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The LBC presenter James O’Brien gave a monologue on his radio show this morning, perfectly capturing the sentiments of many across the nation.

He said:

If I was to be reading my newspaper every single morning and being told my very existence was under seige, by people I’ve never met and never seen but keep getting told are coming here in their hordes.

If I was to open my newspaper or turn on my radio or telivision set, and told that every body who is coming here is a rapist and they’ve got their eyes on our women and we’ve got no chance whatsoever of protecting ourselves, and unless we do this or do that, or treat them like this or treat them like that, then we’re all doomed, we are all going to hell in a handcart.

If I was told it’s time to reclaim our country every time I got out of bed in the morning, I would begin to believe it I think… if I didn’t have the knowledge or the insights and the education to know that it is not true.

We want our country back from whom?

We want our country back from when?

We want our country back, how?

…. Convince me if you can, that political debate in Britain in the last couple of years has NOT created an environment in which we find it easy to believe… or possible to believe, that this sort of violence, that this sort of terrorism, could unfold on our streets.

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Credit to him for using the word “terrorism”.


And all power to him for raising the issue

  1. Terry Gayle says:

    Oh Boy, say what the silent majority are thinking. This was an act of terrorism committed by a man who may have mental health issues but he has also been poisoned and indoctrinated into a “little Englander” mentality where we are all being overrun by white, brown and black faces to the detriment of what it is to be British!

  2. Keep saying it James – you are so right, don’t be silenced. I am appalled by the level of the discourse in this country at the moment, and at the jingoism, xenophobia and racism that sweeps the debate. There is an evil thread in our politics that met not win.

  3. Robert Williams says:

    I don’t think the majority is particularly silent, but James is spot-on. A large section of our media deliberately hide the greed and irresponsibility of the ruling elite behind a thick smoke screen of half-truths and outright lies, suffused with prejudice and hatred. Hardly surprising that some individuals of perhaps frail mental health react with extreme violence.

  4. Credit to him for raising the issue in an accepted mass-media broadcast. Some of us in the social media were talking about it yesterday. Do we not count?

  5. It’ not a new problem we have been a discriminating separate creeds, colours , and races country from the 12th-13th Centuries,It just a political distraction from the main issues of the day.The big players of Europe are definitely trying their hardest to setup a Utopian society across Europe ,but with not much success so i say to all the little people who sit in their little boxes with heads in the sand.if you dont want to be part of the “Union” fight and stop moaning One of the greats said “Prime Minister Churchill who announced in June 1940 the ‘Declaration of Union’ between Great Britain and France. With the full backing of his Cabinet, Churchill stated, ‘The two governments declare that France and Great Britain shall no longer be two nations, but one Franco-British Union… Every citizen of France will enjoy immediately citizenship of Great Britain; every British subject will become a citizen of France.’ Frightening!!

  6. David Garmont says:

    So true as far as it goes. Don’t forget to rant against the threats to pensions, the raising of Income tax. The threats of an unreformed and unreformable EU. The media reporting is way over the top as it has always been on all subjects but there is a grain of truth at its core.

  7. Brian Hodgson says:

    James is saying what the many of us have been thinking for a while. It wasn’t a rant but an honest and from the heart feeling. Those who listen to James regularly know this is a line he has pursued for a number of months if not years and he has always stood up for what is right and decent . I like many others wish today he’d never had to say any of the above and I would imaging he never wanted to ever have to say it. Hopefully those words will not have been said in vain

  8. Jac Condron says:

    I wonder what goes on in the minds of people like Farage, Gove, Boris Johnson,IDS,owners of the Sun & Daily Mail etc, today after the brutal murder of MP Jo Cox. I also doubt whether the killer was mentally ill. He knew exactly Jo was coming out of her surgery, (time & place had been on the internet).He came armed with gun and knife to kill her, reports say he fired twice and stabbed her seven times.If that was not premeditated what is? It IS terrorism as we know today.
    James’ show was extremely positive,rational,sensible,inspiring,brave & moving…..a cry to people to come to their senses. I’m sure common sense will prevail.

