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The British National Party is making a last-ditch attempt to raise funds and mobilise its followers to leave the EU, Political Scrapbook has learnt.

In an email sent out to its subscribers yesterday, the BNP leader Adam Walker said to supporters:

…the BNP is focusing on getting as many LEAVE voters to the polling stations as possible

The BNP has had much lower profile under Walker compared to its now-ousted former leader Nick Griffin.

The get-out-the-vote effort will be accompanied by thousands of emails and social media messages to “rally” their supporters until 23rd June, the email added.

We will give people like yourselves and practically anyone who supports the Brexit, the information and messages you all need to convert voters to LEAVE THE EU.

It also urged people to join the BNP.

Well, now you know where the BNP stand in this debate

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