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The former GP and now Tory MP Sarah Wollaston dropped a bombshell on the EU Referendum debate today by switching from Leave to remaining within the EU.

She told Radio 4’s Today programme this morning she did it because of her concerns over the NHS and the “shameful lies” the Leave campaign were peddling.

Wollaston’s intervention is significant not only because she is a respected MP and worked in the NHS, but because she was a prominent backer of leaving the EU earlier.

Her switch to remaining was welcomed across the Labour and Conservative pary last night.

Some excerpts from the Radio 4 interview:

Looking at all the whole of the weight of the evidence, the NHS is safer inside the European Union.


Some of the claims that have been made by the Leave campaign – implication being we would somehow get 350m a week for example – is completely untrue.


Right from the outset there are people within the Leave campaign who acknowledged in private that they know this (£350m figure) isn’t true, what they are trying to encourage is a discussion of this amount. This is a kind of post-truth politics.

Listen to the whole interview


The more the Leave campaign keep pushing lies, the more supporters they’ll lose

  1. Michael Fitchett says:

    Except that there is no such thing as “post truth.” There is truth, half truth and plain lies

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