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In May this year the Daily Mail loudly claimed that thousands of Britons were “driving off” in new cars by pretending to be disabled.

Now, a month later, it has finally admitted what many disabled activists have been saying – it was completely wrong.

The Mail claimed that by “pretending” to be disabled, thousands of Britons had claimed taxpayer-funded cars under the Motability Scheme.

The scheme was set up to help disabled people get around by helping them exchange their mobility allowance to lease a car, scooter or powered wheelchair.

But today the Mail quietly added a retraction to the end of its article, admitting it had got the figures wrong

The headline of an earlier version of this article stated that thousands of people are driving off in new cars under the Motability scheme by pretending they are disabled.

In fact, although 2100 people had their leases terminated for abuse of the scheme, it is not known how many of those abuses were for feigning disability. It was also incorrect to say that the enhanced benefit of £57.45 is received in addition to the car. Those receiving the benefit receive either the car or the money, not both.

Just shows how much attention to facts Daily Mail journalists pay.

The story predictably attracted lots of hateful comments online.

Will the Mail apologise for those too?



The Daily Mail should be ashamed of itself for promoting hatred of disabled people

  1. The Daily Heil has been turning out bile for 80 odd years, I don’t expect them to ever change. The who aim of the company is to upset people. They don’t care all the time they make money.

  2. Colin bowtell says:

    The littlejohn morons like DM who couldn’t write a decent well researched article if it jumped up and bit them, wonder why sales are dropping.
    With SM giving learned people a platform to expose and put pressure on the above scum reporting lies. They never learn, they themselves are making there own noose tighter.
    When they end up out on their ear, they’ll still wonder why it’s happened.
    HELLO… you can fool some of the people……………
    Ps.. Let’s hope the above are never in the position that disabled folk find themselves in.
    100% would trade a poxy car to have their health and strength back in an instant.
    Sadly for most it’s never gonna happen.

  3. Poppy Hasted says:

    How much longer before retractions and apologies have to have the same prominence in newspapers as the original article. Front page, headline article equals a frontpage hedine apology if proved to be wrong or misleading.

  4. Steph Miller says:

    It was me who reported them to IPSO and have been liaising with their legal department about the clarification and corrections with the help of DPAC too. Its one of my proudest moments as I never thought the DM would ever listen to me, but they did because their article was misleading and inaccurate.

  5. Whatever the reasons you seem to be missing the point that “2100 people had their leases terminated for abuse of the scheme”… So if they’re not scammers “feigning disability”, then that’s a lot of disabled people abusing the system. And that’s wrong. Being disabled isn’t an excuse.

  6. Patricia White says:

    Are you not reading John, we don’t know the reasons but hey ho make them up, in fact the DM might have an opening for you, let’s punish anyway, what about the tens of thousands who have had a lying ATOS assessor taking their mobility for thirty pieces of silver, a small minority to torture the majority of sick and disabled people, these are as guilty as hell for killing people as much as the DWP and this government

  7. Deb Playford says:

    Seeing as only the highest level of disability will allow you to claim high rate DLA the question that should be asked is why are they losing that support now.
    The sensible folk and the disabled know the real truth. The disabilty doesn’t disappear, the goal posts on the criteria however have and for the benefit of the government, not the people it was designed to help.

  8. Paul richmond says:

    I don’t buy newspapers they are all lies. And do this kind of garbage they do to get a bonus and keep there jobs.I’m a cancer victim of I had no mobility.I would kill my self.not going anywhere

  9. Alexandra Srdarevic-Lewis says:

    Why can’t Dm write from a disable person’s view point. I’m on DLA (indefinitely) but it’s stopping shortly, you don’t automatically get PIP and it’s not worked out the same as DLA it’s much harder, no indefinitely. I was born physically disable, my mum was given Thalidomide. I’m struggling and waiting over 15 months for my assessment appointment. From was sent back and received over 15 months ago, still waiting for assessment. Sorry for ranting.

