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The BBC is sometimes wrongly accused of ignoring the growing election expenses scandal, but that doesn’t mean its reporting is faultless.

Last night the story went nuclear. A judge ruled that the allegations regarding over-spending on election expenses were “on an unprecedented scale”.

The judge added that specific elections of MPs may be voided if the allegations were found to have a basis (more on this later).

A key battleground where the Tories are accused of illegally going over election spending limits is the constituency of South Thanet.

A BBC’s report posted last night started with:

A further 12 months have been granted to Kent Police to investigate claims of improper election spending by the Conservative Party.

But the story completely ignored a key point: that the Tories tried to block the police probe and failed to do so.

Even Sky News focused on that angle.

Several journalists were quick to point out the BBC’s glaring omission too.


Perhaps the critics have a point about the BBC’s coverage of thisĀ  scandal…


  1. “The story went nuclear” – talk about exaggeration! You’ve gone to 11 (copyright Spinal Tap)…where to next? How will you describe it if and when someone is actually charged?

  2. Why don’t the public start a petition that cannot be ignored do it publicly to remove the two big bosses running the BBC. after all they were put in those positions of authority to do just this feed the public a pile of crock for news and make sure that TV. viewers never find out what is really going on .Remember they have total control of all but one national paper .Unless you read social media or watch channel four this would have been hidden from the majority of the public which I might add was their intentions from the start how democratic is that they are the most corrupt party ever and should be ousted now before they do any more damage to this country and it’s people.

  3. Thought ? If another or part election has to take place would mean that legislation since passed would be invalid voided

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