  9. To Jac Condron.

    I wonder what goes on in the minds of people who say that there are millions of people in this country who brand all immigrants as rapists and murderers, simply because they are calling for controlled immigration. That’s what i really wonder..

  10. To Keith:

    I wonder what goes on in the mind of people who dont believe we already control immigration, who seemingly dont want our country to be part of an inclusive multi-cultural world.

  11. You can’t blame the referendum on the brutal murder by a mentally deranged person of Jo Cox. Maybe you should be looking at the welfare cuts that allowed the mentally deranged killer out on our streets? Don’t be so shallow, look deeper into the problem and stop trying to gain political points from such a tragedy. The promise of a referendum was given for political gain to help David Cameron to win the last general election. Now it’s upon us, it has caused nothing but bitterness throughout the country. It has highlighted the many social issues in Britain today, how did we come to this situation? More importantly, how do we change things to become a better country? I don’t have the answers, but then again, I’m not a politician that gets paid to give the answers. As a human being, I would just say that I hope it all works out and that the result of the referendum (whichever way it goes) is the best solution for our country. Stop fighting and be polite to each other, it goes a long way.

  12. It is not being racist if you are concerned about the effects on the your country of even more Islamic immigrants being allowed entry to the UK.

    All other groups of immigrants, whatever their religion, have assimilated into the UK and embraced the British way of life but what makes Muslims so special that everyone’s bends over backwards so as not to upset them or their sensibilities.

    I am extremely concerned as to how Muslims are taking over in this country, it offends me when thousands of them march half naked through the leafy suburbs of our towns chanting and whipping themselves. If white English did this we would be charged with blocking the highway at the very least.

    Islam is not a religion, it is an ideology, an ideology that promotes oppression, murder, slavery, rape and sex with children. It is not an ideology I want to proliferate in my country. Do we really want to see women stoned in our streets, do we want to see people beheaded for petty infractions of Islamic law?

  13. Excellent words by James O’Brien. A lot of the debate in this country has been too black and white, and ignores so much of the nuance that’s in-between. It’s hardly surprising (though certainly shocking) that some loon has chosen been pushed over the edge.

  14. Judie McConway says:

    This ‘sad’ man is 100% correct, some politicians and journalists have been stirring up racism and fear in people who know no better for way too long which has now resulted in the murder of a defenceless wife and mother……their arrant lies have caused this.

  15. What you do gooders have no answer to is that you are branding half the country as demented racists simply because they are calling for “controlled” and sensible immigration. It doesn’t make you any more a humanitarian by saying the doors are open to everyone.
    From a very happy and contented man.

  16. A Pravda monologue / rant would be more accurate.
    This individual does not represent 50% of the population and as above why can we not say that the ‘population’ growth (be it immigration or otherwise) has to be within some managed limits by the government of the country that we elect and collects our taxes.
    I have the utmost sympathy for the family of the deceased having lost a very close family member in the recent days – a surgeon who stayed in his own country rather than take easy opportunities in the U.S. or elsewhere. A country that Mr. O’Brien as have many of his ‘bleeding heart’ friends traduced over many years without ever visiting (oh I do not need to my friends tell me!). This surgeon as a result saved many lives – as was his profession to do and often without salary. Many people die every day in horrendous circumstances and we should remember them all in our thoughts and if we do so our prayers.
    Yours Mr. O’Brien is just opinion and will pass into the dust of time.

  17. Colin Stone says:

    Firstly thinking about killing opens up the debate of whether anyone who kills is sane. How can any sane person kill another???That isn’t a debate for today but what I wanted to say is maybe it is time to stop thinking about where someone is from, what sex they are. what god they believe in, what colour their skin is or what their inside leg measurement is and focus more on how people treat others. Instead of looking at what makes us different to the next person perhaps we should focus on what makes us the same and what can brings us together? Just my opinion.


  18. It’s obviously the case that not all people who want to leave the EU are racists. It’s also true that all racists want to leave the EU.

