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Yesterday the Daily Mail splashed with a story on migrants hiding in the back of a truck.

Today, it admitted the story wasn’t entirely true.

The splash claimed: “We’re from Europe – let us in”


Daily Mail refugees


But they were not from Europe, they were from Iraq.

That fact was clearly revealed in the original video interview.

Here’s the BBC’s Home Affairs Correspondent Daniel Sandford pointing that out:


Being from Iraq would have dented the Mail’s narrative of course. That would also make them refugees, not economic migrants.

Today the Mail has published a little correction

Daily Mail correction

(hat tip Jack Shickler)

The Daily Mail blames a news agency, despite the mistake being clearly obvious to anyone who watched the clip.


Is it because the Mail wants to push an agenda against Europe? Shurely shome mishtake?

  1. Typical media lies printed for their own ends, political or otherwise. The lies and dogma of the media never ceases to amaze me. Real facts never matter, but what gives them the biggest or most beneficIal story is what they are after.

  2. Just do so sad that this great country of ours has sunk to such depths as events of this week: MP murdered; bare faced lies on UKIP bus; lies in the media; football riots in France. I used to be so proud to be British, felt that everything about our country was the absolute best in the world. Now? I hang my head in shame and embarrassment.

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