Donald Trump

Most coverage of Donald Trump’s rallies are about people disrupting it. But one American journalist went there and quietly observed what was going on.

He came back shaken and scared.

Jared Yates Sexton is a writer and political correspondent from the state of Georgia.

Yesterday, Donald Trump held a rally in Greensboro, North Carolina. Sexton went there to cover the event, and wrote a series of tweets.

Here they are, in chronological order:
































Time to start worrying

  1. Craig Hanlon-Smith says:

    Just as we feared but much much worse. As the politics of fear rears its head and finds a voice, the hate we had hoped we were beating slides out of the shadows. The hate and vitriol towards women, people of colour, Latinos, LGBTQ and the ‘alternative’. Hate that encourages and nurtures the violence seen in Orlando. The politics of fear looks to be winning in the UK as the Brexit vote looks likely to win. The U.K. Will break apart if they leave the EU, don’t let the same happen to the US. Even if Hilary doesn’t quite hit your mark, vote for her just to keep this horrific alternative out. America was built on Immigration, creativity and the collaboration of international language and spirit. We know you’re still there America the beautiful, show yourself. The world needs your guidance.

    Craig Hanlon-Smith; friend of America, UK.

  2. judie roberts says:

    Trump is like a very bad joke, we have his relative likely to run the UK in Boris Johnson I think they have the same wig maker.
    What is wrong with the world.? It is the inequality of the richest and the poorest that causes a lot of this. The world has enough for everyone’s need but can’t satisfy everyone’s greed. The ordinary have nots are looking for people to blame but are not looking upwards at the people who are really robbing them, but at other unfortunate people who hating and humiliating makes them feel better about their own sad existence.

  3. Colin bowtell says:

    So there was me thinking, Americans are all originally migrants from all over.
    Apart from Apache Cherokee etc etc. They were nigh on wiped out by immigrants !!!
    Or (SETTLERS) as they preferred being called back then.
    So can someone educate me on what is a true American , or was.
    Cos what I can make of it, they are one f****d up society with very powerful dangerous individuals.

  4. Trump was due to visit Ireland this month a number of large protests were announced. Now it seems he has pulled out of the trip. Trump is dangerous he is not making America Great he is making America hate.

  5. Jack Stanfill says:

    Just as African-Americans never thought they’d see a black president in the White House, I never thought I’d see such a repugnant life-form be a candidate for this office.

  6. You’d think videos of this would be easier and more believable. I’m sorry, not a Trump fan, but this is NOT reporting. It’s hearsay that this guy could have written from his bathroom, and easily made up or alerted to suit his own political leaning. If it’s true, then post video clips.

  7. I think the intelligent people (and there are a few) who are supporting Trump just turn away and cover their ears when he opens his mouth and the vile words pour out. Doesn’t anyone at Trump rallies ever ask when Trump is going to talk about real problems facing American and legitimate, logical solutions? From my vantage, it really looks like folks attending Trump rallies just want a place to act out their lowest thoughts and find company for their worst possible behavior, These folks don’t want to solve any problems. They just want to be able to blame others for their own shortcomings!

  8. Johnny ( original inhabitant ) says:

    Lets ask the guys in Benghazi about this. Oh wait, we can’t. You sir are not a journalist. I can go to a Hillary rally, not speak or interview anyone and have the same selective hearing you chose to have.

  9. Keith Bryant says:

    Oh yeah, a new style twitter lecture from an asst. prof. with no doubt a masters in propaganda.

  10. robert young says:

    Lets just say there was a guy that was a former president and
    He had a wife who he wanted to be president but if would
    Take alot of doing to get her elected.Say he had a friend that
    Would do him a favor and run for President agains her and be
    So controversial that the country really had no choice but to
    Elect her because of his insane statements and beliefs.

  11. scary, they are all immigrants including Trump. the land belongs to the Native Americans and that includes the Mexicans and the ‘Latinos’

  12. I think this guy exaggerated things. First of all, the Trump rally was nothing like this. Families were there. Lots of energy. “Build that wall” was about the only thing, other than jeers at the mention of Clinton and Obama, that sounds familiar from the rally I went to. That protestor next to this guy should have been scared, as I would be going to a Clinton rally and wishing to cause trouble. We had one very small group of protestors and they were the loud ones. They were peacefully removed. They were waiting outside loudly protesting and screaming at and insulting the police. Hmmmm, what a difference in our experiences.

  13. Guy Lillian says:

    Greensboro is a strange town — I lived there for six years and love some of its people very much. There is a strong arts community. There is a large gay community. The universities like UNC-G seem to be thriving. The mills, which produce a huge %age of America’s denim, have attracted a large klatsch of Reds and unionists. The city is home to a lot of black folks. But Greensboro is also in the tobacco country, and throngs with country people, many delightful, many on the edge of violence. The Klan preys on those people and alas, prospers. I suspect Ms. Fredricks’ report of the experience was accurate for her — but our correspondent noticed what he noticed, too.

  14. Carolyn shugar says:

    My fear is that if Hilary is elected there will be a very dangerous revolt of Trump lovers and if Trump is elected, Trump lovers will celebrate with dangerous consequemces.
    A mess either way.

  15. Tina Treitler says:

    This man is the epitome of the problems this country faces! When Trump speaks it reaks of pure arogance and self congratulatory mumbo jumbo…Im not sure he really wants to be President but rather a dog poker! He is toxic and toxins can kill you! #DUMPTHETRUMP

  16. This is to be expected from any and all media. Strange you don’t have anything to say about the rotten going on in Washington, or are you blind and deaf when uit comes to that part of the world?

  17. Kay Frederick’s, I agree with you. This guy is full of bull. The only violence at Trump rallies are by the protesters and a lot of them are paid. You never see that hostility at killary rallies because we are more civil.

  18. Two of Trump’s three wives were immigrants. Trump’s mother was an immigrant. Melania Trump, the current Mrs. Donald Trump, is a Slovene Communist immigrant. Communists, who are responsible for killing millions of Christians, are delighted at the idea that the First Lady would be a Communist.

  19. Wow what a bunch of shit this is. I have watched every rally and this is not what happens. This is just posted for liberals that will suck up the lies!!!


  21. It is amazing the lies people will tell to run Trump down. I watched the rally in Greensboro and it was very different from your reports. Everyone that spews these lies will be held accountable. Few protestors inside and they were removed without a problem. I would much rather take a chance with Trump than Hillary, we know the laundry list on her. This is disgusting how the Liberals wheel and deal and lie to keep the corruption going in the WH.

  22. This journalist is somewhat a commie and should work for the enquirer. He critizes Trump but JARED YATES SEXTON YOU ARE A HATER AND BIGOT YOURSELF ,SO YOU SHOULD SHUP UP.

  23. He could have set his phone to record these statements from the crowd if they actually happened and weren’t just in his head. He didn’t.

  24. Low-education voters form the bulk of Trump’s support. The idea of fact-checking any of their hero’s verbal garbage on Snopes or any of the other verification sites is as foreign to them as calculus. They hear only what they want to hear, a major definition of a low-grade mind.

  25. It is amazing how arrogant,stupid,uneducated pompous asses Trump supporters are. Take the blind folds off people. See this jerk for what he is

  26. This so-called journalist must have been drunk, or been high on some kind of illegal drug. He clearly is a looser that still lives in mommy’s basement.


  28. Michael Goral says:

    I have never been a strong supporter or hater in any previous Presidential campaign, but this one is very different and very important. I’m 72 years old and Trump is the first candidate I would describe as a despicable creature, and that includes George Wallace. I view myself as a recovering conservative, never voted for a single democrat until Obama’s second term. I guess it took a while for my brain to reach full capacity. The man is a charlatan, a demagogue, uninformed, unqualified by experience, intellect and temperament. He uses tactics similar to Hitler … playing to fear and anxiety, scapegoating a group as a threat to our society, asserting our government is incapable of dealing with the threat and that he is the only one who can save us, and he can make Germany, I’m sorry, America great again. Every time I see a Trump supporter, I’m like an ex smoker who when he sees someone smoking says, or at least thinks “WTF is wrong with you?!”

  29. Here, let me go to a Hillary campaign then twitter a bunch of crap that didn’t happen. Guess who’s press pass credentials are going to be revoked next?

  30. Trump supporters like Trump himself all seem to spew hatred. Hatred of any non-white groups and all immigrants. Never mind that this country was invaded (settled) by immigrants. And yes my family too were immigrants like the rest of the people in our country. We got jobs and made a much better life for our families than we could have in Europe at that time. A very unoriginal story. I’m really hoping all of our immigrant friends vote and we rid ourselves of this plague called Trump.

  31. U kan tell whose been home sckooled by the way they rite comments. Trump luvs the stupidd.The stupidd luv Trump.

  32. Linda MacDonald says:

    I don’t believe a word of tjis liberal garbage. I have been to a Trump rally and they are very warm and inviting. The only ugly thing about them are the Clinton protestors outside. You liberals are really stretching for a story if this is the best you can come up with.

  33. Look at the evel of discourse provided by the Trump supporters here. ‘Nuf said.
    Additionally, have you noticed how many of them can’t spell their favorite invective, “loser”? Here’s a hint, guys, “looser” is the opposite of “tighter”.

  34. Sheila DeFazio says:

    None of the Drumpf respondents mention anything about Drumpf’s plans for the economy or education or the deficit or climate change…not one word of any value from him or his calling, Hillary bashing and denial of any facts is the only response. Drumpf is not going to be POTUS or hold any office for that matter. But he certainly has brought all the haters to the forefront, please take note of who they are and let’s keep all of them out of Washington.

  35. This is just the tip of the iceberg shit, and hatered that spews from that vile horrible fukstick and the crowd he gathers around him, he’s insane, he’s a biggot and a Hugh fucking liar!!!

  36. WHY is the press not present at Hillarys rallies? And if they are there is nothing said about them or her? There is so much bullshit and lying, underhanded fundraising for the “Clinton Foundation” it stinks! She stinks! We are going to lose the country! Hide and watch!

  37. More of HIliarY and Soros paid protesters, I’ve been to a Trump Rally and this complete bullshit. The only rude and obnoxious people I heard were the paid protesters

  38. Long after he is loses this contest (and he WILL lose by a huge margin) these zealots will still be among us, fired up and very very pissed. We should be ready for that.

  39. America is dying, and we’re all witnessing it. Every empire falls. We are imploding from within.

  40. I have been to a Clinton Rally, a Sanders rally, even one for Cruz..Non of them as ugly as this. Cheers for your candidate, certainly, but no hateful comments directed at any particular nationalities, gender or sexual orientation . All pretty much focused on the issues and the candidate’s platform. No one was screened or refused entry, no one had to be escorted out……sounds like a whole different crowd to me.

  41. Knuckle dragging, slope-headed, slack-jawed, drunken cretins, all. I have to believe that the homo sapiens will prevail.

  42. Sylvia Fulmet says:

    And you actually believe this “journalist?” This is a load of crap. Typical liberal media “coverage” of a Trump rally.

  43. I am afraid the people like the KKK we were hoping had to kip there feelings for them self because we are in 2016, the world as change. We have a black President in America. We are all Immigrants. How come Mr. trump had the nerve to work so hard trying to destroyed America. He forget he also came from immigrants parents, the mother of his kids are immigrant.

  44. The “author” is a self described political journalist. It would seem to be reasonable to expect that, if such blatant and horrible behavior took place, it would be all over the news. But yet it is not. Not even a very clever hit piece. But I suppose this is what passes for journalism these days: twitter feeds that become a convenient “truth” to those who wish to hear it. SAD.

    And Hillary (among many other horrors) has taken monies from countries that allow women to be raped, throw gays off roofs, mutilate female genitalia, and yet my gay brothers and sisters continue to support her. SAD

  45. Patrick Bruce says:

    The great thing about Trump, that everyone is overlooking is that Trump is counting on drunks and red-necks to get him into office. The good news is those people do not have the common sense or motivation to stand in line to vote. If you live by the racist red-neck, you die by the racist red neck.

  46. Trump’s fan club has too much hatred and fear roaring in their ears to ever listen to anything but more hate, more fear. Even when Trump blows away, defeated — and he will — the hatred he’s helped unleashed will still be there. And that’s a major problem.

  47. Deb Brunelle says:

    Michale Goral, well said. I totally agree with you. I was married to a narcissistic, pathological liar, sociopath, racism, misogyny, homophobia, controlling everything I did, etc (married for 25 1/2 years, together for 27 1/2 years) so I can recognize exactly what Trump is.

    Unfortunately he sounds just like Hitler did back in the 30’s and look what Germany was turned into, how many Jews went to their deaths? Trump sounds just like Hitler except he’s Singling out Muslims. We are a
    country that was built on immigrants and just like there are “bad” whites, blacks, muslims, etc. there are
    “good” whites, blacks, muslims, etc.

    Now you hear of Muslims being attacked because Trump has spoken to white supremists, look what happened when Rodney King was beaten so bad by the LA Cops; rioting, looting and burning of buildings.
    Trump holds a rally and promptly throws out the protestors or people who disagree with him or don’t lavish praise on him or see things his way.

  48. Someone up there said he could have gotten his phone and recorded. He would likely have gotten beat up and hauled out!! Sorry Trump supporters, you can’t spin this and defend yourselves or your Lord and savior Donald Trump. We see what you are and you’re the very worst of humanity! I am ashamed that your all even live in America.

  49. I am a 54 yr old female in an administrative position in healthcare. I have respect for myself & for others. I have been to 2 Trump rallies & this did not happen. I would not put myself in that environment or stay. There have been protestors but they were removed by security. There is a message before the rally that states “Do not approach protestors. Do not touch the protestors. Point them out & chant Trump Trump Trump. Security will come and escort them out.” This reporter definetly has a hate for Trump & unfortunately glorifies his stories & misrepresents what is the truth. The great thing about our country is the fact we can vote for who we want. My advice to this reporter is 1. Find a new profession 2. Concentrate on the candidate you are for and don’t worry about the one you are not. 3. You are part of the problem as a journalist.
    Your time and interest, for whoever follows you, would have been more productive & enlightening if you actually sat down with a supporter of Trump.

  50. Pat Richardson says:

    “Anonymous says:
    June 16, 2016 at 12:26 am
    President Trump we love you”

    If I said something that stupid, I would be anonymous, too.

  51. John Coffman says:

    Trump loves discord & confusion. He wants protesters. I think it would be better to look for his academic accomplishments than to just spy at his campaign rallies.

  52. You can tell a Trumpie when they post – from lack of grammar and spelling to obvious anger and alcohol issues. Having seen one of his “ralllies” before, I can entirely believe this reporter’s account of things. In fact it seems tame.