    In the case of the individual who is being held in relation to Jo Cox’s murder, if it is true that he has suffered previous mental health issues then we should be seeking out those that have radicalised a vulnerable individual. There are those on the far right that are supporting violent action in support of their racist ends. Unfortunately the tone of some of the media is also normalising some of these groups through targeting and marginalising people such as those that have come to this country to work, pay taxes and support us.

    There is a theme running through all of this and people should think hard about whether they support the hatred of others or the inclusive open society that, until recently, I thought we lived in.

  19. Tacit prejudice of the ignorant brain-washed by moronic repetition & graphics of fear. A refined and subtle development of the Julius Streicher method in the 1920’s.

    Not Nazism yet, and it wasn’t then, .. till later.
    Result of playing internal politics, dividing community & giving credence to a bitter right wing.

    This is not the country I was born into in 1944.

  20. When did ‘do gooder’ become an insult? Is it now bad to do good?

    Keith, FYI immigration is already controlled in the UK. It’s very, very difficult to emigrate to the UK. If you’d done any research at all instead of just rote-learning the Daily Mail you’d know this.

    Good day to you. Go out and do good in the world.


  21. Terry Gayle, who’s saying you’re not the one who has been poisoned??? What you say and think is gospel is it? What happened yesterday was down to a deranged idiot, that there are far too many about because of human right etc bollocks talkers!!!

  22. The constant drip drip of propaganda aimed at stirring up hatred of the foreigner has being going on for decades along with a general dumbing down of political and debate in general…

    It was really telling reading that in a survey, 75% of those intending to vote out thought the views of the common person were way more valid than those of experts…to say this is dangerous (and of course illogical) is an understatement, and the fact that this situation has been deliberately engineered is nothing short of criminal.

    This tragedy was sadly inevitable and I even more sadly doubt it will be the last…

  23. Typical hysterical bullshit from someone who is so out of touch with ordinary working class people.
    We know his mindset from crap he has spouted previously. We’re all idiots, but he isn’t. His arrogant views will find a home among his little clique. He needs to spend sometime with the not haves, the foodbankers with no future.
    An out of touch idiotic plonker.
    Pseudo intellectual ramblings on radio don’t make you some philosophical giant. Time you shut your trap and got a bloody real job. You may learn something about people and their hopes and fears.

  24. The best way to get rid of a politician with whom one disagrees is to… not vote for them and nothing else!
    James O’Brien unfortunately suffers from that self rightousness that so many on both sides display. If we have the temerity to have a different view then we are some kind of ‘ist’ or or ‘obe’. Why can we not just have a different political or world view? I deprecate the reduction of political discourse to simple name calling. There are upstanding people of good conscience on both sides of this discussion; some support the EU and free movement and some do not. Neither group is evil!

  25. I was led to believe that all referendum campaigning was to suspeneded today out of respect for the horrific murder of Jo Cox , how on earth was James Obrian on LBC allowed to use her death for a three hour political rant . Shameful.

  26. When people discuss controlled immigration they have no idea.

    When we as a nation continue to threaten innocent lives for control of oil wealth, there safety then becomes our problem, therefore we, as a civilised nation, need to help these people by allowing them a safe place to live.

    If you really wish to prevent all the mass immigration, simply stop the wars and people have no reason to come to the uk as their lives remain intact.

    Our country has seperate laws in terms of visas when it comes to immigration to the rest of Europe, so we do have “control” of our boarders.

    The world is in a sad state of affairs really. People don’t know how lucky they are to be born in the uk. Life shouldn’t be a lottery, but there are far more losers.

    If we consider ourselves Christian, we should be deeply ashamed.

  27. Thomas Holmes says:

    Spot on. And for those that focus on the perpetrators mental health history you don’t get off that easily. He was local and lived in the area for 5 decades. If you think the current climate of vitrol from politicians, media and single issue movement has no part in his actions then you are choosing to be deluded.

