that Boris Johnson actual declared an amnesty to let those here illegally to also stay. Border controls won’t change for at least two years and after that who knows? Its very likely people will still be able to come into the country.

    France have already said that they want to move the migrant camps at Calais over to British soil. So your leave vote hasn’t achieved what you thought it would.

  12. Jimmy G – do you not think that if the Tories hadn’t given such whopping tax breaks to the wealthy and the corporations, we might have the money to build enough hospitals and schools for everyone? Don’t be fooled by their misdirection, pointing at the nasty immigrants whilst picking your pocket.

  13. Chris Puttick says:

    Just to be clear: housing pressures and NHS workload far more to do with the aging “native” population and people living alone than immigrants. Primary school place shortage due to closure programme last decade which ignored rising birthrate (whether their parents were immigrants or not – a rising birthrate is a 4 year advance notice of a need for primary school places).

  14. So use your power to point out that this was an advisory referendum, to expose the lies of Leave.

    We are like furious tenants who couldn’t get the landlord to fix the damp problem, so we burned down the house.

    IN or OUT, we were ALL lied to and let down. And we have ALL been failed by that campaign. Spectacularly. We are united in having been duped.

    And the problems that we have – communities being stifled and services dissolving – these are real issues for real people, and Brexit doesn’t fix them!

    If we voted again – which is not at all unusual in referendums, look at Ireland and the Lisbon treaty – we would have a much more democratic result as everyone knows the realities. It’s too important. People are being casually assaulted in the streets!

    We have to be bold!

  15. Actually the ‘shortages’ you describe is due to the Tories strangling investment. They have known the demographics for years and failed to build more schools, hospitals, houses. Even Hannan has now admitted that immigration will not fall to the 10’s of thousands but might even go higher than it currently is. However with the loss of a £trillion and rising, depreciation of our currency, the racisms and xenophobia we probably will actually see immigration drop – but because we will be the ‘poor man’ of Europe again and have a massive ‘brain drain’ all seen in the 70’s.. Yep milk and honey of Brexit – thanks..

  16. To the person who said have you tried getting hospital treatment, yes my daughter broke her arm at around 7pm on Friday, by 10pm she had been X rayed, arm in a cast, seen an orthopaedic specialist as well as an A&E doctor and 2 nurses, then by 10am on Saturday morning she had been in surgery and was sitting up in a hospital bed with a new pink cast eating a ham sandwich provided by the hospital. I don’t think this is a bad service, thanks to Sheffield children’s hospital by the way, brilliant as always. And anyone who thinks that we will ever see any of the “350 million per week is deluded”. I think Sheffield where I live received around £130 million in eu funding last year, the government will not repeat this. Thanks leave voters, you have broken Britain

  17. One more thing…you do realise the big Tory plan is to privatise the NHS anyway!? The NHS is no longer fit for purpose and the largest demographic causing issues are older people who are living longer and have more complex issues. Housing issues are down to policies, the selling off of social housing, buy to let, and many other reasons aside from immigration. Did you know there are currently nearly a million void properties in the UK?

    We are so quick to blame the foreigners – our country has been inhabited by immigrants since forever. Yes we need better controls but no they aren’t to blame for every issue you experience.

  18. Jimmy G: That’s not immigration, that’s government policy that’s causing that: Funding cuts and “re-structuring” in health and education, The requirement to keep house prices up at all costs, the fact that 80% of the government are also private landlords, and the “internal market” in the NHS.
    Policy that government will soon be free to follow without any EU “red tape”
    “We” won’t be getting any money “back” any money we stop paying to the EU will disappear in the following ways:
    -Reduced tax receipts as a result of a shrinking economy
    -Reduced tax receipts as a result of tax cuts for the wealthy
    -Benefit payments as a result more unemployment (due to a shrinking economy)
    -Benefit payments as a result of lower wages
    -Financial aid for a banking sector, again requiring bailouts due to a shrinking economy
    -Financial aid to big business to “attract investment”
    -Contributions to the EU to access the single market (see: Norway)
    You won’t see a penny of it.

  19. Immigration isn’t the root cause of pressure on schools/hospitals etc, it’s the lack of any intelligent plan to ensure appropriate levels of investment in our infrastructure based on our anticipated population levels. Has anyone got a plan???!! I haven’t heard anyone talking rationally about infrastructure investment. Overrun? Are we bollocks!!!