  53. Kerry Stainbrook says:

    What a bunch of crap. Where were you when Bernie and Hillary protesters were threatening Trump supporters, saying death to Trump, threatening anyone with a Trump hat, rioting, jumping on cop cars, sucker punching people all over the place. You are such a fraud. It was much worse

  54. What are you people talking about? without the “liberal media ” The Orange faced small hand Drumpf would of been out of the race along time ago.. The media is the only reason he is even in the race and he is the only one banning the media because they fact check him and don’t believe his BS like you low educated trump supporters. You dumbass Drumpf supporters should be kissing the Media’s ass because without them your moron of a candidate would of been out along time ago

  55. Emerald Eyes says:

    Trump said himself that he could ”shoot someone in the middle of Manhattan at high noon and his supporters would let him off the hook”. They are such Neanderthals that they are in full denial mode. Watch the blonde and the brunette Trump surrogates on CNN as they defend, twist and parse everything that he does and the blonde is a lawyer – Harvard educated. She’s obviously using her brains for ill and doesn’t have a clue.

  56. What a joke this so called journalist is. I’ve never seen or heard anything about stuff like he stated by another journalist or caught on camera by other news media. I’ve seen the protesters suckerpunching Trump supporters. Eggs, water bottles, and rocks thrown at supporters because of a hard, t-shirt or carrying a sign. THESE are the people you should focus on…not the vile rhetoric you tweeted. Typical liberal trash….

  57. I don’t know…I have no idea how people are supporting and defending this man. Supporters claim journalists are biased, lying, exaggerating, giving Hillary a pass, whatever. Thing is, the man is a loose cannon, with a big mouth, he loves to hear himself, so, we have all heard the endless garbage he’s spewed, no one needs to make it up, he’s a vile, vile man, promoting division and hate.

    I just watched him today, saying he was going to go it alone, he’d do well on his own (I have no clue what the hell he means, does he….?) if Republicans couldn’t come together. The man is ego run amok, and he’s quite simply a big ***hole, nice choice people.

  58. Why would anyone doubt this reporters claims. We have all seen this play out on T.V. People sucker punched, yelled racial remarks to, and escorted out for no reason what so ever. It’s all been on TV. I will never ever support Donald Trump. It is scarey to see the ignorance and hated in this Country and I blame him for inciting all of it.

  59. You got shake your head at these low educated Drumpf supporters .. Mr small hands ships jobs overseas to china like his Trump clothing line and his daughter’s products. out of the 800 Trump products over 600 are made in Mexico,China and other countries and the Orange faced bigot hires illegals to work his hotels ,golf courses and build sites because he said ” Americans won’t work those jobs”
    So i would love to see one of these Trump supporters ask this moron when is HE gonna bring back HIS jobs from China and why is HE hiring illegals instead of americans?

  60. It’s a Shame the things you liberal Democrats will can be suckerd into !! There are camera’s every where, it would be on all stations!! Silly Silly liberal Democrats!! Find your backbone vote Donald Trump!!

  61. He is a liar,vttying to start crap with Trump like everyone else! ! I do not believe a word of it!

  62. Trump has a back bone? he is a draft dodger , he was to big of a coward to fight for america but you inbred Drumpf supporters think he is tough LOL!!

  63. Bellasummers says:

    Oh my gosh you all would believe anything your all fools if you think Trump rallies are any thing like this!! Other then his words where is the prof he has none!! Trump2026 and for the record attended one stand there with you mouth closed and see how we act!! It’s not like this!! And this I know come join us and find out for your self and SEE!! So Funny!!

  64. I was there,saw a few protesters hauled out by the police and a few chants the rest of this is bs.

  65. Clayton Wolf says:

    You are not a very good journalist if you can not tell the difference between” should of and should have”, as well as “alot and a lot”. They are examples of 8th grade grammar. I say you are a liar, pretty much like the prevaricator Hilliary.

  66. This anonymous person has so much to say and yet he hides behind his anonymous moniker. Trump is truly a despicable self aggrandizing and only looking out for himself. wake up supporters you are nothing to him but pawns. Not a Hilary fan but Trump is just too scary and sick.

  67. Blatant lies and patently false. You can watch the rally Greensboro,NC rally on the internet and hear it for yourself.
    This is not an honest journalist.

  68. Heartsong Moore says:

    in Time, millions of Millions of MILLIONS of Folks who currently want to vote for Mr.Trump WILL find-out how he Pretends to be Christian Watch see Truth here is PRAYER Many Folks learn Reality — B4 November….

  69. Mitts Romney says:

    Why do you even try to reason with Trump supporters? They are nothing but low class scum who can’t live without ObamaCare, who can’t accept that a Black president has been the most successful in creating jobs and turning the economy around? They feel they are loosing a privilege that they only think they have and that they never even thought that their ancestors are immigrants. They are the puppets of the rich and the NRA, and the GOP has lost control of them. Let them eat each other for a better America. Make America Great Again by Letting these idiots eat each other.

  70. Clinton has gotten the most votes then anybody in this year’s primaries she has 2 i/2 million more votes then Small hands Trump and thats not spin or a lie it’s just plain old MATH

  71. Mitts Romney says:

    Ha ha ha ha! A Trump supporter tries to correct grammar. He must be a Trump University PhD. Your candidate only uses four word sentences maximum because his supporters can’t handle anymore than that.

  72. please point out the lies instead of acting like the Orange face man and just talk out your ass

  73. This guy is lying. . . What’s our proof? We said so, that’s proof. These Trump supporters are lying. What’s our proof of that? We said so, that’s proof! Do any of you realize how ridiculous you sound. Unless someone posts video of the whole event. No one can prove or disprove the other. You all gotta find something more constructive to do.

  74. Kimberly King says:

    I watched the Rally & did not see or hear any of the lies that you told. There is no beer sold at Trump Rallys. Any violence that you saw would have been Hillary’s payed protesters only doing it. It is against federal law for protesters to be where secret service is with Donald Trump & that is why they are removed by police & Secret Service. After reading your tweets I half to ask what drug are you on or did you get drunk before going & is that why your account of the event is different from the truth!! VOTE Donald J.Trump for President & Make America Great Again

  75. I thought Trump supporters were uneducated before, but reading these comments has proven it. What a bunch of sheep. The only reason Trump the bigot even has supporters is because he doesn’t speak fancy politician speak (you know intelligent words about actual policy and words more descriptive than ‘stupid’ and ‘huge’) and these inbred Neanderthals can almost understand him. He also embodies everything these ignorant morons feel but are too scared to say out loud. They hate anyone who isn’t white. They hate political correctness because it forces them to treat people with respect. They hate the fact that an African American has been in the White House for the past 8 years and DIDN’T fail. The racism and bigotry is sickening. Keep following your shepard, sheep. You’re going to follow him right into the darkest times Americans have ever seen.

  76. Elizabeth Millendez says:

    Donald Trump is a closet KKK Klu Klux Klan member for years he is racist, homophobic, bully with an ego like Hitler another egomaniac : result 3rd and final World War if “Trump” gets into the White House worldwide catastrophe. …….God help us

  77. Hey everyone after looking at this guy’s Facebook page and seeing the film he put together it might be time to inform the Secret Service of this hater. Very scary guy to go this extent. The level of hate and anarchy stinks here. Thank God for a minority and let law enforcement take it from here to protect us from lunatics like this one.

  78. It can be no coincidence that Trump supporters are here commenting under ‘anonymous ‘ options where as anyone who opposes him has the foresight to do so without hiding .

    Also for the comment referring to the UKs ‘own’ Trump , in Boris, that just goes to show how little you understand. Yes they both have poor haircuts , however you show me any time that Boris or his supporters Have ever chanted racist slur in the name of politics.

  79. Harry Wright says:

    Trump sent personal invitations to the leaders of all the political parties in Scotland, to some sort of ego-trip party he’s throwing at his Scottish golf resort. Every single one of them declined, and Trump is, apparently, pretty pissed off about it.

  80. Birdie, I agree that we in the UK don’t see this kind of thing, overtly, at election rallies, but we do have our fair share of white supremacist, immigrant hating factions! As has been said before, it’s people like Trump,(his name makes me smile, as in UK that means a foul smelling passing of wind from the arse) that are making it OK to be like this!
    And yes, if you watch Hitlers rallies, the crowd has the same look in their eyes, mesmerised, full of hate. It’s bloody scary!

  81. Sovery tired says:

    This is fun. Jared Yates sent me a private email yesterday telling me he was going to fuck me in the ass and I was going to like it. Then he told me he was going to “rape my mouth” I have never even met him. I’m scared and I lost the email account. It’s true though, why don’t you believe me?

  82. THE RIGHT HAND says:


  83. Brian Andersson says:

    I mean just think about it. It’s a clear plot to get Hillary to the throne. With all the hate, how many will vote for him?

    How many will vote against him just to be on the safe side?

    With all the misoginy and feminist article everywhere, in blogs and tumblr and whatnot, how many white females will vote for him?

    How many educated white male will not vote for Trump? People think he is fucking Hitler!

    White males are obviously outnumbered on a nationwide scale. It’s simple arithmetics. Not much above 30% of the entire population.

    Trump is on a suicide mission to make sure that evil witch Hillary wins the run without people doubting/rejecting her.

    Since she’s is the saver choice, a lesser evil, mind you. Even this reporter probably exaggerates slightly. He is paid to make Trump appear as a monster.

  84. Sarah patterson says:

    America was made from immigrants. They need to revisit their history before sounding off like uneducated ****’s!!! The American Indians had their land stolen from them by the immigrants that arrived there from all over the world. Funny how they can ‘forget’ that conveniently. Too stupid. Trump does not deserve to be on power and Shame on those who follow him.

  85. Trump, draft dodging Chickenhawk, no morals, entitled rich boy asshole.
    Born on third thinks he hit a triple.
    Critical thinking went out with wing tips.

  86. Jared Yates Sexton any talk of immigrants was about illegal immigrants but i guess you were to busy tweeting to hear that

  87. You asked for it says:

    Firstly REVISIT what muslims are before saying anything. Listen to any of their propoganda, then go read bible you will get the meaning of the HELL SPAWN very similar to Muslim. There may be a couple of Hippies who say that there are good MUSLIMS (Terrorists) but remember even the devil does not take your soul without offering something in return.

    If you want a history lesson then here is the shortest one a country that refuses to change will be destroyed. Being a comparatively young country America does not have enough history to understand it. Muslim’s are the snake that get in a country and fuck like bunny rabits and kill other religions they are a walking curse on the world.

    Also if you are free to express your desire so are the rest and so many people don’t have other people without reason. Give it a thought before you cut out all other parts. F’in Hillary supporting reporter, you are a disgrace to your job reporters are supposed to be impartial in judgement.

  88. How could anyone think this guy is lying? He didn’t need to prove it with video. There’s videos all over the net showing trump spew his garbage every day. What’s world coming to when you want a vulgar low life pig running your country. He has no class and seems to focus on talking about immigrants and gays more than anything else. What about focusing on the economy or education instead of being homophobic. Notice how it’s all low life’s and uneducated and racists at his rallys.No one with half a brain would go

  89. Some posts of trumpeteers just prove the story. They are dangerous people with no education and no respect. Pray for America that this guy never will become president of the USA

  90. This country is made up of all immigrants. Even the Native American migrated to the Americans. The bad part about Trump rallies is that these people are suppose to be “God-fearing and Bible believing” Americans. They are not only un-American in their politic but unchristian like. If there was ever an Anti-Christ, it would be D. Trump. He brings out the extremes in America.

  91. Frightening. I suggest the journalist learn the difference between “of” and “have” so he will gain more credibility among the educated. Or are we a target now, too?

  92. The out right lies from this so called journalist is disgusting! You sir are a big part of the dishonest media!
    I was at this rally and a large part of what you have written is pure lies! You’re a disgrace to the journalist profession and you are a prime example of what Trump is talking about! Shame in you sir for your blatant LIES!
    The rest of you rubes who believe him are what’s wrong with our country! Trump 2016!

  93. Reg Szikora says:

    If Americans think the United States of America is hated now, Vote Trump, it will be so much more than hate. Americans will not be safe any where in the world. Hate breeds Hate, plain and simple, and there is much hate in the USA right now.

  94. I feel SO sorry for Americans. Especially when they have to see and hear some of their fellow Americans actually support a nutter like Trump. They must feel like theyve all entered the twightlight zone!

  95. What a bunch of bullshit. Reading what you tweeted tells me you are a brainwashed in denial liberal. The Washington Post is a Hillary backing newspaper. Trump would never get a favorable review there. People ask what is so attractive about Trump. He is for the people of this country whether you want to believe it or not. Hillary is only in it for the power and money. Talk about researching things on Trump, why don’t you Hillary supporters do some research on her. The truth just might wake you up. Ask yourself also why are all of Obama’s records sealed and not available under the Freedom of Information Act? The same goes for Senator Cruz. What are they hiding? Lastly, the media is not telling you the real story but only what they want you to hear. Why all the negative against Trump and none on Hillary?????

  96. You can lead a horse to water…..
    After reading some of these comments, I realize some idiots will follow this psycho no matter what he says or does.
    I attended a Trump rally to see what it was all about & it was very much like this. It was absolutely terrifying. So much rampant racism & hate because it was all OK, even encouraged there. Have no doubt, this man is a monster.

  97. I am sorry but reading all these tweets seems to be spreading more lies in order to pander to Hillary. We have seen these rallies and they are not what is reported here. This is bad journalism. Perhaps you would be better served with a different type of job. Low information people will suck this stuff up…is this your goal…brainwash?

  98. Bob Lessemun says:

    Where are his other articles. I don’t agree with Trump or any of his policies but sometimes you hear what you want to hear and ignore the message. While most of Trumps supporters are morons, ignorant and racist there are an awful lot of them. make choosing Hilary easy but she has baggage. AMERICA deserves better than these two.

    Trump is running out of money, and Hilary is still spending her I’ll gotten gains. What a mess.

  99. Allison Powers says:

    I went to a Trump rally. It was absolutely nothing like that. This “journalist” has a creative imagination and is shilling out pre-conceived BS to sheeple.

  100. Trump emulates the character of Hitler’s narcissism and hunger for individual power. Trumps actions defies any peaceful resolution and his followers are obviously blind to his very deception that he sales. Trumps idea of making America great again is referenced to when America was dominated by supremacy and slavery was active. That is not a America being great. Wolves dress in sheep clothing and Trump is a Beast

  101. The absolute childish behaviour here, in what the reporter writes, as well as in the comments…I’m unsure of whether or not I’m in grade school, on the playground with alot of name-calling and bullying.

