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Lord Heseltine spoke at an event by Inside Housing magazine today, which was supposed to be the Tory focus on home ownership.

But the Tory peer could not resist letting his views known about Boris pulling out of the race for Tory leadership today.

In response to a question from an audience member he said:

I have never seen anything like it. He’s ripped the Tory party apart, he has created the greatest constitutional crisis in peacetime in my life. He has knocked billions off the value of the savings of the British people.

He’s like a general who marches his army to the sound of the guns and the moment he sees the battleground he abandons it.

I have never seen anything like it and he must be answerable for the consequences.

But the pain of it will be felt by all of us and if it doesn’t get resolved shortly, by a generation to come yet.


(via Sophie Barnes, who was there)

Lord Heseltine then went on BBC 5 Live to add:

He must now live with the shame of what he’s done.


Today marked the end of Boris Johnson’s career, we think


  1. Edward S Scott says:

    On a day when we commemorate the selfless acts of bravery by nearly fifty thousand UK soldiers, this spineless jellyfish shows his true worth. You can’t help but feel sorry for the millions ‘duped’ by this coward. Not to mention the reputation of the UK in the eyes of the world. Both he and Farage should be ‘publicly flogged’.

  2. Lynne Ceeney says:

    I think he’ll be back. Create chaos, duck out of the maelstrom and wait for an opportunity. What a shame the country was the collateral damage for his personal ambition. Whoever is PM next will only get one term. I would prefer a Government of National Unity to try and get us out of this mess, it should be above party politics and personal ambition.

  3. the referendum was based on lies and won on the basis of lies, as a referendum is only an advisory tool we should have a 2nd referendum based this time on truth

  4. If he had of stood he would have got blasted for it as not suitable for the job … Which he isn’t. He should not be Priminister but should definitely be in a parliamentary role. Glad were out … Sick of living in a country that is controlled by a load of over paid old men in Brussells.

  5. Such a muppet .. Jim Henson would find it hard to differentiate between this wally and the real thing ..

  6. spoilt spineless toad…no grasp on real life for normal people…the worst aspects of British privilege and pomposity. I pity his daughter – growing up thinking this is how to behave. Gove is even more of a slime ball

  7. Lynne above has that nice notion that was mooted in the run-up to Ireland’s election this year – albeit that was driven by the centenary of the 1916 Rising against the British. But of course what never gets factored in is the historical enmity between parties which ideilogically are not that far apart. I think the Tory/Liberal coalition is the closest Britain got to a National Government but that won’t happen again. A minority government with the agreed support of the smaller party may be the solution.
    I don’t believe Europe is controlled by “overpaid old men in Brussels” – we the people vote in the European ministers so that’s a fallacy.
    Boris simply knows that the Tories are on borrowed time. And he has wrecked his country. Shameful

  8. Lynne, how can there be a government of national unity when there is none in either main party. There needs to be a general election now to remove the MPs only in it for themselves and elect people who truly want to serve the country. There seem to be far too few of those around at the moment. Also, Rupert’s hand has become visible with Gove and Johnson, chop it off!

  9. How can Tory MPs continue to pretend that there is no way back. The people have spoken and Britain wants to leave. Clearly this is not the truth. The people want a chance to do the right thing. This is all about a Tory agenda now and has nothing to do with the will of the people. No respect for this kind of politician. Johnson and corbyn feel like chalk and cheese.

  10. Malcolm Parsons says:

    BoJo playing the long game!
    Implementation of article 50 of the Lisbon treaty will be the poison chalice for whoever sups from it.
    BoJo will decend from the clouds (on his zip wire) and pick up the pieces and save us all! Alleluhah!
    Clever man!

  11. John McGowan says:

    Boris and his Co conspirators Nigel Farage and Michael Gove are guilty of manipulating votes by lies,exaggerations of the benifits of Brexit and by telling the electorate to ignore the valid fears of experts. Gulable voters did this and many now regret it so I believe that the referendum result should be considered against the massive damage it’s implementation would do to the UK financially ,it’s credibility, it’s ability to remain together and the racism which is now emerging.

  12. Well said Mr Heseltine! Can’t believe all the opportunities that have been lost for the young generation to create a better world…EU has been the most amazing (and the biggest) project of our life time which has been destroyed overnight in exchange for what?!