  20. The Referendum vote was to leave the EU. It was not about reducing immigration or spending more on the NHS. Brexit did not make promises – they just made claims. When Boris comes back with the Norway model as the best deal on offer – Farage will go apoplectic and the racists will probably riot on the streets.

  21. Tim Wilkinson says:

    Jimmy G – you can’t get those things anywhere. That is because of the Tory government’s calculated policy of running down public services. They deliberately colluded with bottom-feeders like Mackenzie to blame immigrants for the results of their policies, but they didn’t think they would actually lose the Brexit vote, not even the likes of Gove & Johnson who went in on the Leave side for purely opportunistic political positioning reasons. Using immigrants as cover for shitting on the working class is an ancient tactic and it seems to keep on working. Leads to a poisonous and often violent climate on the ground, but what do they care – our rulers live in a separate world totally insulated from our reality.

  22. *Votes for Thatcher* *Gets Thatcher*

    “About time I got my country back!”

    *Votes for Blair* *Gets Blair*

    “About time I got my country back!”

    *Votes for Cameron* *Gets Cameron*

    “About time I got my country back!”

    *Votes for Brexit* *Gets Brexit*

    “About time I got my country back!”

    Join us next week as we find who or what the British voter is going to elect next in his continuing struggle to get his country back from himself.

  23. Have any of you tried to get hospital treatment…

    yes: in fact I almost died after I developed acute pancreatitis last year.

    An EU nurse saved me.

    I was always pro-immigration but heck, now I blinkin’ love it!

    Those things that you complain of are down to austerity politics, not the EU. If we built more houses there’s be more jobs, more houses….

    but no.

    We just keep on arguing instead.

  24. Terry Tibbs says:

    We’ll have an election in months and I’m sure Labour will stand on a “scrap the result” ticket which will allow all those who aren’t to happy at the result to do something about it.

    If there are that many people out there who feel that strongly about this then they can do something about it in an election rather than signing some daft pertition that just makes you look daft!

    Oh and if you’re aged between 18-24 try actully getting off your backside and voting this time, if you had last week we wouldn’t be having this debate now!

  25. Then get The Sun behind stopping this idiocy. It is still possible. The Leave campaign lied and lied again. Parliament must prevent this.

    For the avoidance of doubt, to those talking about how much money we will save by leaving the EU – our country is becoming hundreds of billions of pounds poorer every hour since this happened. There will be no more money – there will be a lot less. Permanently.

  26. Is everyone ignoring the obvious? MPs are elected to run the country via a Parliamentary democracy in which the parties concerned form governments, make policies and carry them out. What we have just witnessed is a Prime Minister who couldn’t stomach sorting out the dissenters within his own party running away from that responsibility and handing things over to the mob – with results emerging that cannot be predicted, let alone be controlled. If the mob were any good at running the country we would have remained as we were in the Dark Ages. David Cameron – J’accuse!!

  27. Continental Europeans : Human Beings who just happen to have been born on the continent.
    Ask any person in Poland, for example, and they will tell you that the people who travel to other countries to work are the real grafters .
    Living in Cospomoltian South Manchester I have met the most amazing personalities from mainland Europeans doing important jobs such as those of Doctors, Nurses, Paramedics, Pharmacists, Dentists, Teachers, Administrators and some of the best car valeters around …. to name just a few important roles.

  28. Living in Cosmopolitan South Manchester I have met the most incredible industrious people who just happen to have been born in Continental Europe.
    These warm Human Beings bring colour and diversity, plus work in some of the most important jobs: Medicine, Nursing Teaching, for example. I welcome their important contribution.

  29. I agree with Geoff. Its easy to blame immigration for lack of school spaces etc but it simply isn’t true. its a chronic underinvestment in public services. areas with high immigration used to get additional funding but the Tories stopped that. the statistic shows that immigrants are less likely to draw benefits and more likely to work than the indigenous population. so the notion that they are a drain on us is nonsense.

  30. So as an experienced journalist, you listened to the Leave Campaign and asked them what their detailed plans were, if they should win? Right? You did ask them that, yes? No? And yet you criticised the SNP for their 600 page pro Scottish independence white paper.
    I have the answer…if you want sense, don’t buy the Sun.

  31. Well… You are an adult, with full legal capacity, no? You have rights and you have to calculate with the consequences! Good morning!

  32. How can you take something back which you never gave away? It’s ridiculous! Have any of you leave voters actually researched what leaving the EU will really do? I doubt it.