    I’d really like to wake up from this dream of this election year and believe in humanity again. The horrible things that we’re saying about each other, when we have more similarities than we have differences. I have never want to not vote and vote at the same time.

    When someone such as Mr. Trump has no message beyond how big his junk is, putting down every demographic that exists, and how many endorsements he has…how and why do people take him so serously? He’s a joke. He is everything wrong with America that the rest of the world thinks is wrong with us. The rest of the world is going to think that we’re insane and I’m beginning to think that they’re right. Is this really the legacy that we want to be a part of? Can we really afford to backslide??

  102. This is a lot about nothing. the Clintons are as corrupt as they come.. lining their pockets with Saudi blood money.. Trump is our last hope… and I say hope because they do want him knocked off. the stakes are high

  103. Typical writings of a bunch of left leaning socialists who haven’t the ability to use analytical skills yet try to tell us they do.

  104. John E Morgan says:

    This man wants to be our very own Hitler ! I will not forget the pictures of a trump rally where he asked everyone to raise they’re hands to swear to vote for trump. He SAID if you can’t swear you should leave ! Picture an entire room with their arms raised to support trump. Remind you of any photo’s of Germany in the 30’s ? This is really happening folks ! Our democracy is in crisis ! NOT THIS MAN !!!!!!!!

  105. You Are A Paid Liar , Trump For President , This Is Not True What Was Said About Trumps Rally’s !!!!!

  106. I call “BULLSHIT!” on these tweets. How far will the Clinton’s go. Do you think they would lie? Again, I call “BULLSHIT!” and wouldn’t be surprised if this so-called reporter wasn’t even there.

  107. Very interesting!!! Not a trump fan at all. Not a killery fan either and maybe if you have spent as much time attacking killery and oblama as you have trump some of the mess we are in might not have happened. This is very frightening and sadly he IS NOT THE CONSERVATIVE PARTY. HE DOES NOT REPRESENT CONSERVATIVES IN ANY WAY!!!!! HE IS AN EMBARRASSMENT AND NO BETTER THEN OBLAMA OR KILLERY HER SELF.

  108. Miguel Bustamante says:

    This journalist was SHOCKED? REALLY? I’m not. Here’s why.
    1. For every person this journalist heard making “shocking” comments, there were 20 others who weren’t.
    2. People are angry. Very angry. For the past 8 years we’ve seen a president do everything he can to make us vulnerable to attacks from both inside and outside of the US. They see more of the same with Hillary and they are even more afraid.
    3. Gather a group of people passionate about the same thing and all kinds of things are said. It happens at sporting events, concerts, and rallies. I’m not saying that makes it ok. I’m just saying it’s not “shocking”.
    4. It makes sense extra maybe even hyper security will be at every Trump rally given what’s happened at his rallies to date.
    5. I seriously doubt this journalist was around in Hitler’s time. Comparison to events during Hitler’s reign are pointless.
    6. You’ll hear and see similar behavior at a Clinton rally. But this journalist would have you think it only happens with Trump

  109. Christine Helrigel says:

    If you watch that rally on youtube, you will discover that this reporter is lying. LIAR. You can watch it yourself. might still have the link. I can’t believe you are all believing this man’s lies without bothering to listen to the rally speech yourselves.

  110. Jared Yates Sexton: What a liar you are. I have been to three Trump rallies and all safe with none of the above happening. The only disturbances were caused by one or two protesters that were removed rapidly with no incidences. You call yourself a journalist, but I wouldn’t trust anything you say for an instance after seeing this obvious hit piece. TRUMP 2016

  111. Sweet revenge says:

    I have experienced hate and envy since age 5 from all people. This is just your karma coming back around full circle. I am shocked that people do not like to be discriminated against and hated when they do the same thing to me and others. I am not a criminal, a drug addict or dealer. I have never done anything wring to anyone. People discriminate against my hairstyles, my breast size, my intelligence, gender, me being Heterosexual, not drinking alcohol, not smoking, and culture, etc. Everyone but people like me has gone insane. They all behave the same way. America is getting what they deserve!!! Snobbish, rude, ignorant, evil, bullies, just like them!!! I am watching and

  112. Sweet revenge says:

    Oh and I am voting for Trump!! I have known him for years. He does want to improve lives. He is good for America and all others. Not an evil or racist bone in this Man’s body. He is kind when he needs to be and strict when he has to be. He is all heart and real.

  113. Rachel Maddow says:

    The posts from Drumpf supporters on this thread are exactly what one would expect from the pitiful, downwardly mobile rednecks that they are. Poor grammar, rampant misspellings, lack of sentence structure, capitalizing every other word…these are the methods of communication these people learned in their pitiful rural schools. Many of these people are probably high school dropouts with Confederate flags flying from their pickup trucks. To the rest of us sane and educated voters in Georgia, the fact that the Fox allowed this event to occur in its historic and iconic venue is an absolute embarrassment.

  114. I also have been to a Trump rally. I went to the one in Tampa last Saturday. I just wanted to see what they are about and get an understanding of the demographic of people who were supporting him. I would not say people who are there are hateful. The people are just more upset with the political process. The people at least at mine weren’t “ugly”, “racists”, or “violent”. It’s actually quite hypocritical of you to rush to judge what’s in people’s hearts without getting to know them.

    The “protestors” you are referring to would spit in peoples faces, throw water on people, and were the most hateful people at these rallies. They would hold pictures of dead fetuses, or a poster with Trumps face saying this is the face of racism.

    The chants were more of a sign of nationalism then anything. They would chant USA and Trump. The wall chant did seem weird I will say. Even Hillary has said multiple times they would put up more walls and fences on the border if president.

  115. The entire speech was broadcast live on FOX News. Everything this writer mentioned happened right there live for anyone to see who bothered to watch.

  116. georgesmith says:

    time to do something about this people, this is insanity.

    trump isn’t even qualified and yet there he is throwing his hat into the candidacy.


  117. Don’t believe anything you read and only half of what you see. He can tweet but not post a video with sound? By the way just heard the Sun is going to blow up next week………has to be true.

  118. It’s now beyond comical and getting scary, every single person in the United States of America is an immigrant, every single one, unless you are first nations. I don’t understand the anti-immigrant sentiment at all, immigrants built the entire country.

  119. No more hatred says:

    Mr Sexton should stop being so driven by his politics of fear and negativity. He should embrace the hope of his fellow Americans instead of breaking into irrational outbursts of hatred over Twitter. In spite of your nightmarish fantasies, Mr Sexton, Americans are not cheesy barking insects, even if they do not share your ignorant views. I understand your pent-up anger at the growing marginalisation of humanities in the US, but still… How anyone can still think like you in 2016 is beyond me. It’s time to move on.

  120. Dont believe all you hear and most of these reporters lie and why does he not report what happens at Hillary events–the reason, some of these people are paid by her to lie just like her and its wrong!! I do not think this person is truthful andmost people could never support a corrupt lying woman who is to blame for 4 muders along with Obama!! Glad I have a conscience!! She is a disgrace and I hope the FBI will charge her for her crimes!!!

  121. Jarad Sexton is a liar….he is wanting attention…they dont allow beer there and I was there and none of this went on..yes 3 were thrown out and they needed to be…..they should have been arrested for interrupting his speech..get yourself another job..cause you dont do well with this one

  122. Robert Barker says:

    Anger and hate generated by a monster in our midst… A sick fascist with one goal to rule as a dictator… I have seen this before… Stalin Hitler and others push the more anger based fascist and they react in kind.. Its a show of hate and wanton racism.. The USA is no longer a nation of civility, with Trump we see the sickness at the core of these miscreants of fascism..

  123. Another liberal spreading lies if you believe this bullshit than you probably believe Obama and that crooked lying Bitch Hillary so what’s the point of trying to persuade you of anything different so all you liberals put your head back up your asses and watch Bitch Hillary destroy what is left of our country
    TRUMP that Bitch

  124. John Kneeland says:

    For those who think Jared Sexton Yates is making this up, he is a well-known professor who has published articles in the New Republic. He can’t afford to be unreliable. You, on the other hand, are anonymous posters who think you can critique him when you weren’t even there. Your opinions are worthless – as they should be.

  125. From his own bio on the New Repulic Site:

    “Jared Yates Sexton is an Assistant Professor of Creative Writing at Georgia Southern University and the author of three collections of stories and a crime novel. He’s been covering the 2016 election at The Atticus Review.”

    Pretty pathetic creative writing, but creative it clearly is. With little relation to reality. This tells everyone the depth to which the Left will reach to elect the Lying Criminal.

  126. Hi there, I’m in Australia and I’d just like say on behalf of the rest of the planet that you people are worrying the crap out of us. Thanks, and have a nice day 🙂

  127. Linda Anthony says:

    This man is a liar. Im 70 yrs old and was at the Rally. Never heard such blatant lies. I live in NC and im not vulgar, illiterate, or any of the vile names. I believe in God and i think God has sent this man to wake up America. With Obamuss and killary we lost some great men in Bengazi cause they wouldnt send help. Watch the movie 13 hrs Bengazi, then tell me you’d vote for Killary. I love my country but the Muslims are killing and destroying our world as we once knew it. People get real, or you will lose everything you hold dear. The media does a bash job on Trump and i have boycotted all the media. I feel whats right in my heart. Not the hatred spewed here.

  128. This certainly doesn’t sound plausible. Was at the Trump Rally in Atlanta yesterday. I have video’s of most of the Rally and NEVER one time was anything racist, bigoted, homophobic or any other crap like that ever tauted, propagated or brought up in any form or fashion.

    The only people full of HATE is the liberal media posting lies like this. Would be happy to post all the video’s from yesterday’s rally in ATL so people can see TRUTH for themselves and HEAR truth for themselves.

  129. I have watched so many videos of Trump’s rallies. The above comments were written by a Trump hater and isn’t telling the truth.

  130. `Joey Tranchina says:


    When Pat Buchanan ran for the GOP nomination; the convention that accepted his issues was called “a Nuremberg Rally without the searchlights,” & “a Klan rally with out the sheets,” Molly Ivins wrote ” “Many people did not care for Pat Buchanan’s speech; it probably sounded better in the original German.” That was in 1992. This is not a new strain of ugliness in the Republican Party. Unlike France where the anti-Semitic, nativist, xenophobic bigots have been purged from the Conservative Party into slop-bucket of Le Pen’s FN, this cesspool of ignorance and hate remains at the core of the racist, nativist US Republican Party.

  131. If you don’t like Trump you must want Hillary and that explains your vindictive comments against DT. Anyone that thinks Hillary is so much better bet start researching her background. She is evil and only cares about herself. Dead bodies just follow the Clintons

  132. These people must love the way Obama has led this country in to ruins and will vote for Hillary for more freebies, love these Somalians and give them everything like free Housing money and cars and all on our dime.
    How stupid are you.

  133. Uhmmmmmmmmm what exactly is shocking about Donald Trump? I mean if someone snuck into a convention and saw him act like a human being, I’d find THAT pretty shocking.


  135. Right from the first day he came out and claimed Mexico sends its worse people here, my youngest brother who IS AND ALWAYS HAS BEEN A U.S. CITIZEN AS ARE ALL THE REST OF THIS FAMILY – THE ALDERETES – said it was going to be bad for us, too even though we were all born in the U.S.A. even before Trump’s (not his real name) grandfather came here from Germany during the time of the MONSTER HITLER’S MASS MURDERING OF INNOCENT PEOPLE JUST BECAUSE THEY WERE NOT ARIAN OR BECAUSE OF PHYSICAL AND/OR MENTAL DISABILITIES.
    Ever since then, my family and I have been sneered at, glared at with anger, heard racist comments such as “I HATE THOSE PEOPLE” – just two days ago by a neighbor of another brother of mine who has the Confederate flag hanging in front of his doorway – and otherwise we are being treated as if we were some low-lives. My young brother, Joe, served in the U.S. Military went to college on the G.I. bill and became a successful Food Plant Manager. There is no one on this world who ha

  136. WHAT A LIAR!!!!!!….LIAR LIAR LIAR!!!!….My husband and myself arrived at about 2:15 to get in line…WE NEVER SAW the first protestor NEVER heard a protestor outside. Now we were told they were standing on the other side of the complex but NOTHING like you’ve seen on TV at other rallys…..Doors opened at 4 we went right in and EVERYBODY was SO NICE AND GRACIOUS!!!… Police were VERY POLITE. Trump came out right at 7 AFTER an introduction by Diamond & Silk along with Pastor Mark Burns …Richard Petty also accompanied Trump on stage….During Trumps HOUR on stage we heard 4 VERY MINOR protestors and they were escorted out very professionally…..As for this IDIOT LYING AND I DO MEAN LYING ABOUT WHAT HE SAW….SHAME ON YOU!!!!…..PEOPLE DRUNK?????…..LIE LIE LIE!!!!!!! ….I have NUMEROUS pictures and videos of everything EVEN THE PROTESTORS INSIDE!!!!

  137. You People in The Press and Other Media Count TRUMP out of the Game every single Day and TRUMP just keeps getting Stronger Keep You Bullshit Up and TRUMP will Have a Cake Walk into the Oval Office You dopey Focks

  138. I just watched the video and what the reporter said is true. You have to turn up the audio in between Trump talking, but you can hear the stuff he is saying happened. If you believe that all is warm and fuzzy and family-like, I am certainly glad I don’t live in your families. Trump is a menace to this country.

  139. Not a trump fan , but nether will I vote for a traitor , out right lier, and murder. I’m sure there will be a number of write in’s both sides of the fence.

  140. Laura, what the hell is a millial? Drumpf supporters, shut the hell up and go back to your swap meets. Silly rednecks.

  141. Jennifer Dedenski says:

    I was there and that’s about how it seemed to me too. I used to think about voting for trump, but boy was I wrong.

  142. All of you who believe any of this should attend a Trump rally and see for yourself. Then you will realize what the liberal media is doing to your belief system.

  143. We were there too and this paid liberal is lying through his nasty pie hole. The media is the snake that will continue to divide our country and cause chaos. Dont believe anything they say. Go President Trump Go


    If you all think there really is no danger of Trump becoming president, then you need to look at this Youtube video. It’s people like these who will troop out to vote him in.

    To quote Trump, “Belgium is a beautiful city”.

    The elections will confirm if these people are the majority

  145. Trump’s supporters need to spend some time learning to spell, read, and think critically. Put away the liquor and the guns. Their stupidity and lack of education is depressing.

