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While the official Vote Leave campaign is saying it will cut immigration from outside the EU, it is also secretly telling British voters of Asian origin it will allow in more migrants from those countries.

A few weeks ago, the Financial Times revealed that Vote Leave campain was drawing up leaflets aimed at British Punjabi, Hindu and Urdu speakers that Brexit would stem the flow of European immigrants into Britain, allowing more from south Asia to come in.

Saqib Bhatti, a board member of Vote Leave, told the FT that leaflets were also being drawn up specifically for British Muslims.

In the same vein, Priti Patel MP, a prominent Brexiteer, told curry houses last week they were being starved of high-quality chefs because government immigration policy was “biased” towards the EU.

But all this was exposed as a sham over the weekend.

On Sunday, ITV’s Robert Peston asked Michael Gove straight out:

Peston: You would reduce immigration from outside the EU and inside the EU to tens of thousands.

Michael Gove: Yes.

Vote Leave want total immigration to be reduced to tens of thousands, which would require drastic cuts to immigration from south Asia, not an increase.

That would make it harder for hospitals to recruit doctors and for curry houses to recruit chefs.

It would also mean much tougher rules for Britons marrying and re-uniting with non-Britons back in the UK.

In other words, Tories on the Vote Leave campaign are saying one thing to white Britons and the complete opposite to non-white Britons.

They should be ashamed of such tactics.

  1. Exay Bashay says:

    I’m quite happy for anyone from anywhere in the world to work in the UK – PROVIDED THEY ARE PAID THE SAME. But, going by the personality profiles of those who favour Brexit, they will not be paid the same, that’s for sure. We can expect an Immigration Policy that insists upon proof of a job lined up, proof of an address where they will be living and proof they will be able to support themselves. So many employers will start advertising overseas (at the expense of local prospects) to fill vacancies for wages that far undercut expectations locally and the EU. As part of the employment package they will offer “cheap” accomodation – most likely, on site shipping containers with Swiss bunks, and catering – most likely, purchased on site with bespoke tokens spent in a sweatshop canteen served by migrant labourers. All companies outside of this Brexit club will eventually fail. Fat profits for them. But despair for the rest of us.

  2. Bryn Davies says:

    But dont the immigrant works pay the taxes that fund the nhs they are using, the school their kids are going to? Isn’t that what taxes are for? Dont they also earn more for the company they work for, increase the economy therefore creating more jobs?

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