  33. “About time we took our country back” ……. back to what exactly?

    1956 I think.

    I think the “real” number we are going to get back from ending EU membership is £ 190 million a week.

    That’s going to be enough to pay Job Seeker’s Allowance at £73.10 a week to 2.6 million people.

    The way it’s going at the moment we are going to need every penny, but hey ho.

  34. The referendum was about whether or not to leave the EU but many ‘out’ voters didn’t see it this way; they saw it simply as a way to get one over on Cameron and Osborne, with no regard for the consequences.

  35. Frank jansen says:

    Immigrants causing failure of school and healthcare system? A sick joke. Blame it on wrong political choices, as voting conservatif.

  36. I’m glad UK to leave EU… It’s time all british come back home from Spain… We don’t want you here any more.. bye bye british :))))

  37. I hear people banging on about the schools filling up with Immigrants and how we won’t like it when our children are the only white kids, but to be perfectly honest, I don’t care at all. I welcome it.
    I live in Balsall Heath in Birmingham and my daughter will very possibly be the only White British child in her class at school. I am OK with this, she sees no colour and makes friends everywhere.
    It’s been shown that children of immigrants are likely to work harder and get better results in school than the average British kid. Because their parents value education. That quality isn’t unique to immigrants, it should be present in all parents, we should always encourage our children to do their best.

    Most Leave voters seem to have not bothered to engage critical thinking at all, their education wasted. We had that money for the EU (and got a lot back) because we had businesses that pay taxes. Crash the economy, reduce business taxes, far less money for the country in the 1st place. D’oh.

  38. Thomas Mair: Kelvin Mackenzie’s willing executioner.

    MacKenzie is such a vile and nasty piece of work. Total fascist.

  39. You’re 300,000!!!! britsh in Spain, getting our National Health Service without any pay, you don’t learn spanish and you don’t want integrate with spaniards and the country… you are inmigrants here bacouse of EU allowed that.. but now, you have to come back to your country… no british inmigrants in Spain, please,.. We don’t want you here!!!

  40. If you are cold in a house then you get stuck in and fix the central heating not wander outside into the snow thinking it’s going to be fucking warmer!

  41. ‘Hi, I like many of my mates, work in some sh*thole down the markets. We love sports, dogs, cars and free social network sites, and look for any excuse to assert myself as enjoy the secretion from the pleasure centres in my prefrontal cortex, affording dot com cowboys some much-needed clicks for ad revenue… ‘

  42. We need immigration. They rent our houses, do all our crap jobs for next to nothing. Now you who voted leave the most will take their place. Especially the ones in the old mill towns and mining towns. No more EU investment for you, better make your own money now. No more pensions neither.

    Nearly all of his 10 points can be refuted.

    You think you voted Leave to stop immigration? Think again, we’ll be forced to go EEA just to survive and I hope hundreds come in now and fill your Northern towns and live next to you. Start learning to speak a foreign language.

  43. Jimmy G. You state “Have any of you tried to get hospital treatment, affordable accommodation, or a primary school place for your kid in certain areas “enriched” by mass immigration? If not then you don’t know what you’re talking about. If yes, you probably voted Leave”

    Not quite. If at all in fact. In the areas with medium to high immigration the votes were resoundingly for Remain. The areas with the least immigration voted more than others to Leave (arguably the areas that “didn’t know what they were talking about” because their only experience of immigration was through a sensationalist media or regressive political agenda).

  44. I come to Spain five times a year to holiday I learnt Spanish and mix with your people and spend lots in your country so don’t be so mean I also take out private insurance do I don’t take liberties with your health system !!!

  45. Nobody knows still what leaving the EU will do, I personally think it’s a good thing to do.

    As far as all the ‘promises’ from both sides, I’m sure a majority of these won’t happen, but we won’t know the true extent of these for the next to years.

    The only lie we can confidently say never happened was the BS which came out of Osbourne’s mouth around a Brexit budget which isn’t happening as it was a scare tactic which quite simply isn’t needed.

    The FTSE futures had us at -570 Friday @ 7AM, it rebounded to around -200, today it’s sat around -100, a bad week, but I’d be confident to see these losses back in the next few weeks.

    As a leave voter, i’d still be surprised if we fully left, I can see negotiations happening as if we do leave the EU, that’ll be the beginning of the end for it, especially when countries see how well we’ll perform as an independent country.