  146. and people want believe this guy? beyond me you know i can tweet and say i went a clinton rally and heard the same crap about trump and his supporters. This guy is just another paid off liar by the dump trump gang. paid big money by the parties to say what they want us to believe amazing how many blind sheep there are out there.

  147. Anyone who has seen Trump rallies on TV has seen an abundance of hate. Hate Hillary. Hate Government. Hate media. Hate “outsiders.” And Trump is only the latest hate monger. The GOP has been at it for decades. Trump has managed to dish it without the usual nuance. He trades in hatred. It’s his substitute for ideas, for reason, for compassion, for realpolitik. For years he has been profiled by social scientists and the psychological community, not as a mere footnote, but as a classic sociopath. Academics have compared him to some of the worst tyrants of the 20th century. He isn’t Hitler, of course, but given a chance he would spin out of control. One has to know danger when it presents itself. Trump is a thief and con. Take away his hate and con games and he is an empty vessel. He is the most despised presidential candidate of modern times. And in the end, he’s a loser.

  148. This post written in second person claiming all kinds of things that the first person claimed to have experience with absolutely no proof of any of it. Looks like a whole lot of liberal progressive propaganda. Similar to Propaganda used by past dictators of the world. I want to see proof behind the story not some tweets that were probably made up while he sat on the crapper at home dealing with the diarreah spewing out of his mouth.Proof speaks volumes when validity is in question. And I have many.

  149. the only Ones Causing trouble Are either BLM or Illegals and those who support that Also Bernie and hillary _ Killary supporters will try to instigate trouble. It’s All so Untrue what they lie about to discredit Trump. If you hate cops you are going to look for anything to support that The same with The Trump Haters . they have on Glasses searching to find something and then elaborate. Those who have been to the Campaigns with an open mind to just listen and there without an agenda to discredit can tell you really what is going on

  150. Can’t you Trump lovers see for yourself what a racist he is. Are you blind, or are you also a freak? Our country is in such bad shape, because of racist, haters. Even if the guy isn’t real, his words are. Such ignorance here, it’s pathetic.

  151. This sounds more like Nazi Germany than ever. Really people read about Hitler, read about how loved he was, Trump is Hitler re-incarnated. Millions loved HItler, millions followed his every command, and millions died, and now those millions that followed him are considered the most stupid ignorant foul people on the planet, almost worse than the man Hitler himself. Now you Trump supporters think about that, you haters.

  152. Prashant Hiwale says:

    Trump is a virus that needs to be stamped out!! The average American will not see past the DRUMPH phenomenon! ! Sorry if I offend sensibilities, but that is the truth!! Sanders is your best bet, even before Hilarous Hillary! If there were choices, I’d say give Obama another term and stop fighting him!

  153. Charles Gugins says:

    I do not believe most of what has been posted from what he says he heard. Also hearing one person say something is not representative of the entire crowd.

  154. Media is biased, this guy is obviously a Hillary supporter, don’t believe a word he is saying.

  155. Mad Jock McMad says:

    20 years ago Trump stated he was going to buy the U.S. Presidency, at least in that he has been honest. I can honestly say a Trump presidency scares me beyond reason as the only way he can keep control is to constantly raise the fear levels to the point a clash with Russia or China will be inevitable. The fighting will not be in the USA but in Europe or SE Asia as will most of the destruction and death. Of course Trump and his pals will make a fortune while paying his devoted Republican electorate peanuts in the weapon factories or turning the Hispanic and other non wasp US immigrants into forced labour to further line his and his pals pockets on the Wal-Mart economic model. Good luck with that but fight your wars on home soil and keep out of Europe.

  156. I was at the Atlanta rally yesterday, so I can say with certainty that this person is a liar. What a crock. Anyone who falls for this nonsense is a fool.

  157. Seriously people need to stop paying attention to idiots like this Jared Yates guy. If you have actually been to a Trump rally or even seen one you would know that this crap is not true! This idiot is only trying to start trouble. He is trying to paint Mr. Trump as a bigot, racist, islamaphobic hell raiser that doesn’t give a fk about America and he could not be further from the truth if you gave him a direct painted road map. Before you go and judge Trump maybe you should actually listen to him. He cares about this country and the state that we are all in. He cares that our people are being treated like Animals and all Muslims and illegal aliens are to be rewarded for committing crimes against America. Wake up people before you have no country to even care about.

  158. Amazing how some of the comments are as ugly as the things that were tweeted about. The racist insults, the incoherent, hateful babbling, the sheer illiteracy (and inability to turn of the caps key) … horrifying.

  159. Journalist?

    (From Twitter profile)

    Writer, Hoosier, Asst Prof of CW at GA Southern, EIC of BULL, political correspondent, Author of three collections and a crime novel.

  160. Bob Dobolina says:

    It’s further confirmation, but we’ve known for ages that these events are glorified Klan rallies.

  161. I do not believe this article! I have been to many of his rallies…None of that has ever gone on! Shame on you Jared!! Must be supporting KILLARY!

  162. Gloria Olson says:

    Actually the ancestors of Nstive Americans were once immigrants too. The theory is that those people came across the Bering Strait into what is now Alaska. (They probably had a sort of Asian/Eskmo look about them. Then, through thousands and thousands of years they moved further south until all of the Americas were settled. That’s one theory. Watch “THE JOURNEY OF MAN” on YouTube.

  163. I am saddened that your deranged mind works this way.
    If this were so then you’d provide Video Proof. You get a lot more money for a Video you know.
    And what is even sadder are the bandwagon replies of the people who want to believe any of these tweets.
    I’ve been to 3 Trump rallies and none of this is what you see.
    Where are his Photos of the T-shirts he speaks of?
    You Sir,Jared Yates Sexton,
    are the Problem with this Country. That Money, Greed, and 15 Minutes of Social Media Fame mean more to you than being a Moral Honorable Person or being an American.
    Your Liberal Employer that allows you to PUBLISH lying PROPAGANDA, cannot save you when you are standing at the gates of Hell! For that You have sold your soul!

  164. “Lets just say there was a guy that was a former president and
    He had a wife who he wanted to be president but if would
    Take alot of doing to get her elected.Say he had a friend that
    Would do him a favor and run for President agains her and be
    So controversial that the country really had no choice but to
    Elect her because of his insane statements and beliefs.”

    Let’s say he does. Who is making the GOP vote for him? Republicans I know from 20 years ago would have repudiated him.

    Regardless of where Trump came from, Republicans Picked HIM!


  166. Come on people! Any rally that allows vendors to sell t-shirts that say Trump the B@$CH probably has all of these things going on. #Classless #Unpresidential

  167. What disturbs me most is the comments of the neo-nazis and their greatest allies, the truly ignorant, are posting here; threats about what will happen when they are ascendant.

  168. As an Australian I can only imagine that if Donald Trump is elected, we will see America turn its back on the world. He seems to be solely focussed on the domestic issues that resonate with his supporters. If Trump is elected, the ripples from that result will be felt globally, and I fear that the US will become increasingly politically and economically isolated.

    Populist slogans do not form the basis for a plan to ‘Make America great again’. Great societies are those that are inclusive of all ethnicities and walks of life.

    This is a test America – please don’t fail.

  169. Anonymous has a lot of negative things to say, but doesn’t have the guts to give their name.

  170. I think DJT has the right idea about a Wall. The trouble is, he doesn’t really go far enough. What he should do is build a very high wall around the entire country if he becomes President. That way, when the country implodes, the fall-out will be contained and the rest of us can live in peace!

  171. WOW, It seems that all of the Clinton people have gone to a coaching school on how to take over the Internet with negative statements about Trump. They must have decided the negative yelling with fights at rally’s were not as effective as they had hoped. Where was this school held, sounds a lot like Clinton decided to go nasty on the Internet. This is all planned it isn’t spontaneous. Maybe she even wrote the script.

  172. You know how you can go to a public place, or maybe a social gathering, and one sloppy drunk makes a huge scene, acting out and knocking over furniture and yelling obscenities at the hostess and how that one sloppy drunk gets all the attention and becomes the one thing everyone remembers? Yeah… Imagine getting a bunch of those fools together and encouraging their behavior. They get a lot of attention but make no mistake: The sloppy drunk at the party is not the majority of the guests who recognize him for the idiot he is. He just gets all the attention.

    These haters represent a *minority*—important to notice and act swiftly to correct—but they are a minority. They will lose in the end and those who can’t accept that loss may act out, but they’ll simply be criminals. The actions that their words indicate are crimes.

  173. I paid the $2,350 to renounce my american citizenship, it was worth every penny, there’s no way I would have ever retired in the USA under the current and future congress… the american dream died long ago, I’m glad I made it out and created a better life for myself.

  174. Too bad we did not have time travel.I would go back and offer condoms to Trumps parents.How dare he pick on minorities and I will tell you if you Americans vote for him your nuttier than a fruitcake to.he is a racist asshole. I am part Native American and trump is a disgrace. Go back to Vegas baby.Running your country is not a fucking reality show.

  175. Peter Gaballa says:

    It is sad to see a nation like the USA, and its population respond about their potential presidents like that. Most of the responses are fuelled by criticism, hatred and ridicule. Very few result oriented comments on how to make their home country better. For a non American observer it is sad to see how a nation ended up with what (according to the comments I have read above) seems to be 2 possible candidates that will make their country worse, and the question seems to be “Who is worse than the other!”
    I wish for my dear American friends that they could get to a stage of arguing about who is the better, or so called the Best!
    Good luck with the future and maybe people will learn to focus on patching holes in a sinking ship, rather than pointing fingers at potential skippers.

  176. If you look back at the nation of immigrants, the rule of thumb was the newest immigrants always became the whipping boys, the cause of the problems the previous “new” group used to get blamed for. Take a look at the way the Chinese rail workers were mistreated and run out of the country. We are not a nation of tolerance, equal rights, etc. Just below the surface of our civility is a huge nasty streak. Trump has truly revived that old statement, “we have met the enemy and they is us.”

  177. Beyond hilarious that the guy that is posting over and over again about how the author is lying and how “positive” the rally was keeps using a woman’s name. Hey paid Trump poster, you’re not going to attract the female vote by faking female reponses. I’m sure your boss knows plenty about women faking it though. LOL!

  178. I’m curious: *Which* specific things do the Trump supporters think didn’t happen? The T-shirts being sold have already been verified. We have video evidence of Trump supporters *actually* physically assaulting protesters at other rallies, that Trump’s *campaign manager* attacked a reporter, and Trump has publicly stated his support for physically assaulting protesters by offering to pay legal bills of anyone who attacks the protesters. Why is it hard to believe that supporters would, at this rally, just say they *want* to hurt a protester?

    Really, what do they think didn’t happen? “The gays had it coming”? High-ranking, public conservatives (Pat Robertson) have said that and worse. “You can’t trust most Latinos?” Trump himself said you couldn’t trust Judge Curiel, because he was “Mexican.” This is 1 reason why it’s good to let pro journalists cover and record your rallies; they may have video that can help *exonerate* you if false claims are made. But everything here rings true.

  179. Barbara Malagodi says:


  180. All you have to do is to look at the demographics of Trump supporters (especially race and education level).. No discussion needed….

  181. I wish “anonymous” would grow a pair and ID himself. He sounds a lot like Samuel Bowers and/or David Duke. Of course, he could be running against Trump for the next “Grand Wizardry.”

  182. The Trump supporters here are right out of the movie “Idiocracy.”
    They can’t spell, terrible grammar, Ad hominem attacks with no facts to support their statements. If this crew represents your average voter, then this country will be totally fucked when November rolls around.

  183. Henning Heinemann says:

    Trump is not the virus, we are the virus, Trump, Hillary, psychopathic killers, wars, suicides… they are all just symptoms of our ego driven society. We have divided society into so many “others” that everyone is provided someone to blame which allows them to excuse themselves from not caring, not being kind.

    We have lost who we are by trying to become what we choose rather than what we were meant to be.!207&authkey=!AELHNY1fLAphmMI

  184. I’m sure as hell not voting for Hilary but trump has said these things more than once and then when it gets reported on he says the press take sit out or context what he meant. He’s said it more than one time. Sorry to break it to you but what trump is creating is a dictatorship not the America any of us want to live in. He’s making people hate not making America great.

  185. Also the press was his best friend during the
    Primaries if you think the press doesn’t like him then you’re the idiot. There showing what he really wants. He’s said nothing about his plans to stop terrorism stop immigration from other countries (he won’t be able to do that) how’s he going to get Mexico to pay for the wall. We are a
    Country of immigrants and if you think we are stopping immigration from any country you need a reality check. It’s come a point where what he says he wants
    To do won’t happen because of checks and balances. Donald trump
    Doesn’t care about the American people he cares about himself. Fun fact in the 90s he said if he ever ran for office he would run republican because republicans are stupid. Trump isn’t for America he’s not making it great. He will make it hate even more. That’s not American values

  186. Simple! I blame the 200k , 16 year olds that wanted to make a scene…no clue about$, no clue about my dads job, no clue how we got here, but it’s ok… Cause we matter… Matter of fact, your fad took my job, and I’ve lived on Battleground my whole life. You think it’s fair??! Why? Buy ice cream, buy dos equis… But remember, this is a community of blue collar, hard working American citizens… Take my job! Your covered, believe that!

  187. eye's fucking right says:

    all you fuckin morons think you’ll be saluting and yelling.. zieg Trumpler.. but it won’t happen as love, respect and sense will triumph over hate any day…

  188. That was hilarious just the start had me laughing my ass off when I read a journalist. That’s a joke what that clown said funny he has no video or audio. You Trump hater are ignorant Neanderthals. Get ready for the Trump train to run all over you. Lmao just hilarious….

  189. Paul Revere says:

    In a country where most people are mannered and not «limited», Trump has no chance. Here in Canada, we are appalled at the simple fact he is an official candidate for your presidency. He would have no chance here, none. Your country is going thru a nightmare, wakeup or run while you can, especially if you’re an immigrant. Next concept: pure race American


  191. Some of the posts from Trumpophiles here sound like they could have been some of the ones tweeted. Our problem is not Trump; it’s people who actually think he’s presidential material. He must have an army of people visiting Conservative sites to find out what people are bitching about; and then he parrots them. That’s what they like – He talks just like them! The more educated are the ones that puzzle me. I seriously just don’t understand the draw. To me he’s nothing but a rude, crude, loud-mouthed, narcissistic, 10-year-old. And that is the way he talks. Thank God he will never be elected.