  10. John, painting the car is ‘abusing’ the system, getting your carer to drive your car to get milk is ‘abusing’ the system, parking over your time limit is ‘abusing’ the system & yes, Motability are petty enough to take your car

  11. John, 2,100 cases is meaningless. Hundreds of thousands have been hit with benefits sanctions, and, we now know, despite IDS’s attempts to cover it up, this has nothing to do with ‘fraud’ (of which the UK currently has among the lowest in Europe), and a lot to do with ‘targets’. The reasons for sanctions have been shown to be totally spurious. with the actual fraud dept questioning their validity. It turns out, again after investigation, the DWP staff have set people up to fail using the ‘failure to attend’ sanction against them despite having sent them to an interview at that time – and agreeing (verbally) there would be no problem. This has been shown using claimants times for appointments, when they were due to attend etc. In other words, the DWP have been caught bang to rights using fraudulent tactics to meet targets. Now, bearing that in mind, I suggest you go to the CAB site, and disabled support sites, where it is clear exactly the same tactics are used the disabled.

  12. Th reason 2100 cars have been ‘taken back’ is the difference between PIP and DLA disabled people who qualified for Motobility cars under DLA were unable to walk unaided and without great pain for more than 50 meters this has been changed under PIP to 20 meters, hence people are loosing their cars! The disability rights organisations are currently in talks with the government to get this changed back to 50 meters.
    I hope that makes sense and clears up any confusion.

  13. Not for the 1st time. anyone recall the piece on underused disability parking bays suggesting there’re too many accompanied by a pic showing a car park with lots of empty bays. Guess what it was a car park were everyone had left for the day

  14. John, I believe you need a little education on this subject. We have been subjected to more and more lies and misinformation about us from the right wing Tories and press. I now get regular vile abuse just because I am disabled these are the realities of the hatred we face. Imagine being called an fu##ing spastic by a group of young men and how frightening that is when you are already very vulnerable, and I assure you this is on the increase which I believe is solely down to the lies of these publications and by IDS and his chums

  15. Many of the so-called ‘abuses’ of the scheme are technical infringements of the Motability contract, and are nothing whatsoever to do with benefit fraud. Excessive mileage usage is enough to breach the contract for example.

  16. Adrian Horne says:

    This is not an acceptable mistake but deliberate setting of poison against the disabled. No proof(medical diagnosis) – No car, is strictly adhered to by Motability, who are a very responsible body helping us. The organisation knows our illnesses via our medical details – not through ‘ask and have’.
    As regards other people taxes going on our vehicles I should point out that except younger sufferers, that have never been able to work and would happily swap places with you, most disabled adults have worked, and paid taxes, as long as they could. In my case I did years of education, engineering,and training followed by nearly 25 years teaching in Primary School, I then lived off meagre savings to avoid benefits until I was bankrupt. I paid EVERY penny of my taxes and, believe me, I’m not unique. One very dear friend, also with Multiple Sclerosis, was actually working for the Inland Revenue in her wheelchair !!!
    Just to end I’d like The Daily Mail to understand THEY have made us pariahs !!

  17. Christina Coles says:

    A new car helps people get to hospital and Surgery appointments,also it helps the carer to take the patient out shopping and perhaps just out for a scenic drive to lift their spirits,maybe even to a shopping mall,to encourage them to buy some little item to cheer them up. Whereas if they saved the allowance, and were then able to buy a second hand car, the second hand car would most likely not be as reliable,being prone not to starting when vitally needed,or worse maybe breaking down on the route to an important hospital appointment. And it’s not as if the patient is not contributing anything back to society,it takes petrol to run these vehicles,which has to be paid for out of the patients allowance money.

  18. not all ppl claiming for a car can drive and are reliant on others friends/ family and keep the car at their homes not the claimant. In many cases the driver has used the vehicles as if they owned it. Also abusing the blue badge so it is in many cases able bodied that cause the abuse that is why new rules have been brought in, sadly it is the disabled person that suffers. As with so many other things their are unscrupulous ppl, so the other many hundreds thousands are using their cars as the lifeline they are. Always the minority spoiling it for the majority.

  19. anthony george says:

    lets be hounest here , diasbility fraud is rampant , I live very close to 5 people claiming dla and 3 of them are the fittest pensioners I know , taking dogs for walk 2 and 3 times a day, back and forward on the school and nursery run, lifting grandchildren in and out of cars, so this is my experience, and as one said to me, its not whats wrong with you its how you work the system,
    dla and mobility is a lifeline for genuine claimants. but in my personal experience it is widely abused, Shame but thats my personal experience

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