  28. Victoria McManus says:

    Whatever the result, the amazing thing is that suddenly, people in Britain (even young people) have become politically engaged for the first time since Thatcher squashed all the fight out of us. Yes, we have arguments and yes there are bitter divisions, but at least there is passion! As a passionate campaigner herself, I am sure this is what Jo Cox would wish us to continue to maintain and nurture.

  29. Lou, FYI I never read the daily mail, and for that matter neither do i read the Guardian. That immigration is already controlled is the tired old backs to the wall argument often trotted out by the lefties. If it is the case then it needs to be controlled more then.

  30. All the brexiters wanting to control immigration need to know that freedom of movement won’t change even if we vote out. All the trade deals we will need to strike with the EU will mean we need to accept this. This is a condition of trade with all non EU but geographically European countries right now. This is what the brexit lot are not telling you. Nothing will change in terms of immigration.

  31. Nick Thorner says:

    O’Brien makes a fair point. It is so easy to be drawn along by currents of hostility and so difficult to fight against the tide.

  32. Dorothy Jones says:

    What exactly is it to be British? First there were the faerie folk, then came the Celts followed by Romans who were mostly not Italian but a collection of Dalmatians, North Africans, Syrians and other members of the Roman Empire. Then came the Anglo Saxons, the Norsemen and the French all of whom donated to the gene pool. The British Empire included Africans, Asians, Polynesians, Australians and a host of others who could claim British citizenship. I am of Dutch and German heritage yet I can claim to be British through my English grandfather who was part Irish. So what exactly does it mean to be British?

  33. They reckon that man first emerged in east Africa. So there you go, maybe we’re not really British, but African.

  34. Really wish people would actually listen or read and understand for a change. He is not campaigning politically he is asking people to persuade him from his own opinion, which we are all entitled to, that the man who killed Jo Cox may have been pushed to do so by the right wing, jingoistic, anti-immigration campaigning from the Media, Farage, Johnson and such. So, persuade him. Don’t rant on about left or right, immigration blah blah blah. Convince the man he is wrong by providing a compelling argument. Oh sorry my mistake, you can’t because he isn’t.

  35. Sums it up perfectly. This country has gone mad. Sadly too many people believe everything they read in the gutter press. Totally agree with what you say .RIP Jo Cox.

  36. Bruce Brewer says:

    Sad that, after reading the responses, you realise that there are so many selfish, “I’m all right Jack”, Sun and Daily Mail readers in the UK. Until the world becomes one rather than separate countries, it’ll never go away, and it’ll never happen.

  37. Gove and Boris have jumped into bed with the racist millionaire Farage for an unholy threesome in broad daylight that should have had every sane person in the country drawing their curtains pronto. Sadly, this brexit orgy of political opportunism and xenophobia has had maximum exposure in our racist rags The Sun and The Mail and working class communities( raped and pillaged by decades of Tory rule) have fallen for the oldest trick in the book – blame the weakest section of society (migrants).
    The NHS is in crisis because we spend less than the European average on it and Gove and co are hell bent on privatising it.
    People can’t get a house because Governments (Labour and Tory) stopped building them decades ago.
    Migrants under cut wages because Cameron refuses to pass legislation to stop employers exploiting cheap labour
    Public Services are under pressure in certain areas because Cameron scrapped The Migration support Fund which gave additional money to those areas.


  38. Totally agree with James here.

    Also wondering, from the comments:

    My blind what?
    Is do-gooder supposed to be an insult? People who want to do good are somehow the baddies?
    There’s nothing pseudo intellectual about what is said here. My guess is that this is a deflection for people who aren’t really clever enough to understand what is being said.

  39. It’s not just Britain it’s all over the world we are turning into a 21st century come 1930 which lead to 1938 -1989 but this time there may be nothing to rebuild, America is the new Germany to many similar even mirror speeches, it’s organised chaos. We are losing again the spiral is in full downward motion. Read world history 1929 to 1938 tell me is isn’t sinisterly the same we just have bigger bombs. Pucker up world it’s time to put your heads between your knees and kiss your ass good bye, read the past it’s becoming our present ☠☠☠

  40. Jennifer Holman says:

    Interesting that all the comments from righties are rude and abusive thereby bearing out what was said by O’Brien. Everything they read in papers like the Express, Mail and Sun is written in the same tone. It has all built up into the toxic atmosphere which resulted in yesterday’s tragedy. The right wing press has a great deal to answer for.