    Whole thing has been a massive joke tho, a list of facts and proposed policies should have been set out for both options.

  46. I think Jorge has a point, I wonder what farage and the leave voters who only voted to leave because of immigration would have to say on that one.

  47. Richard, we haven’t seen the effect on businesses yet but lots are already saying they are cutting investment and planning to leave. FTSE100 is rallying because the pound is so weakened. Take a look at the FTSE250

    It’s pretty simple:
    The money we sent to the EU came from business taxes, and we got a lot of it back.
    If we have a recession that affects our GDP by even 0.6% then we lose the savings from not paying the EU.

    Best prediction I can find post Brexit is for a drop of 2.2% in GDP.
    So… that’s basically cutting off your nose to spite your face completely illustrated.

    There are lots of things that need reform in the EU, but now is not the time for leaving. We are still in austerity. Birmingham is on its knees already with £Millions of cuts left to implement from the measures already in place.

  48. Jimmy G. The problems you mention have BOG ALL to do with immigration. Do the maths. Both me and both of my parents were one of 4 children. No one is reproducing at that rate any more so the population is getting older and we do not have enough money to pay for the pensions/care homes we will all need to live in when we are old. If anything, we need more people to come to this country, and we need them faster than they are arriving.

    Quite apart from the fact that I will die of f****G boredom if I have to live in a country of people who are all the same.

  49. I am puzzled that many like this idiot did not understand the principle of voting ! Democracy in the hands of idiots is indeed dangerous particularly when they vote irresponsably

  50. Jorge I live in a Spanish town, speak spanish and use my vote in municipal elections. As an immigrant in Spain that I feel is an obligation. I am integrated , I pay for medical insurance. Health care for retired brits is not free it is paid for by the UK government.

  51. When you tear up EU rules, new ones will have to take their place. Who is going to make these rules? Have you voted for the Party who now gets to decide on the new rules? What if you voted for the opposition? Not only that, parliament won’t have enough time and people to decide on all the rules which will now be scrapped. So committees will probably be set up…of non elected civil servants. They need to come up with new ideas. Very likely that they’ll just revert back to the way it was. Why fix something that wasn’t really broken to begin with. Progress!!

  52. Like buying things online, shouldn’t there be a 14 day cooling off period? If only (hollow lolz). Put it back in the box and send it back to Boris…

  53. Jorge you are as ignorant. I live and work in Spain and contribute via taxes. The 300,000 you refer to are covered under a reciprocal healthcare scheme with the UK. Furthermore, if a UK person living in Spain is of working age then you are not entitled to healthcare, whereas in the UK a Spanish person only has to reside and does not even need to contribute. You should engage your brain before opening your mouth and get your own country sorted out with the black money and corrupt politicians. I have no time for racism but clearly you do.

  54. I am scared of watching England v Iceland this evening as I do not want people to think I am a racist xenophobe

  55. Jorge has a point. The damage isn’t just to our economy. It’s to how others around the world now see us. I’d expect most Europeans to absolutely furious with us, and so they should be. Meanwhile the rest of the world is either rolling on the floor laughing, or staring open-mouthed at this unbelievable mess. We are now one sick joke of a country, in their eyes. And will be, for years.

  56. Grace Organs says:

    Is it just me or would Kelvin look hot in a wig, heels and basque. Brilliant! I’ll get my coat anyway.

  57. It was not about giving the people a choice.
    It was about the etonians settling their partys civil war..and It backfired.

  58. Roy or Rodrigo says:

    Well I for sure will press my government to kick any british residents who dont hold a residence permit, as well as to put a stop to the Gibraltar situation. This road goes both ways fellas, and I guarantee the way you’ve chosen is not pavimented with gold.

  59. George Raft says:

    The shortage of school places is because Local Authorities are no longer allowed by law to establish new schools. Schools are expected to emerge through the academies and free schools programme, in other words a reliance on the vagaries of the free market. This has clearly failed miserably, despite costing billions. Yet the architect of this shambles, a certain Michael Gove, allowed the anti-immigration argument to be used as part of the Brexit campaign. Hypocrisy on a stick!

  60. The politicians are now shitting bricks – we are out and they hav’nt a clue where to begin – it’s why the PM handed his cards in. Like pissed up lads getting tattoos that seemed like a good idea at the time Boris and the rest now realise what is ahead and it cannot be reversed – unless Sturgeon goes for a veto. Things will get much worse before they get better.