  13. Yes MPs should vote against leave, unfortunately even if this was to happen the country has been severely damaged and will take time to be repaired. I used to like BJ but after this fiasco I can’t stand him, if he had been elected prime minister I would have had to abstain from voting for the Conservative party. Now we need a strong leader, pity Lord Heseltine couldn’t be prime minister he could have got us out of this mess.

  14. Would love to see a “spitting image” take on Brexit! Borris would be a great puppet!
    Boris built it up and built it up, the loyal followed whist the sceptics yelled “consider all options”!! The wise voted against leave, the ill informed voted to go and won. BJ has realised that if he stands for PM, he will lead us into the demolition of the U.K. No prime minister would take that on so, Abandon ship! If he really believed in his campaign he would be standing proud. I don’t believe he ever did. He thought remain would win,but pushing the leave vote was a catapult for his career.

  15. Steve Crittall says:

    I never trusted this evil, disingenuous poor excuse for a politician and now his actions have endorsed every fear and dislike I ever had of the pompous twit.
    He never believed in Brexit.
    It was all a poorly conceived ploy to unseat Cameron by blaming him for all the ills of the country after the Remain camp came out on top.
    He thought he’d be next in line to snake his way into number 10 and negotiate forward with the full might of the EU behind him.
    It was self evident from his totally broken and unprepared appearance immediately after Brexit carried the vote.
    Proclaiming the greatness of Cameron and the EU was hardly the stuff of victory speeches, was it?
    I hope he loses everything but the snide will weasel his way back in by hook though more likely, by crook.
    A public horsewhipping would be too good for this traitor.

  16. Paul Manning says:

    These comments from Lord Heseltine are all well and good. Although I think he should have aimed them at Cameron. He is the one that led us to this. It was his gross ignorance of ordinary peoples problems that has given us this awful mess. It is he that truly led the troops and it is he, that now is running back through the ranks
    History will tell us about ‘Cowardly Cameron’ and how he robbed the poor to give to the rich.

  17. I did actually see someone say ‘Karma for Bedroom Tax Camoron’, whilst referring to Brexit. Was the E.U vote about Brexit or the Tories? It was clear to me the lines between the Tories hated austerity cuts and the E.U were definitely blurred. Millionaires telling poor people they need less to live on? Never a vote winner for the backbone of Britain, i.e. ‘hardworking families’. You’d better drop that soundbite Tory Party, as you are very clearly out of touch with the majority of people in Britain (we won’t talk about the Scots).

  18. Just another Tory Traitors. All lies. Just like the Blairites and trying to enrich themselves or in getting power. No surprises here. Brexit? What plan?

  19. Has Boris created the greatest constitutional crisis of our time, or is it those at the helm of the European Union who are fixed on a course of greater political integration? My parents voted for exit because they said they originally voted for a common market, not to be dictated to by Brussels. This is a valid opinion which should be respected. Brussels is leading Europe in a dangerous direction and they risk causing far more crises to come. Do you honestly think the East European countries who struggled for years to be free of Soviet domination will now willingly give up many of their sovereign powers to Brussels? God spare us from the meglomaniacs in Brussels leading Europe in a very dangerous path.

  20. David Cameron is the one with blood on his hands here for orchestrating a referendum for party political gain only, the biggest blunder in British political history!

  21. It’s all been said but just make sure you nag your MP that there should be a parliamentary vote very soon to put this wretched and unconstitutional referendum in its place. As for Johnson, good riddance for the moment. I am only sorry that whoever it was above who said he’ll be back may turn out to be right. Maybe not if his local part deselected him and prevented him standing as a conservative in the next election.

  22. Robert Williams says:

    Yes, I feel embarrassed to be British and, I’m afraid, even more embarrassed to be Welsh, an identity that’s important to me. If only Wales had joined Scotland and N. Ireland.

  23. Much as I agree with the thrust of Heseltine’s argument about Boris, I do take issue, as I did when he was a Thatcher minister, with his rather liberal use of the inclusive “us”. He is and was a multi-millionaire and has no right to comment on a basis of inclusivity with working mothers, unemployed and disabled people – the “us” that he pretends to.

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