  41. Alan Cunningham says:

    Try this for size. Someone said to me today that they can’t help thinking that the deep dark recesses of our government have committed another Dr . David Kelly incident to screw with our minds. If Mr. Mair is so mentally unbalanced why didn’t he target the PM, or someone more prominent than poor Jo Cox? Yes folks the silent majority of the people in this country are sick of our parliamentarians totally screwing everything up, basically for their own selfish individual beliefs. They do not care about the country nor the indigenous population. They are all for self, self, self.

  42. To anonymous :
    No, no you see this is what you and the O’Brien mob have got a–e about face. It’s YOU lot that call us the baddies, Jack booting Nazis etc, simply for wanting sensible control on the people coming into our already overcrowded country.
    Have a think about it.

  43. The British Power Establishment will profit from this deliberate tactic of division and polarisation. No-one else will.

  44. To all the haters such as Keith above, carry on hating. You’ve already lost the argument and if you think a vote to leave the EU will change immigration levels, you’re comically naieve. Rampant free-market capitalism requires cheap labour (i.e. immigrants) to succeed. Why don’t you turn your ire on those who abuse this cheap labour? Immigrants are more than welcome in my eyes. I would much rather live in a street full of immigrants than one full of right-wing, boneheaded Express and Mail readers.

  45. You are not wrong, James O’Brien. The British media is in an awful mess. What alarms me is that we continue to call it a free press, when 80% of it is owned by rich men who live overseas, pay no tax in the UK and happily spin misery into the fabric of millions of lives. Of course the owners of these papers have vested interests in misdirection. Of course they have vested interests in building hate. Anf of course, if enough hateful words are said, these hateful words will start turning into hateful deeds. Which is what happens during terrorist indoctrination. To suggest that this mentally ill man’s actions have nothing to do with the coming referendum would be madness. It is terrible. The British press have a lot to answer for. Here here.

  46. Kit Warwick says:

    I want my country back from the politicians, who seem to think that we have no idea of what is going on. The people who seem to think that you and I can be led, or bullied into doing what they want us to do,. The people who think we will fall for any scare story they care to give us. The people who seem to think they have a right to rip us off using any tactic they can dream up.

  47. There was an incident in Glasgow in March where a Muslim shopkeeper was murdered brutally for wishing “Christians” a happy Easter. The man who committed this crime claimed that he did it as the shopkeeper had insulted Islam by wishing Christians a happy easter, I was following this story in the independent. This also was not reported as a terrorist act but I didn’t see people going out of their way to ask why or labeling the media as bias. Are we sure that all of the media are being racist by not labeling the murder of Jo cox an act of terrorism?, or are people more inclined to see it as a one off deranged attack by a very disturbed individual because it’s a very rare incident. And is the media simply more focused on Islamist extremist because we have been at global war with Islamic extremism for years. Is it always a case of racist media bias against Islam? And shouldn’t we be careful how quick and carefree we are to label people racist?

  48. It’s no coincidence that the timing of the referendum has been designed to clash with the European football finals in France. Hence that awful advert on TV showing rabid British stereotypes invading the shores of France and attempting to speak crap French. That surely must have been a trigger for any latently violent racist to act upon their urges. It would have been better for the referendum to be held this September or last September.

  49. I switch off LBC when this utter bore comes on. He is an extremely sanctimonious ‘social justice warrior’ who is completely out of touch with the lives of ordinary people. His bias is evident when interviewing people who don’t subscribe to the failed left-wing orthodoxy he champions, which we are brainwashed into believing by champagne socialists and the mainstream media.

    There are better presenters to listen to and hear a broader range of debates and views on the Internet.

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