  61. Cabeza de mierda.

    That was Spanish for shithead, McKenzie, you stupid little fuckpunnet.

    Or are you really still doing the Tories’ bidding for them, helping the middle ground to weasel out of it now all and sundry realise it could be a major catastrophe….

    Perhaps you are not a fuckpunnet after all, just the same old cunt you always were.

  62. To the people that are still banging on about immigration…….don’t you watch the news? Brexiters have basically admitted they lied about the immigration and the money they had printed all over there bus. Now what have they voted for? The country a complete joke, got no prime minister, MP’s are resigning everywhere from one of the major parties and the other completely split and an economy going down the toilet and taking the pound with it and probably will lose Scotland and NI and that will just make things 10 times worse and oh yeah, out of the EU so what backup do we have now? I would love to know if the leave voters actually thought about it or even understood what they was voting for because to me it seems none of them have a clue.

  63. At one time i was al for getting out of the EU, but then i started to look into what we actually got out of it. i realised we would probably became bankrupt as one of the reasons we had a AAA credit rating was that we were part of the EU, we were in a club that was on the whole very successful and we had back up. On our own with the vast amount of debt both Labour and the Tories have managed to run up, what with illegal wars and bailing out their city chums. Interest rates will soar, jobs will go as companies move out and as seen already the pound will plummet and billions wiped off shares. To be able to trade with the rest of Europe we will still have to pay and abide by the rules. All in all its been a huge waste of money and all for what? On the plus side, i live in Scotland so all’s not lost!

  64. It’s about time that our leaders do something about the slow and deliberate brainwashing of normal decent people by sensationalist newspapers like the Daily Mail and The Sun. I have watched my Brexit voting father who I’ve always regarded as an intelligent man being poisoned by xenophobic and potentially rascist rubbish he reads week to week. The irony is he lives a very comfortable life in a city generally unaffected by immigration , yet has such strong views on it . Wonder where they came from

  65. Saxi Dagsson says:

    The twats that still believe the fairy tail of you getting money back, then you lot are an even bigger bunch of idiots than we in Europe thought when you voted Leave.
    The net contribution of the UK is less than € 90.000.000 / week and that will probably be the same or even more if you what to keep access to the European Market.

  66. I fractured my hand recently and was seen, xrayed, wrapped up and follow up appointment booked for the week after even tho I insisted they didn’t bother…..and that was in an “immigrant-enriched” area as you put it.

  67. Susanne Luecke says:

    The majority of Britons has voted for Brexit, against a Europe that we already imagined to be united and that now is about to give away the big chance that means unity, perhaps, in the long term, the only chance to survive in the context of the huge upcoming empires of the world.
    Those who, on principle, are sceptical with regard to grassroots democracy will feel proved right. Referenda are governed not by reason, but by emotions. Yet, we should blame not dull people, but those politicians who without responsibility stimulate emotions and feed fear for their own and their followers’ benefits instead of bringing the voters to terms.
    Disputing, debating in order finally to come to terms even with those with whom we don’t agree—rather than disuniting what should be kept together—that should be our device.

  68. Wow, such hypocrisy & negativity from both sides! We are in for a rough ride regardless. If the vote was to remain, there will have been zero concessions, or negotiations with the EU for the topics that matter most to The UK: the route to a federated super state has been made clear today by the true power bases of Europe. Now we have voted (democratically) to leave, we surely need to get our collective sh!t in one sock and find a solution that maintains our economic stability within the single market, but also leverages the opportunity for a greater presence in a globalised market. Don’t be swayed by wholly emotive subjects such as immigration – they are page 2 sidelines that elicit fear from pockets of the U.K. That are preyed upon by the gutter press for their own ends. This campaign has done nothing but breed intolerance and division within the UK – a divided UK plays into the hands of a political elite who, like a teacher in an unruly class, will ultimately prevail by fear & reward

  69. were not getting any money back- as now we forfit our rebaite
    cameron farage and other lied about so many figures to us to make money tax free.

    immigration may slow down- but it will never stop.

    try looking at figures- even if we have any money back the pound is almost worthless in the common economy- were beaten by france as an economic super power.

    article 50 will still take 2 years to implement-

    the only good things is trade with the commonwealth.

    so much for democracy – with tories- its just capitalism… it’s sad.