  192. Someone above asked what a real american is. In order to answer that question I will need to go quite far back in history. Before the recognized native american tribes this country was inhabited by the Olmeca and Tolteca tribes. These people built burial mounds and other structures in many areas of what is now the United States the Aztec tribe is thought to be a Mexican tribe but they were actually originally from Michigan. they emigrated across the northern US and settled in Utah. Sometime later somebody smoked some good stuff and the great spirit told them to go south until they saw an eagle sitting on a cactus eating a snake. They made it all the way to what is now Mexico City before they saw the eagle. Along the way many stayed behind and splintered into various tribes. Before the Spanish American war the maps clearly showed northern Utah as Atzlan which is the ancestral home of the Aztec indians. Most real americans are called mexicans.

  193. Jen Montana says:

    It doesn’t matter whether these tweets are true or not. I have heard enough out of Drumpf’s own mouth to convince me that he is an evil opportunist with no real plan, just an agenda of hate and lies. He uses the hate and anger of the small minded who like to blame their lot in life on anyone but themselves. We don;t need to make America great again because America is currently great. Immigrants who come to this country know how great it is. They work hard, save, put their kids through school while they may drive a taxi or work as janitor and they are glad for it. Meanwhile refer back to my comment about the Drumpf supporters who like to blame their lot in life on silly things like Muslims or immigrants or our elected leader. Grow up, put your nose to the grindstone and be thankful you are an American. Thankfully I have faith and belief in the tolerant intelligent Americans who outnumber this band of Drumpf lunatics. His failure is imminent.

  194. wow look at all these stupid people that believe a political journalist that’s for killary without this real smit not recording video. smells like a set up to me. the dems are so afraid afraid of our next POTUS Donald Trump.

  195. you must have gotten paid big bucks from Hillary to act so stupid with your comments and just so you know, nobody gives a crap what you say “it aint over till the fat lady sings!’ Now don’t you look silly!!!!!

  196. Wanda Smith says:


  197. Berry Jameson says:

    Hillary is going to be the president. I don’t like her, I don’t like Trump either. What makes me laugh is all of you voters out there who think you’re free because you get to choose your own oppressor. At least, that is the fairy tale you are meant to believe. Voter fraud every election year, in one form or another. Still you fools stand in line for a jack-ass or an elephant and think things are going to change in your favor. Get a clue, red or blue, none of them care a bit about you.

  198. I wonder if anyone has considered holding basic grammar and spelling workshops at Trump rallies. Perhaps a t-shirt or koozie could be offered for motivation.

  199. Dumold Drumpf says:

    There’s an awful lot of people saying this article is fake. I hope they’re right, but I suspect they aren’t.

  200. You sir are a liar…. I’ve been to Trump rallies and nothing like this happens…. You’re spewing lies for Hillary, we the people know what your up to….

  201. You don’t think this report is real?? Watch Trump rally videos on YouTube. You will see much worse! Trump and his followers would love to destroy every American who is not white, “Christian”, and angry.

  202. If any of you people believe this lying Hillary plant, then you’re just a bad as he…. Let’s see your proof???? None I’m sure…. Please America wake up , do your own research on Hillary’s years in government… Hillary and Obama have strong ties to Muslim brotherhood.. If you don’t believe me, go research it… Also, Hillary’s top advisor and family are involved with jihad Muslims.. Again, go research it….. Please I’m just trying to wake up every American before it’s to late… There will be Sharia laws if Hillary becomes president it’s been their plan all along… Research that too…. Do you want to risk your children and grandchildrens lives???? I bet not…

  203. I can not believe the lies this person is posting. I was at the event in Greensboro and did not see any of this drama. Shame on you for being such a dishonest person. I hope it is all worth it and the liberals are paying you well. Because there is a place for people that are so dishonest and it looks as if you are going to fit right in with CROOKED Hillary!

  204. Well, at least Mr. Drumpf Did give us one good idea for a new policy under the next president. Let’s gather up all the Drumpf voters and supporters and Deport Them to all the places they hate!!! This should reduce all the hateful, violent, homophobic vitriol that’s currently destroying this country by a significant margin!!

  205. Jared,
    What an unimaginative, uninformed and ignorant fabricator of disinformation you are! You must have confused your experience with one of Bernie’s rallies.
    I know it is difficult to comprehend, but please try to stretch your very narrow and constricted mind. Women, military, police, Jews, Christians, Hindus and even some Muslims, plus just regular citizens – an estimated 18 Million Americans have already pledged their support for Donald J. Trump. This is a movement. So next time you are so ‘bothered’, we will be sure to provide some crayons and coloring books to calm you down. Or better yet, find a new profession– something you have a chance of being good at. Journalism is just not it.

  206. Sean Rocksdale says:

    Let’s all take a step back and keep in mind this reporter didn’t write a news story. Mr. Sexton tweeted his alleged observations on his personal Twitter page, and someone from Political Scrapbook apparently created a news story from his content. Admittedly, it would be more fair, balanced and seemingly less biased if he had included something positive from the Trump rally. It’s completely acceptable to point that out. Keep one thing in mind: each time a Trump supporter posts something rude and offensive in response, that only validates his statements in this very article. I’m all for different opinions. Let your voice be heard… just let go of the hate.

  207. Paul Revere says:

    In a country where most people are mannered and not «limited», Trump has no chance. Here in Canada, we are appalled at the simple fact he is an official candidate for your presidency. He would have no chance here, none. Your country is going thru a nightmare, wake up or run while you can, especially if you’re an immigrant. Next concept: pure race American.

    Where is freedom of speech when you sensor my post?

  208. “Smart trump supporter” is an oxymoron. And look at the denial necessary to maintain the artifice of his morality. All the Reichth can think of to do is blame liberals for documenting the truth. BS indeed.

  209. Looks like im heading to cleveland,to make up my own mind, as usual,the same reteric found here,is the same on social media everywhere, finding it hard to believe Either side,& you people here are no better then those you condem,or emulate,but we have to vote for someone,that said,thx for nothing,& good luck in whatever your desicion/candidate is, till then,this legal american citizen is continueing his legal ccw,not because of what i read here,but because i will never be a victim, again, & till this country gets its shit together,its getting scary in our once great country, 🙁

  210. This is his version. Who knows if any of this is true. I doubt it. He is probably voting for Hillary.

  211. Why is trump showing up always in front of his 747 jet?? To impress the chicken brains! Guess what – only low brainers can be impressed by that and donthecon knows it!

  212. Beatrice Santiago says:

    You idiot Liberal radical Democrats are liars from hell that is not at whst his rally are about.

    Die in hell you pig liar.

  213. Beatrice Santiago says:

    Excuse the mistakes this is not at all what Trump rallies are at all.

    You radical Democrats are filtrate in there to spread evil lies for That murderer, nut job Bernie.

  214. This guy is a lying Ass! A Liberal who wants to spread lies! I heard the rally and nothing was going on like he tweets! Dirty guy just like the Killary campaign is.

  215. I have skimmed over most of the comments. This website and the so-called journalist’s article shows up on Facebook. I was at the Trump rally in Greensboro on the 14th I knew the majority if not all of Sexton’s ‘tweets’ were inaccurate. I have always heard that when someone insults someone or the remarks turn personal they have lost the debate. The naysayers were replete with condescending remarks to the Trump posters and the Trump folks not acting very much better at times. The naysayers that downed Trump at every turn it became obvious that the majority of them if not all had never attended a Trump rally and they were far from understanding who Trump is and what he stands for. This particular rally that Sexton speaks of had all people represented. Lots of women (misogyny comments); many blacks, Asian, Hispanic (ones who call Trump a racist) and finally for the older black, Jewish, republican [for 50 yrs] woman who spoke at the rally were represented.

  216. Sounds to me like a bunch of provocative lies, trying to degrade Trump followers. If Hitlery wins, we lose America for good, because she is, and will be much worse than Obama. We need Trump to save America, and vote out the Establishment Democrats, and Republicans who’ve been in office too long. They have forgotten that they work for U.S., not to put money in their own pockets, and let ghe country fall apart!

  217. susan kierbow says:

    I attended the rally. This guy is lying. Nothing like this happened. The rally was fairly peaceful; protesters were mainly outside holding up their signs. There was police presence. Any protesters were escorted out as Trump said, “don’t hurt them, guys” and praised the police for their handling of the situations. it was my first rally. Trump presented his policy ideas and spoke very little about Clinton. there was a nice mix in the audience……….black, white, gay, straight, latino………it was a very positive experience. what this guy has written is all fabrication. sorry, libs. it just didn’t happen.

  218. Ronnie Cowden says:

    What a CRAP of BS! Does he not realize that Trump’s rallies are televised? You liberal’s believe lies and the truth you all deny. He wants to be taken seriously as a ethical reporter? Try reporting the truth from the Hillary campaign. Who btw, her server got hacked and all her dirty deeds for this campaign, starting with the false narrative, rhetoric and smear campaign against Trump have been exposed, including all her donor’s names. And for someone who is supposed to be on the up and up, running a transparent (that’s another lie) campaign, her donations seem to be starting at 1 million per person, which might be illegal. And for the record, if what she is accused of, was not true? Why hasn’t she filed a Defamation, libel or slander suit against anyone? Because the truth is well documented in videos and her own words condemn her. You all need to stop drinking the spiked kool-aid. Zombies!

  219. Karen Garrett says:

    Victoria Villagran You are so right !

    Michael Giral Boy did you call it.
    It’s like we were watching a replay of ” Hitler “.. People need to get their heads out of the sand.

  220. All of Trump’s rallies are video taped. None of these things go on. These idiots will do anything to make Trump look bad, but they are wasting time!!!! Trump 2016

  221. So many of you are saying this reporter made all of this up… I just looked online and these t-shirts (the two quoted above) exist. REALLY?!? I cannot fathom a leader who condones and encourages this kind of hate.

  222. I have to call BS on this so call journalist. I’ve been to a Trump rally and nothing like he is saying happened beside the don’t hurt him and that’s also been on TV. I believe this is just this guys fairytale.

  223. I’m convinced now.
    You pansies are so afraid of having a leader that won’t pander to your micro-agression, safe space, trigger warning, race sensitive bullshit that you’re acting like his campaign is somehow physically hurting you.
    Once you’ve done a bit more living, let me know how being liberal made your life so much better than being conservative.
    TRUMP 2016

  224. I have been to his rally, I saw nothing like that. No disrespect by anyone except the liberal protesters outside. It’s not like his tweets, he is lieing

  225. Mark Fudemberg says:

    To the Trump supporters, are two GOP ex presidents, the many senators who won’t support him, the tepid support from those that have endorsed him, and Paul Ryan and many others criticising Trump most recently for what they defined as racist comments about Judge Curiel, all haters too. Whether these tweets are accurate or not doesn’t matter. There is more than enough from the GOP.

  226. This “reporter” is just not believable. Too many people who also say they were there disagree with his version.Trump may not be perfect – but Hilary is even more damaged.

  227. Such lies….paid by ESTABLISHMENT to try and stop Trump from the Presidency! Not going to work, DONALD J TRUMP will be the 45th president of the United States!!!!!!

  228. Daniel Templeton says:

    I taught writing while living in China. What I taught was how to write in different voices for effect. I used a writing book by a very famous writer and I liked twisting my character voice in many ways with alternative uses of vocabulary, spelling, and sentence construct. what the writers here have experienced are all the characters I would make up but here, they are real. I am taken by how seriously people buy into Trump while he is but an outrageous character on stage playing an imaginary candidate for President…with no idea of the intellectual needs of the job.

  229. Jen Montana says:

    Doesn’t matter if the tweets are made up or not. We’ve heard enough from the horse’s ass himself to know that he is not fit to lead this country.

  230. The only hope for America is Trump.
    The young kids do not understand globalists and islam militant philosophy.
    Europe is destroyed .
    Free but economically ruined USA is what’s left of the western world.
    Hopefully he will win.

  231. Okay first of all I am tired of hearing about the Indians being here first, no their were natives here first, Indians migrated here, the Bering Striat is how they came here. The Brits came, the English and the Spinards. The Native Americans tend to keep coming up when discussing the election.

    It is time for some to stop focusing on a time before any of us were born. No matter what any ones color is, sexual preference we have to come together to save our country. Our country is going to end up like the UK, Obama and Hillary are getting us the, the have no weapons to defend our selves .

    Now for that so called reporter. He wrote the most stupid hog wash that I have ever read

  232. I am a Trump supporter and a Republican and have many friends the same. Not one of my friends are on Obama Care. They work and don’t take handouts like the Dems and they pay for their insurance. Back up your statements with facts. Do your research. People wake up! Is Obama protecting our country? Hell No! Look at these mass shootings/killings and they (Obama and Killary) can not say what they are. My God people, do you want to wake up one day and be told what color of uniform to wear that day? Be honest! NO YOU DON’T! We are all Americans and we are not being protected.This is our country!

  233. Everything is true on both sides. But it all adds up to one thing. For Trump it is all about the win. He does not care about justice, democracy, or anyone that disagrees with him. He openly admits this, it should not be a surprise. The people that endorse believe his dictatorship will benefit them or they are already his regime. If he wins, democracy is gone. If he loses the haters remain.
    Here’s a quick exercise for Trump haters. Feel free to use the congressional record or google for this exercise;
    On a single sheet of paper draw a line vertically and horizontally, creating four quadrants. At the top write Clinton on one side and Trump on the other. On the side write good in the top and bad beneath. Using everything you know fill in the blanks. See what you get. The defense rests.

  234. So… finally this journalist wakes up to the facts that many from Europe have been warning America about for months. A bit late… But beter than never…

  235. There will be one good thing that will come out of a Trump presidency and that is all your allies will abandon you and leave you to your own devices…..and you will have deserved it. We are growing tired of your lies, guns,hate, corruption and corporate manipulation. You won’t need to put up walls because you we will put them up to keep you out. (This also goes for the Clintons). But of course Trump supporters wouldn’t understand this because they don’t understand there are other countries outside the USA except maybe for Mexico and these places where Muslims come from which are out there somewhere but wouldn’t have a clue where.

  236. god trump supporters are in denial. the comments here prove that along with how they are indoctrinated hateful people that are sycophantic and latch onto a demagogue that spews the bigotry they also think.

  237. Jane Smiley says:

    Trump has two wives who are immigrants. His children have mothers who are immigrants. So maybe they should be forced to leave the country too?

  238. i have gone to a trump rally just to see how it was and I will say I never saw anything or heard anything like that news reporter said so the only thing I can say is that news reporter must hate trump and I have gone to the others toooo just to see how they all r but I will say I never saw that at a trump rally or Hillary rally.

