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The popular German tabloid Bild is so confident that Britain will choose to stay in the EU, it ran a story today saying they have bet £10,000 on the outcome.

The story, in German, says:

We believe: the English, Northern Irish, Scottish and Welsh are, due to their long standing democratic culture, their critical minds, liberalism, their economic performance, their creativity and also because of their sense of humour, are a vital part of the EU.

We say cheers to that.

Here’s what the full story looks like


Bild EU bet


Bild, which literally means ‘picture’ in English, is a tabloid famed for its stunts.

It is the largest circulation newspaper in Germany.

Its reporter adds:

You can call us crazy but we believe in the British and have put £10,000 on a remain vote, that they will vote to stay and will vote against a separation from the continent.

Bild believes in Great Britain, Bild believes in the common sense and rationality of the British.

But it will call come down to turnout.

Let’s hope they’re right…

  1. Lets be positive about our future trade prospects. In 1972 we turn our backs on our Kith and Kinin the Commonwealth. We are as part ofthe EU unable to trade freely with the Commonwealth.

    A Vote Leave tomorrow will allow us to re-connect with 2.2 billion Commonwealth Citizens while being free to negotiate a trade agreement with the remaining members of EEC [450 million excluding the UK].

    Remains keeps says the EU is the largest Trading block in the World. It is not its just 20% the size of the Commonwealth. The four largest members of the Commonwealth including UK have a bigger GDP [12%+] than the four largest EU members including Germany.

    The Chief Executive of a Japanese Car Manufacturer said they were based in England because the language of Business is English and English law is the law throughout the world [except in continental Europe].
    The Commonwealth is united by a Single head, Her Majesty the Queen, by language and legal systems.

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