  70. Stop crying over spilled milk and get your sh!t together! No point whining, arguing and pulling each other’s hair apart no matter which side you were on. Time for all of you Brits to move on together and get sh!t done before things get even worse. Fact is, whats making things a mess is there is no concrete and certain action plan in light of either outcomes. Leave or not, theres too much uncertainty over the UK moving forward. These pointless arguments and protests only makes matters worse.
    – A non-European bystander

  71. I’m convinced that at the root of all problems in the UK is something called PFI funding. This type of funding is being used to build public infrastructures.

    Despite all the welfare cutbacks since 2010, national debt is set to increase in years to come.

    And in particular the NHS, is loosing more and more budget, which should go to patients and staff, to the pockets of PFI companies, who often are registered in Offshore tax havens.

    Both governments and local councils can borrow money at much cheaper rate then anyone else, why are taxpayers paying up to 3 times more then we should to build and maintain such public structures?

    NHS for sale :: The Great PFI Swindle

    Here is a list of PFI government contracts dated from 2012.

    This Panorama program hits the nail in the head – Panorama – PFI Scam UK –

  72. Lets be honest here who’s to blame for the lack of affordable houses, the shortage of school places, the long waits for doctors hospital appointments. its not the eu immigrants its the government with all the cutbacks and lack of planning, immigrants come here and find work pay tax’s and probably a lot more tax than half the rich people that off shore their money to avoid paying tax, or the bankers that started the whole financial crisis if we want to brexit from something it should be the corrupt banking system

  73. To all the working class idiots that voted leave, you’re working class for a reason: because you don’t know how to think. You keep yourselves at the bottom of the pile with poor decision making. This is a classic example. You’re so ill-informed and easy to manipulate. I don’t know whether to pity you or hate you. Your problems are not foreigners; your problems are you – your lack of knowledge, education and thinking for yourselves. Instead, you’re angry about your lot in life and you need someone to blame because you simply won’t take responsibility. ‘It’s the foreigners’ fault’ you tell yourselves for your wasted lives. You suck up and buy into the gutter press who validate your anger to manipulate you into acting for their agenda. You think you’ve voted for yourselves but because you’re so ignorant you don’t realise that you’re being used again to make people at the top better off while you now get shafted every which way. Do you really think power cares about the weakest. It doesn’t

  74. We’re being used to make people at the top better off lol please what you think the EU is doing there is more corruption in the EU then there is here. And second who do the EU really work for the banks and multinational business the are not for the people you say us leave voter’s don’t do research does the remain because the is enough imformation out there for you to see they want to control every state and over the next few years the EU will power grab and power grab until our government will have no say in most areas the EU will please remember the EU is not for the people and they don’t care about any people from any state please people need to open there eyes to what the EU really is. People say leave voted are blind no its the remain are blind

  75. Some of you leave voters are exceptionally naive.

    As for Mackenzie, he’s an utterly vile and loathsome slug.

  76. Margaret Martin says:

    I’m really p****d off with the sentence, “we the wealth makers”, the wealthy are rich on the backs of the ordinary British workers

  77. This wasn’t a game, and it wasn’t an election, but people appear to have voted Leave as a way of ‘sticking it to Cameron’ and now all of us are faced with the consequences. I really want my opinions, and the opinions of all the experts Gove was so keen to tell everyone to ignore, to be proved wrong, but I fear the worst. Today’s children don’t have much idea of what’s going on right now. I hope they don’t end up growing up resenting their parents and grandparents for foisting this situation on them and ruining the opportunities they had available to them.

    There are always difficult times in life and they’re exacerbated by the politics of austerity, which hit the poorest hardest. As others here have said, the convenient scapegoat is often Johnny Foreigner, and it’s worked a treat for Farage this time. Take back control? Sentiment’s fine, even if misguided, but be very wary of who you give it to.

  78. Article 50 has not even been invoked & People are saying we’re now going to hell in a hand cart. What did Mc Kenzie, expect a second coming. I voted out, I think we will be tricked out of our vote, but like starting a new job, you have to give it time, before complaining about the hours after day1.
    Leave is the only forward, but those career Politicians from all parties are going to fight tooth & nail to release us. In the end if we get clear, & business picks up, which I’m confident it will. See who hides their cynicism then?