  239. The Trump rally I attended was NOT like this ‘journalist’ reports! ! It was…energized, positive, hopefull and very patriotic! But then….we ALL believe today’s biased ‘journalist ‘…smh

  240. Look at all the sheep flocking to the written word by a Hitlery supporter, even after reading from people that were actually there (and not having sex with their parents) saying that wasn’t the case. They will believe anything said negatively against Trump. Killary and Sanders have constantly paid protesters to cause problems. My guess is she paid this guy to lie for her, cause we know she would never lie 🙂 The sheep believe cause they saw it on the internet and once posted “what difference does it make?”

  241. “We won with young. We won with old. We won with highly educated. We won with poorly educated. I love the poorly educated.”

  242. After Researching the Clinton’s, these are my Thoughts and Research Links: Simple fact if you’re voting for Killary you’re a complete IDIOT…Period

    A True Clinton supporter=Dumber than a Rock…

    You’re either Trolling for Bucks or Dumber that a Rock, take your pick….my guess is you’re Dumber than a Rock, no one in their right mind would vote for a Clinton..

    Larry Nicholes admits to killing people to protect the Klintons, he’s got throat cancer and been spilling the beans for few yrs..

    Finally with Trump the Clinton Machine is being exposed for what they are…..

    A lot of what he says can be found in the below Video from yrs. starting back when Bill was Governor of Arkansas

    Bill & Hillary Clinton TOTALLY EXPOSED

  243. What is wrong with a writer and political correspondent *writing*? That’s his job, reporting what he sees and hears, not making videos.

  244. I was at this rally and 95% of this didn’t happen! I read all of his tweets, not just the ones listed here. This guy obviously has an agenda and just made up whatever came to his mind. One of his tweets was that confederate flags were everywhere. From my vantage point, I could see everyone there and I didn’t see the first one! He said that everyone was drunk, another lie! I also saw no shoving or pushing matches. Everyone was orderly and respectful! PURE PROPAGANDA and LIES! How much did the Clinton machine pay this guy!

  245. liberalismisamentaldisorder says:

    lol! It’s hilarious reading all these comments from your liberals and ‘progressives.’ Trump’s going to get in and he’s going to turn your leftist utopia upside down. Scared? You should be!

  246. A number of telecasts of Trump rallies have shown aggressive removal of protesters, mocking by Trump of all who disagree with him, crowds roaring with racist invectives and the most common denominator, a play to the fear of those crowds, reinforcing the idea of immigrants as the “other” rather than human beings like ourselves and continuing negative references, including misogynist, to Hillary Clinton. It is remarkable how reactive Trump supporters are on this thread. So fearful, they have forgotten how to spell, how to show respect to those who disagree with them and resorting to yelling, social media style, using all caps. Mr. Trump exhibits many symptoms of psychological illness (as recorded by medical observations in many op-ed pieces) and those who are extremely afraid follow him. It is not a good precedent to set for a presidency and the policies so far proposed by Trump show a childish disregard for good governance or knowledge of public policy. Trump supporters, wake up.

  247. So much denial. Trump incites hatred and targets the poorly educated and disenfranchised. He stirs up feelings of hate and singles out groups of people to target that hate upon. If this buffoon is President then it will be a sad day for a great country. Who will take this fool seriously on a world stage. Good luck America.

  248. Margaret C Keddie says:

    This is all bs. The fact that they are stooping this low, means they are in trouble. Trump is winning and will be a great president. What this guy wrote is laughable, he has a vivid imagination. They better be careful, they might get what they asked for.

  249. Trump is winning? Clinton got 2 1/2 million more votes then Trump she is leading in polls by double digits he is infighting with the RNC he has two ongoing fraud cases and he keeps saying stupid stuff that everyone knows are lies thats why Trump supporters and him hate fact checkers because they expose their BS

  250. I love the commenters on here thinking this is made up. No way Trump would have such an ugly crowd! He doesn’t incite this kind of crap at all! Are you people for real? Do you have ears?

  251. Such mixed feelings.

    On one hand, this should be the easiest win that the Democrats have had in generations and the fallout from the Trump nomination will set the Republican party back many years.

    On the other hand, Trump’s nomination highlights some of the worst traits in human nature as well as the sheer stupidity of the lowest common denominator. It is disturbing how millions of Americans can support such vile hatred using the premise of “he’s telling it how it is”.

  252. The majority of grammar mistakes, vulgar language, and bold letters that have no real meaning in these Trump supporter comments is outstanding. There are very few Trump supports at Ivy League schools and in other leading universities. In Princeton, there is one crazy Trump supporter in town who yells at people on the streets while the rest of the town points and laughs. All of this a coincidence? I think not. Only educated people should be allowed to vote so that they are actually making a logical, researched, and qualified contribution to who becomes elected. Trump supporters have more of a tendency to act like wild, aggresive monkeys. And is anyone else still waiting for the man to make a intellectual, intelligent statement?
    I support educated voters! If so the poles would look more like this: Trump- 2, other candidates- the rest of educated America.

  253. I sit here on the other side of the border. The northern border to the United States. Yes a border that Mr. Trump has also said he would build a wall, I can only assume that is to keep Americans in as Canadians would never migrate south under such a void of a leader. It is a scary prospect to think that Trump could ever be president… scary not only for Americans but for the rest of the world. I have to say I am not surprised by what I read, I am even less surprised by the Trump supporters that have commented on this post. The shear ignorance not only in the view points but the name called, poor grammar and spelling, not to mention lashing out in all capital letters. Trump supports will quote the constitution to protect their guns, and Trumps right to spew hate but they seem to forget very quickly the rest of the document – liberty and freedom for all. I weep for America, I hope for Hilary for you and for the rest of the world.

  254. Sophie West says:

    I think it is just mind boggling that Trump supporters are demanding proof of the writers allegations of what transpired at the rally.( and there is video of it if they really wanted to google it themselves). but they don’t need to provide proof for their own accusations and assertiond nor do they fact check any of their pathetic memes they post all over the place.. I’m betting not a one of them can find Benghazi on a map.

  255. After reading the comments, I believe Trump could do a huge favor to the country by setting up spelling workshops on the sidelines of his rallies. Of course, misspelling four letter words is sometimes a useful device to make readers feel you are serious.

  256. He sounds like the hall monitors we had in grade school. And yes I agree, this is all fake BS

  257. Are North Americans really ignorant to the fact, that apart from Native Americans, they are an immigrant or are related to an immergrant.So why the hate towards immigrants.

  258. I don’t really care for either candidates … However Trump says things people want to hear…. He is maybe a wonderful business man but President no way .. I think we all better build fall out shelters we are going to need them …….

  259. I was there and just like always the media lies! It was reasonable people wanting the false leaders replaced. The protestors were disruptive and intolerant people. The protestors on the street was trashing the place (Hillary’s paid goons).

  260. I was at the rally in Greensboro and less than 10% of this clowns tweets on it were accurate.I was up top from start to finish. I had a birdseye view and lots of these things simply did not happen

  261. I’m not going to state my opinion of who I would vote for (or, at least not directly), but I must say that I find it funny that a lot of Trump-supporting comments are obnoxious and rather hateful. Which is ironic, since their comments are usually about how peaceful his rallies are. However, comments supporting Hillary are rather aggressive too, but in a more passive-aggressive way.

    Ah, reading political comments. Always a great way to start a day.

  262. Michael Heaney says:

    The people trying to claim this report is false seem to forget a crucial detail, which is that there are videos of Trump rallies and we can all see what goes on there. Trump supporters are by and large a bunch of ignorant, violent bigots. And now they’re proving they’re liars as well.

    And no, you don’t see the same behavior at Hillary rallies. Trump supporters, you are a disgrace and an embarrassment.

  263. Next time, you need to get audio of the whole thing. People really need to hear this with their own ears. It wont matter to the haters, but there are a lot of confused and misinformed trump supporters who really need a dose of reality

  264. Cheryl Cooper says:

    This ignorant liar made all this up ! He is a Trump hater and all you people are fools for believing it!

  265. Sexton, you are the racist libtard untrustworthy Anti-Trump socialistic MSM JOURNALIST! The wold knows your type. So go away you left wing loving lying slug!:

  266. Being from Canada…..I have to agree with one Robert Young’s comment on here. Clinton(bill) and Donnie are in cahoots on this. Nobody can be so stupid as to agree with Trump…oh my God….Really?
    Let the gays and the like be….bigger issues in the world like ….I don’t know maybe your crazy ass NRA / assault rifle debate….I like most men think guns are cool….don’t own one….don’t need too.
    I Feel sorry for all you Americans….just leave your shit south of the border….Thanks
    Trump equals evil…..

  267. It’s funny: a journalist, by definition, cannot afford to lie about what they have witnessed if they want to keep their job. So, all of you who claim this journalist lied or was reporting things that simply did not happen are also saying this journalist purposely tweeted what he did to lose his job. Now why would he do that? Far more believable: he tweeted his experiences (not everyone’s – his) and the people who support Trump can’t accept what is true for this man’s experience. Too bad. Perhaps it would be better to self-regulate the hateful responses to what he experienced as true and get on with what Trump truly represents: Policy, governance, foreign policy (other than the wall and wholesale disposal of law abiding American Citizens), economics, real issues anyone?

  268. I have never been to a Trump rally but I have watched several, and this is not what Trump is about. He can’t control who goes to his rallys, but it seems like this journalist had an agenda when he went, and used only what fit his agenda. I’m sure you could hear a lot of crazy comments from Clinton supporters too.

  269. Typical liberal journalist spreading lies to further the lefts socialist agenda. Trump 2016….!!!!!-!

  270. Hopefully Trump will result in a landslide for Clinton. The alternative is too awful to cosider.

  271. I live here in Greensboro,NC, Racism is alive , but more so since Drumpf came here bringing his HATERED with him. That is all he ever done was to stir up Hate and Bigotry. America deserves better than A NAZI, or A CRIMINAL as Leader In Chief.

  272. I was there as an observer & none of this was true. I’m frightened about how manipulative the media is & even more frightened how gullible the public has become. There were 2 protesters quietly escorted out. Nobody said anything hateful about minorites or in general. Trump was sympathetic to the people in Orlando & said an attack on them is an attack on all of us. This “reporter” should be charged with deformation of character. If you want real information, go to the source. You will be amazed at the clarity.

  273. Yeah, I went to this rally out of curiosity and I’m not a fan of either party. What this dude tweeted is total b/s. Literally none of this happened, minus a couple “Build that wall” chants. This guy is full of crap.

  274. A “journalist” who says should “of” instead of should “have”?!?! Doubtful that most of this happened.

  275. john griffith says:

    If you can’t put your name to your comments why brother others with your BS. Have the guts to sign your name to your lies about Herr Trump…the man is dangerous…face the facts he is dumber than GW Bush.I am not afraid to post my name or hide behind my keyboard…grow a set…

  276. I love the Trumptards trying to discredit this journalist, as if that discounts the “Trump that bitch” t-shirts, racial jeerings, and the violent, drunken undertones. They don’t wanna see the ugliness they align themselves with. Sad.

  277. I guess trump being a draft dodging coward and a organized crime affiliate is a lie. I guess the fact he has no experience or the inteligence or the integrity to be president is a lie. You people are pathetic individuals who needed someone to help you unleash your ignorance and your anger because your life really amounts to nothing so you blame people, groups and institutions for your bad life decisions trump will lose but he has exposed the garbage that live amongst us

  278. Whether this man saw or heard what he’s reporting is not the issue. WE all hear his nasty ignorant comments about specific group of people & his advocating of violence. SO, we already know what his rallies are all about. Despicable Donald has been spewing hatred for too long. We don’t have to go to a rally to know this is true we hear it when he speaks & we hear his supporters cheering at his racist hateful remarks. His slogan make America great again doesn’t compute. A country does not become great by hateful racism & lack of respect for its citizens. That’s all I hear from DD! His running for office has unleashed those who are filled with anger, racism, homophobia, hatred etc. That certainly doesn’t make Amerisa great!

  279. Clearly Trump is a white supremist. He is yet one more reason why I detached from the Republican party. Not a Democrat either.

  280. well let me say… i’m from europe, and really… do you trump as your president???????
    it’s unbelievable for the rest of the world that you really believe in what he says… and don’t see the stupidity of the man…
    out here he is a joke… racist… homophobic…. etc… if trump wins the world loses…
    after obama, trump?

  281. John Douvier says:

    I love how Trump haters call Trump Hitler, and call for the killing the of Trump, but a ‘Trump that Bitch’ t-shirt some how becomes soooo… bad.
    Hateful haters with double standards.
    Also known as liberals.

  282. True or not… Just put the eye ball test to work. Does he act like a leader? Does he sound like a leader? Does he share real facts and plans for the future? Sorry – not fairing well.

    Same could be said for Hillary… Does she act like a leader? Does she sound like a leader? Is she brought and paid for? Sorry – not fairing well.

    Guess it is time to actually look at other candidates. Those two just are not right for what America needs. How about Garry Johnson? Seems a much better candidate.

  283. 1. Use a name or your voice will not be heard.
    2. There are bad things going on in both camps. That is politics, my Fellow Americans.
    3. Watching the rally vs. being at the rally, any rally, are 2 totally different experiences. Remember that your lenses are different.
    4. Instead of shouting about all of the bad things that Trump or Clinton have done, look at what positive changes each one has contributed. How much more GOOD can they instill in the country?

  284. One person/president cannot change a nation. It will inevitably be the people who effectively bring about change, be it good or bad. What president has singlehandedly changed an entire nation without the citizens vote to bring about any change? United we stand, divide we fall.

  285. Holy mother of God. This is insane. What an incredible gathering of scum in one place. We have to stop this stuff now.

    It’s time. Hate speech laws. Trump proved it. Trash.

  286. First off Mitt Romney needs to sit down and shut up he is not perfect. Second of all you are going to have those kinds of people at events like that regardless who it is. When Trump came to Sacramento there was none of the stuff going on.
    Thirdly how can you people criticize and put down Trump when you have a President that stands before us and blatantly lies to the people over and over again. He is an ISIS sympathizer and so is Hillary and you people just want to put someone like Hillary in the white house? She is a liar, a thief and a murderer and that is your idea of an ideal candidate? You are the ones that are sick.

  287. All of you who are calling this “BS” or “fake” have clearly not been listening to the repeated and ongoing messages Trump has been sending. He is playing straight in to the fear and ignorance of the American people. Think back in history, we have seen this type of manipulation before, and sadly, many Americans are too blind to see the path they are heading down. I hope that you are able to wake up and stop this megalomaniac before the “greatest country in the world” becomes the “greatest embarrassment”.

