Prominent Brexiter Boris Johnson has criticised the EU as working for the ‘Davos elite’.

Is this the same Boris Johnson that attended Davos, errrr, six years in a row from 2009-2014?

Johnson explained the EU debate to the BBC:

“It is in a sense a struggle between people who want to take back control and a small group of people who do very well out of the current system and who are able, and who know Christine Lagarde and can go mwah mwah with her… at Davos or whatever it happens to be.”

He’s schmoozed with the elite at Davos more than once and even boasted about meeting Christine Lagarde in 2013.

Johnson about to ‘mwah mwah’ with Lagarde?


Johnson at Davos in 2012:

Screen Shot 2016-06-01 at 08.31.07 copy

And again in 2013:

Boris Johnson Davos

Remind us Boris, who’s part of the ‘elite’ again…?

  1. And I am sure the pathetic British press will continue to turn a blind eye to Boris’s every blemish / contradiction. Their dereliction of diligent scrutiny will only perhaps begin after Boris gets the power he is after and then demonstrates that he is totally unfit to hold it.

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