  79. I am 59 and voted remain. I don’t know what Mackenzie’s 10 reasons were for casting his vote. This was mine. Yesterday was the anniversary of the battle of the Somme. At 17 l had a conversation with a man who fought in that battle. My Dad’s house was bombed and my mother evacuated during the 2nd World war. When I had my 2 girls I thought at least if there was a war they would not be called up. I belive the EU played a major part in my and the next generation not having to go through the same thing. A divided Europe is not a good idea. This referendum was an abdication of duty by our government risking the future of our country and Europe. Going to an electorate who had little knowledge of the consequences either way and therefore not qualified to make such important decisions, me and Makenzie included, was a big mistake.

  80. I agree that whatever side you voted, we have a long way to go yet and for the time being, it’s business as usual.

    Stop banging on about the UK political parties – this was not a general election – this was do we stay in Europe (irrespective of which party is in power)? Simples.

    Banging on about the government parties just adds to all the dribble we heard from both sides of the campaign, which detracted from any intelligent debate.

    Save that for the election and in the meanwhile, just listen to the question before cementing to the milk crate. What did we honestly expect from a muppet like Kevin who is paid to write shite. No shame.

  81. I still think we are going in the right direction They Rich big banks will try to punish us because we had the cheek to want our sovereignty back. Many things will come out with time how the T- Tip agreement wanted to sell out the NHS and many other state assets and would be able to sue our country for refusing to sell up. Don`t waste your time crying on here and do some research or how the Dictators in the E U would take over our country…What we need is a strong front to save our country.

  82. We need more fish in the sea / putin, extremists, nationalists etc to love thy neighbour, to heel the sick and, for replacement income, to turn water into wine. Impossible. But we do have the miracles of parliamentary democracy and the internet. Now get onto your MP s about being duped,
    changing circumstances and unintended dire consequences. If asked respectfully i suspect more leave voters would welcome this.

  83. If the downgrading of our S&P status from AAA increases the interest rate on borrowing of the 1.6 TRILLION GBP national debt by a mere 1 %, then this mythical 350 mln per week was just eaten up.
    And that’s just ONE factor.
    There was never any plausible economic argument for Brexit.
    If you’re worried about hospital waiting lists, then I’m SURE they’ll get much better now there will be less money available for the NHS (and everything else).

  84. Really take back control, no referendum or vote required……STOP buying THE SUN, Then spend the £2.50 a week that you currently send to Wapping on things that matter to you, like your family’s health and welfare.

  85. FFS… To all the bloody whingers… And especially all the young voters who say that they are saddled with the conseques of us older voters decision. What if the consequences are positive and in 3 years our economy is outperforming that of europe’s and the euro is in deep trouble. Will you then all turn round to us and say thanks? You are assuming its the wrong decision. There would have been uncertainty either way. How do you know how the EU would have turned out. By all means feel free to complain if we wnd up in the shit but until you know button it.

  86. As a Dutchh person living and working in the UK over many years may l add that there has always been hostility and bias towards things “foreign” over here.
    Also, the gutterpress is a phenomena that is unique to this country.
    The lies they tell go unpunished and unchecked .
    An example :A rightwing Dutch newspaper polled their readers on an in/out referendum.
    Ofcourse the majority of them wanted out. But a proper survey done by a neutral agency showed the opposite.
    And what do l read time and time again in the British right wing newspapers The majority of the Dutch want out too!!!!
    l do not like commands that l have been here for so long and that because l am nice andgood at my job it means it is not about me and that l therefore can stay.
    Who says l want to.
    Oh, and by the way ,the good people of Amsterdam are rejoycing; no more drunken stoned scantily dresses british stag parties harrassing people…thank God for small mercies..

  87. P.s. Sorry for the above typos.
    And commands should have been comments..a slip of the pen???
    Anyway,so long and thanks all the fish..

  88. Richard, literally everything you said was based on false information. It’s you that needs to do some actual research.

  89. Antoine marchand says:

    Guys the whole of Europe can’t work out how 52% Brits voted to leave the EU.
    You had the best deal of the 28 members no Shengen no Euros.
    London is the financial capital of Europe ,You listened to boris and Farage .
    Eu is very happy to see the back of you,Juncker and Tusk are ecstatic with the leave vote they cant believe their luck.
    You give so much aggravation since the creation of the union it’s always the UK who want to change and chop the trade agreements .
    Good luck in the future you will most certainly needs it massively.

  90. Terry Washington says:

    Perhaps I should print up tee shirts with the slogan- “DON’T BLAME ME: i VOTED TO REMAIN!” They’d probably sell like hot cakes!

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