  288. Videos or it didn’t happen. What kind of reporter reports like this. This is NOT a news reporter that I want to follow. Sorry dont believe it. And I dont love Trump 100% but I am sorry I dont believe this one bit

  289. I watched this rally as i do with as many as i can and this reporters editing leaves alot to be desired. IF you cant tell the truth and the whole truth dont print anything at all..This is why the media is known as liars

  290. People – and I use that term very loosely because I believe they are sub-human – that are calling this BS, are clearly living very delusional lives. They can not face the truth so they deny, deny, deny and the ugliness and hatred just continues. My message is to the Trump trolls is that no one believes you. And Hillary will win!

  291. I sincerely think That Neither Candidate is a bargain & can save this country. Wait,Did I just say “Save this Country”? The United States Of America doesn’t need saving, What It needs Is Better politicians. I’m a Republican & Proud of It..But I have No love for Mr. Trump whatsoever.So, On Election Day I vote for No one, It’s a one person Protest. I would go into the booth as usual pull the lever BUT DID NOT click a choice.AND NO ONE EVER INQUIRED. There is only One choice that Is worse than D.T. & that choice is H.C….

  292. If this were true, it would have been aired all over mainstream media. Can you tell me where I can find it?

  293. It truly seems,to me, that The journalists that were so willing to spend the time and the reputation to “Report” in this venue all those negative “Tweets”. It seemed, to me, that ALL these tweets were skewered a certain way.I guess that they can do that, especially If They re up & Coming “Red Journalists”.

  294. Sefton you are one of this bias journalist,if people there are saying it’s not ad what you are saying,then you are dishonest as the Clintons your God,even the pollsters nowadays are not believable anymore,TRUMP was tough regarding Security especially after Orlando massacre and they are giving high % to the weakest liar? We don’t trust that poll no more,bias journalism doesn’t belong here,we don’t give up to all of you damn liar,and grow up.

  295. I mean you Sexton and all journalist,we cannot believe on your lie no more,so with the bias liberal newspaper you must all grow up and be honest at least yo earn our respect.don’t make this country look like a pig.

  296. So are you saying we need a cure for the T-Virus? Coincidentally, right as Resident Evil 7 was released. kek

  297. Everything he has stated is factual. It’s amazing that anyone would think these things are strange. I guess if you have a perspective of let’s elect a communist or a career criminal, then Mr. Trump might be a problem. The person who tweeted these things is not a reporter.

  298. I think its funny how everyone is bashing each other. Republicans, Democrats, its all a joke. The press only tells the masses what they want to here and the majority of the masses eat it up. Unfortunately, we have Hilary, who broke the law and should be in jail for what she did while she was in office, but because of who she is she walks around freely. What kind of example is that for the future of this country. Then we have Trump, who can’t seem to keep his mouth shut with his antics. Its all a joke, and GOD help our country if either of these people get in office. Of course Hilary is going to win, because the masses want everything for free. Free cell phones, free college, free insurance, etc. Pretty soon, will be giving them free cars and free houses, oh wait we already give them free houses. Well guess what, someone has to pay for it, its not free, nothings free. Someone has to pay for it, and its not the ones getting the hand outs.

  299. I just read some of the comments for & against.What surprises me is that the people who are against Mr. Trump Don’t really have a reason. They only repeat what the, probably paid Protesters, say. And like some of the people who say they went to this or any rally state, that they heard none of these remarks. I would like to say that Like mostly all these protest rally’s when Elections are involved,things are made up, some based on fact but the majority,not. Things never change & never will

  300. Patsy Mooney Pauley says:

    So tired of the dictator we live under now. And it is getting worse every day. . I Am tired of all the lies that are being told . Tired of people getting away with murder. I am 80 years old and i have see a lot of things in my lifetime, but nothing like is going on today. Obama is letting all those radical muslim’s into our country and the only thing they want is to behead us infidels as they call us. Is that what you people on here want???…I sure don’t . I am so afraid for my Children and Grandchildren and that one little great Grandchild i have. What are they going to have to endure in their lifetime if things are not changed in our Country. Trump is our only hope of stopping all of this craziness that is happening. You people had better get your heads out of the sand and wake up before it is too late. I cannot sleep at night for crying for our country and what it used to be….

  301. I think its funny how you voice your opinion and you are considered a loser. Isn’t it called freedom of speech??

  302. Here’s the real takeaway: Whether these tweets are of things that actually happened at a Trump rally or not, they are completely believable as things that could have been said or done there. True or not, this says it all about Trump and what he stands for.

  303. If this is being reported with 100% accuracy then yes, it is deplorable. However I’m not convinced that there aren’t some exaggerations and literary licence being taken at times. What I would dearly love to see (if anyone feels brave enough), is accompanying video footage to support each and every one of these tweets. Just want to see for myself if it’s truly as bad as it is being reported.

    Not making excuses for the GOP candidate or the reported behaviour of his supporters, but I want to know with 100% certainty exactly what it is I’m concerned about.

  304. You know what? I don’t care anymore. I just don’t care. Everyone thinks the other side is lying. You’re this, you’re that. People are dying and suffering in this country but everyone’s far more concerned with being so much smarter and more right than the other side. No matter who wins, the other side will riot. Nothing will get done. Nothing will get better. You all just want to be right.

    I just don’t care anymore.

  305. ac alexander says:

    This person has said what I’ve been thinking for some time.

    robert young says:
    June 15, 2016 at 9:36 pm

    Lets just say there was a guy that was a former president and
    He had a wife who he wanted to be president but if would
    Take alot of doing to get her elected.Say he had a friend that
    Would do him a favor and run for President agains her and be
    So controversial that the country really had no choice but to
    Elect her because of his insane statements and beliefs.

  306. A joke I heard a while back goes something like this: In November Americas first black president will finish his tour of duty. Then we’ll have either Americas first Jewish president, Americas first woman president, or Americas first Lizard president.

  307. this guy is so full of bullshit…the rallies r not like that at all…he just wants people to think bad of Trump and badmouth him…this is FB, alot of this kind of shit goes around and its just lies…people have nothing better to do then start trouble…this asshole is probably a Hillary supporter and getting paid to say these things….Oh yea….lets vote for Hillary…she says one thing and does another just like our asshole of President….does nobody read about her and what she has done…Ohhh yea right, she’s a woman, lets vote for her…….so many stupid people !!!!!!!

  308. Rose McDonald says:

    Why is anyone surprised at this description of a Trump rally? Many, many comparisons to Hitler rallies have been made and from what I’ve seen and what I’ve heard coming from Trump’s mouth, his are no different. He appeals to the lowest common denominator of a group of terribly disturbed people. If you want to know what Trump supporters are like, read the comments they’ve posted here. Without exception they are crude, vulgar and racist.

  309. Everyone Intelligent says:

    This guy’s a journalist but doesn’t know how to grammar? Sad. What happened to a time when people understood that journalism was not biased. It’s not journalism when everything you say from start to finish is tilted in one direction. Unfortunately, that is the same thing that you are upset about. Furthermore, there are a lot of wild statements here but absolutely no proof. I’m afraid I don’t believe you.
    -Everyone Intelligent

  310. I was a Trump supporter, but after attending to a rally my mind has changed. Thank goodness I realized this person is pure negativity.

  311. Steve Avery says:

    This “reporter” is flat outright lying. I’ve been to the Seattle Rally for trump and know someone that went to the Spokane Rally, and someone else that went to one in Arizona and noone at any of those acted like any of the outright lies that this author is claiming. What these are is the fever dreams that Liberals THINK that Trump supporters are like. The author is making all of this up without naming anyone or showing anyone behaving like this… because if he was then he might be sued. So long as he claims it was “supporters” or someone… without naming names or showing evidence then he thinks he’s safe from refutation. This author is a liar and he should be fired for flat outright fabrication of a story.

  312. I live in a peaceful hate free Australia and looking from the outside in,
    America is spiralling out of control.
    How about you sort out gun control for starters!! Australian high school kids when asked about our last massacre can’t remember. American kids are fearing for their lives!
    You all focus on politics way too much

  313. There is lots of international coverage of Trump’s rise to power – it is striking how clear the goal of the billionaire is: a last toy in his pocket. I never understood the slogan “Making America great again”. In the view of millions of Germans, myself included, America IS great. A wonderful country. I have a trust in the goodness and cleverness of the American people to let their country be destroyed by Trump, ridiculed, taken apart. The US represents human rights, equal opportunity, an adventurous spirit. This is all so surreal. I find solace in Elizabeth Warren. Such a wonderful voice – SHE is what the US is about. Will she be heard? Do people listen?

  314. I am a 73 year old female who attended this same rally in Greensboro. The writer of this article is so ‘slanted’ I find it unbelievable. I thoroughly enjoyed the rally which was very warmly received by those in attendance. Some of what he says is truth, like the selling of sexually negative t-shirts but much is untruthful…I did see one man who had been drinking. The rest is exaggerated and is seen and written through the eyes of a liberal. Yes, there were a few protestors, they were removed. There were so many policemen there that any type of bad behavior was immediately taken care of. Please remember the protesters are NOT for Trump & he doesn’t want them there either. The attendance was tremendous and the ‘folks’ loved the opportunity to hear Mr. Trump speak…..

  315. Alan Seeger says:

    > This guy’s a journalist but doesn’t know how to grammar? Sad.

    If you are talking about the tweets, perhaps you don’t understand that tweets are limited to 140 characters. Everyone who tweets tends to truncate their sentences to fit into that limit.
    And really? Some of you are defending Trump?

  316. john tanner says:

    it’s true, shit floats and right now it’s mostly between drumph supporters ears. the balance comprises drumph himself.

  317. For all of those calling this BS and the tweeter a liar, how many of you HAVE PHYSICALLY gone to a Clinton or Trump Rally?
    Watching it on TV or a video recap does not count. Media bias works both ways. Those editors get paid lots of bonuses.

  318. RICHARD FEIN says:


  319. I have written previously about sexual t-shirts at the Trump rally here in Greensboro I will also add this after some thought: the t shirts were NOT sold at the event but were sold on the out-skirts of the venue – not on the property where Mr. Trump spoke.

  320. Candy FIacher says:

    I live in Palm Beach County and there are NObumper stickers with his name. Hillary has tons. He is not Presidential material he is another Hiltler, Mussolino and a crook.

  321. Interesting read from the journalist and the people who commented. All 8 can say is, I will not support a candidate who turned their back on our citizens and military in Bengahzi, accepts contributions from foreign countries funneled through their foundation, does not support the second ammendment,is under federal investigation , consistently lies and deceives Americans. Also, shame on tge media for not reporting the REAL TRUTH.

  322. Felipe de Yturbe says:

    I am Mexican and live in Mexico city. Apparently, Mr. Trump does not understand the mechanics of TRADE, the biggest growth engine the world has always had. If Trump is elected and is able to implement his ideas, besides bigotry, racism hate, and megalomania, not just México but for the rest of the world including the USA would fall into a severe economic and moral depression.

  323. seriously????? do you, any of you< really believe this nonsense??? this idiot just made all this up. are
    ALL of you that ignorant?

  324. Trump regularly tweets calling Elizabeth Warren “Pocahontas.” The reporter’s account sounds in line with Trump’s tweets. To the annoymous commenter who says that this is an exaggeration of Trump rallies, why should we believe you? Why are you more credible than anyone else?

  325. @Richard, yelling and using all caps does not make it easier to hear or read your words.
    I still contend that positive info outweighs all of the mud slinging, in both directions.

  326. This is a load of bs, watch the real full rally on you tube. No ‘hate’ or anything was going on. This guy is lying

  327. The Lunatic Fringe found their leader. Satan has come back!! NOT America. NOT the majority of fine people in the US. Big mouths, get big headlines. Violence makes the news. Decent people are not ugly protesting, shitheads. Trump is Satan and his minions are coming out of the woodwork. In the end, GOOD WILL TRUMP the TRUMP, and the demons will go back in their holes and the shadows. American values are not in danger. The hate has always been there, just in check. BUT, it will not grow, and will not turn the country into a “third world” nation!!

  328. He may have made it up, but look at the videos on youtube of his rallies… and you know’s not that far off or that hard to believe that what the journalist is saying is spot on!

    What the journalist has reported is highly correlated to lowest common denominator insults that are happening right here on this thread.


    This is the only thing being accomplished.

    People – look at yourselves … or don’t …

  329. The Bush Crime Family will never allow Dump to step foot into the White House. Hillary has been a good soldier for them for years, jus like her husband. They want business as usual and that’s what she will give them. On orders from the Bush Crime Family, Republican delegates are now plotting to stop Dump’s nomination, but that won’t be necessary once Dump is forced to release his tax returns. Felons cannot run for president. My fear is that the Brown Shirts won’t go away quietly. They’ve become too dangerous, as can be seen by the responses on this page.

  330. Roberta Streicher says:

    I don’t know how to convey to people that the world thought Hitler was “charming’ – a gift to Germany – I heard someone in America say – this man Hitler is someone we need in America –

    I am really really scared of Trump – he reminds me of HItler, and his crowds act just like the Germans did, too – sort of enamored and crazy about him. Robert

  331. Instead of voting AGAINST Trump or AGAINST Hillary why not vote FOR Gary Johnson? He’s an honest 2 term former Governer of New Mexico with a great record who is currently polling at 12%. At 15% he’ll be in the primetime debates and then.. who knows?

  332. Looking at the comments from trump supporters. I have yo ask myself are there really people so blinded by trumps rhetoric that they would disregard every vile thing trump stands for? In 1939 Hitler told the German people he would make Germany great again as we all know that went horribly wrong. It will be the educated, it will be people with a true positive self image, people who have chosen integrity over the mob mentality. And I believe that there are more of people like this than the ignorant inbred trash that supports trump

  333. Carlos NIeves says:

    Christ said He came to change the ” an eye for an eye , etc,, ” old law, to LOVE UR ENEMY ,, how about that ,, millions in both sides say they’re Christian, but they love guns, wars, intolerance, disrespect, self grandiosity, ego, violence to fix things, etc ,, Christian ,,? really ,, think if u are real, aware of Christic consciousness, or a nowhere going with that, kind of guy,,

  334. I’m SURE that there’s NO chance ANY of these “quotes” were made up out of whole cloth by our left wing “journalist” here, right? Right folks? Because leftists have such a solid reputation for telling the truth. Sends out tweet after tweet that of course can–conveniently–NOT be verified by any human being.

    This is a work of fiction. We know where the violence and hate is coming from at trump rallies, and it’s not the Trump supporters. It’s the protesters–who, by the way, were BUSSED IN to the Dallas event. A Dallas PD officer was filmed saying so.

    Nice try, leftist fascist hacks.

  335. charlotte walker says:

    Anyone interested in the truth –can watch Trump rallys at — rightsidebroadcasting —
    Sextons tweets are nothing but lies–click on any Trump rally at rightsidebroadcasting an see for yourself

  336. Reject False Choices says:

    Sad that the Dems seem hell-bent on putting up a candidate who took money from Trump, who attended his third wedding, whose husband is Trump’s golfing buddy, whose daughter is BFFs with Trump’s, who’s under FBI investigations for multiple felonies, who has proven how anti-democracy she is by blatantly rigging a half-dozen or more state primary and caucus contests…..

    Do you want the obvious strong-man or the sly manipulative backstabbing dictatorial type?

  337. I offer no political opinion in this post, because that would be utterly pointless. There is nothing resembling critical thought on display in this mess (and I’ve read every existing comment up to 12:17 AM on Saturday, June 18, 2016). The enduring impression I glean from this page is the overwhelming lack of education and good manners exhibited by most of you. The vast majority of you have no business writing with anything other than a crayon. You can’t even form a coherent thought. Enjoy your election. You really don’t deserve one.

  338. As with all fascist political movements …. they count on the good people not rising to stop the rot. Now is the time for All good Americans to rise and be heard …. enough of this hatred. enough of the nonsense.

  339. Another minion libtard self proclaimed reporter bloviating untruths to further sew discord and hate among an already sick cesspool of illiterates.

  340. All these folks riled up due to Trump, are mostly under-educated bigots. I’m a black 65 year old female. I’ve watch just about every documentary on Hitler, and has done so for years. I agree, the comparison to Hitler is just. I was always taught that history repeats itself. That might very well be, however, I think the outcome would be very different today. It amazes me that the very same group of folks called Obama the Anti Christ, what do they call Trump, they’re Savior?

  341. Mr. sexton is a creative writing teacher in Georgia. It states that he is a reporter and political correspondent for “the state of Georgia” and his website doesn’t have many if any excerpts of objective journalism, just mostly creative content or fictional entries. I don’t see one reputable source or article in which he has written, and the vast majority of his works cited are short fictional snippets. For one, tweeting is NOT journalism. This is opinion based and super pointed, if he was even there, which I have my doubts. Don’t believe everything you hear and definitely don’t believe everything you read, especially when a so called reporter is using tweets for his basis on objective journalism.

  342. Regina E. Vought says:

    Wow! This just goes to prove that this guy could have tweeted anything and people would believe him simply because he tweeted it so it must be fact and not just his hateful opinion.

  343. Yes, all the tweets could have concocted in his bathroom.

    However newspaper articles and accounts, tv broadcasts including but not limited to

    have shown to everyone, willing to be informed and take the time to objectively read and listen


  344. Well I have now read loads of these comments not all, but it’s fun when Trump followers start to defend him, most of you do it with hateful words towards those who are against him. Even this only shows the mentality of you Trump followers, there is no need to read any tweets to believe, I just have to read the comments of you people LOL You are just contradicting yourselves and in deny of your aggressivity, this is the behavior I’ve seen of Trump rally’s in many recordings all around the web.
    We don’t need a proof of these tweets, I just use google and look a videos of Trump, there you can see the followers with their aggressive behavior.
    You guys are crying for proof, really, are you that ignorant, and don’t you know how to use Here a few links you are unable to find:

  345. OMG, Such B.S.! I too have been to a rally and the only ugliness I recall were the hateful protesters outside. Holding Bernie and Clinton signs! How much did they pay you to make this crap up?

  346. no one needs to make trump “look bad”…
    the screaming Cheeto does a fantastic job of doing that himself…
    everytime he opens his mouth…

  347. Whether Trump wins or not, my prediction is the USA is heading towards a civil war between the disenfranchised, white, conservative uneducated, and the multi-racial, liberal, educated populations. Expect murders, and possibly massacres by Trump supporters at voting stations in November, or at victory/commiseration parties afterward.

  348. Evelyn Payne says:

    This reporter is lying. I have watched every Trump rally on a live feed and have never seen or heard anything like what this guy said. Trust me if any of that happened the cameras would have turned around for the crowd to see otherwise they face forward watching Mr Trump. You people are desperate trying to find fault where there is none.

  349. Jodi Tarvin says:


  350. “Beatrice Santiago says:
    You idiot Liberal radical Democrats are liars from hell that is not at whst his rally are about.

    Die in hell you pig liar.”

    Proving that everything Jared says about these Trump supporters is true. And judging by your last name, you are descended from the very immigrants he despises. What an idiot you are

  351. bruce ROBERTSON says:

    “Trump rallies are positive, warm events” (paraphrase). 70% of voters don’t share your definition of “warm” or “positive”; and we have seen a lot of footage of his rallies; (“It’s selective reporting; cherry-picked . . . “) No matter, it ALL counts.

  352. I watched that Rally and all od Trumps Rallies via RSBN and none of what this so called Reporter said is true except for people shouting TRUMP, TRUMP, TRUMP and BUILD THE WALL. I have never seen any SHIRT WITH HILLARYS name on it and Believe me if there was one we would have seen it, There is no DRINKING of any kind an no HITTING or carrying on. If a person gets rowdy they are escorted out by the police. The anger is not inside the rally, it is OUTSIDE WHERE CRIMINALS START RIOTS. You can’t blame Trump for that. It gets noisy at times with people clapping and yelling TRUMP< TRUMP, but everything else that SO CALLED REPORTER SAID Is 100% FALSE.

  353. David Blackmore says:

    I’ve had enough of all this talk about dumbarssde racist redneck homophobes being Trump supporters. I know a lot of dumbarse racist redneck homophobes, and they would be mortified to be compared with Trump supporters. Dump Drumpf.

  354. Many lies. Nobody was drunk. Would not have been allowed in the event if drunk. Strict security.
    Just loads of love and energy. People of all races, cultural backgrounds, all ages and income levels. Men and women. Maybe more women also.
    Protestors outside in parking lot had bottles.
    I saw the rally live from many angles.

  355. Carolyn Washington says:

    With the current atmosphere that a lot of Americans regard the “media” as nothing more than a ratings shows & printed personal opinions, with little to do with factual news. This guy had the opportunity as a journalist to video what he claims is going on at a Trump rally. That presented an opportunity lost that may have helped some people that have yet to decide on who they are voting for. He obviously had the means to do exactly that. Why didn’t he?

  356. This guy obviously has some agenda. Seems he spends every minute of the day bashing Trump with trivialities. Go get a life, you’re a fricken idiot!

  357. Oh America,
    In the beginning we thought that Trump was just a rather sick joke. Now this is the stuff of nightmares.

  358. Rebeca Bell says:

    If what this guy tweeted were true, the videos would be all over tv and internet. Gonna have to call bullsh!+ on this one!

  359. And by the way! Hat’s off to the Greensboro Police Department! Couldn’t have felt any safer!!! The only Protesters that I saw, were the ones that slipped into the Rally. They had all the Protestors that were bused in, by God knows WHO??? Across the street from the Rally, and all Supporters were brought in and lead out by a different route!!! Also….sending Prayers out to all the Families of the victims in ORLANDO 🙁

  360. I’ve been reading some of the responses on this, and as usual they become polarised and vitriolic. I have watched and heard a lot of Trump and if I was an American I would be worried. The difficulty is in counteracting his rhetoric. It may lack substance, as far as I am concerned, and he may contradict himself frequently, but he is grabbing the headlines and keeping his name up front. Clinton seems to come with a lot of baggage despite, or maybe because of, her and her husband’s track record. Trump has the advantage of not having been a politician. But he has been inside politics as a donor. The only way Trump may be totally shamed is by continually asking that if he was so focused on making America great again, why has he come to it so late and only after making his money of the backs of illegal immigration, low pay, and the farming out to China and elsewhere of work that could have been done in the US, admittedly at a higher cost to his profits ?

  361. There are snippets of the rally online. Mr Trump alleges (without proof) that the Orlando killers father is/was a Taliban supporter. He categorizes an American soldier held captive by the Taliban for 5 years as a ‘deserter’ and he blames the soldier for the deaths of 5 other soldiers allegedly looking for that soldier. He actually suggests that that soldier should have been shot. This soldier is due to stand trial in January 2017. What are his chances of a fair hearing if Trump is President. Berghai is entitled to be considered innocent until proven guilty (so far all official investigations have not proved desertion and there is NO proof of the death of any soldiers being related to the case). No potential President should seek to presume the guilt or innocence of anyone facing trial. That is fundamental, otherwise if you accept that one person can be judge or jury, then you are allowing a dictatorship, not a democracy. This one pronouncement alone should disqualify Mr Trump.

  362. Biased reporting from a liberal Trump hater. If I went to a Killary rally I’m SURE I would be able to report the same BS.

  363. Joe Hueglin says:

    Politics for me has become choosing the lesser of evils. Bernie as Democrat candidate, I oppose Trump. Clinton as candidate I support Trump. Do I err to you?

  364. Pass a Bill exporting all who migrated to north America, and their descendants, over the past 300 years. Who supports this?

  365. Melle Cannon says:

    I have a very close elderly friend who attended this rally and said that NOTHING like this occurred inside the rally and the only hate language that he heard came from the pathetic batch protesters outside. This writer, or whatever he claims to be, is a bald-faced liar just like his hero Obama and his heroine Hillary.

  366. I love how people hate Trump so much they just take this guys word for it. I have been to his rallies and nothing like that had happened. The only thing I saw where protestors trying to fight supporters saying F you and F that. Im sorry, but its pretty easy to just hop on twitter and make these accusations because you have Trump haters who would believe ANYONE if it was negative about Trump

  367. Talk about calling the Kettle Black, Brown, Yellow or Gay?
    How dare these Cromagnum, Hate Filled individuals…who support Trumplethinskin’s Agenda are Treating Segments of America’s People! We are a Melting Pot of Diversity..
    Hillary 2016 and Beyond!!!!

  368. Haley Weaver says:

    Trump supporters don’t want Trump for President. They want a reason to use their AR-15’s & other guuunns to overthrow the government once he’s President. What surprises me is how many people want to see “it all fall apart”. Like we’re living some sort of movie or something.

  369. This person is a lier I have friends that where there that filmed the rallies and none of that stuff happened There was no drinking You sir are a lier if that happened it would have been all over you tube

  370. Mary Johnson says:

    Bull Sh&t.

    Trump rallies are NOTHING like that and Trump supporters are NOTHING like that. Anyone can go and see for yourself. This is one huge pack of lies.

  371. I figured that this guy was full of crapola and the more I read, the more I knew he was a liar. He must be a Democrat. They lie when the truth would be better. I am a Trump fan and I am nothing like what he describes. People be careful what you believe.

  372. Very interesting and not unexpected. However I think he may actually win. Why? Because the entire “establishment” has completely discredited themselves. There is so much skullduggery going on just off stage its insane. It is actually worse than trump, and more deadly, but more sophisticated. Trump is like the old Nazi’s Jackboots and coming through the front door. The establishment takes you out the back and tells everybody you moved away. The problem is he has powerful evidence and is not afraid to use it. I predict he will brandish clips of building 7 going down at his acceptance speak and will instantly put every media figure and politician on trial, and guess what,. They are dead bang guilty and its obvious. Co conspirators after the fact on mass murder. If you want to see whats coming watch the two minute video on youtube “this is an orange 911” One view and you will see how and why this maniac is going to waltz into the oval office

  373. Its a sad day in our country , Never thought I would see the day when our fellow countrymen , would hate one another ,Meanwhile our enemies are laughing at us calling ourselves the greatest nation on earth , and we don’t even love our own countrymen .Me being a black American working hard so I can become successful , but still waking up too hatred everyday . I hate no one , and love my fellow Americans without pause. I see people in the store, and they look as if they hate me for whatever reason , but I never let that deter me from speaking to them or others . life is too short , and we must put our differences aside or we are doomed as a nation. I am a Ronald Reagan era Veteran , and served proudly , and will do what I must to help protect our nation , My Grandfather , my Father , my Eldest brother , and my Sister were all U.S. Army vets My youngest son served aboard a nuke attack sub also . I can probably speak for some other vets that have put their lives on the back burner .

  374. Having experienced years in the South I believe this reporter. Also, I experienced two Florida men talking this way in a medical facility waiting room in Oregon last month. I left the area and when I returned found that Security had escorted them out of the building. The hatred is out there people and most of these folks are packing guns.

  375. Some Political Rallies Are Really Just Grownup Versions Of A Car Full Of Teenage Boys
    Remember what it could be like sometimes to be in a car full of teenage boys cruising on Main? The banter was loud. It was raucous. There was lots of laughter, especially if it could be at someone else’s expense. Being thoughtful or statesmanlike was NOT a priority. Neither was introducing a line of thinking that would lead to doing something useful for anyone or anything outside that car. Being outrageous, funny and over-the-top-never-let-fine-attention-to-detail-spoil-a-good-story was what made you king for a minute. High-fives with hoots and hollers all around.
    In this recent commentary concerning the bedlam at a political rally, the observer tried to find an explanation for such grim behavior. “[I kept] telling myself they’re angry about the economy. About changing technology and industry. But there’s so much base-level ugliness.”
    Yes, it could be something like that. But maybe it’s just a car full of teenage boys, basking in the warmth and glory of a shared experience of “youthful indiscretions.” A collective, expressive outburst of “We’re all right, Jack. Screw you all!”

  376. J Patrick Phillips says:

    “me thinks they [Trump fans] protest too much” The way Mr Trump interacts with the press and public, the truth will win out. From what I have seen of Mr Trump, and his press, the reported got it exactly right. Add to the fact that Mr Trump has revoked press media from other organizations that also speak the truth, it lends credence to what was being said. ‘Tis a sad day to see this nation being led down the path towards a country like Germany when Adolph Hitler was in charge. If it weren’t for the fact that I have to live here too, I would say to let them have the country they are creating, and see where it gets them.

  377. Pray people just Pray, I am not a holy roller but I have a strong faith in God, if we believe in him and only him calling the shots this world will heal!

  378. Robert Grant says:

    No matter how you cut it..America is facing a Gargantuan Hurdle..Is Trump for real? & how has Hillary become so despised? for representing the privileged? Do the Common people really have no voice?

  379. This reporter has picked and chosen what to report. Like any OTHER rally, there are people who do NOT speak for the candidate, who do NOT reflect the candidate. When Cruz was running, his supporters screamed the most awful profanities at everyone else, because their Messiah was ‘an Evangelical Christian.’ Not all of them did that, and I don’t blame them all. I’d say this reporter is, was and always will be a Liberal, and is full of absolute bullshittery. I’m sticking with Trump, the ONLY candidate who has promised to Keep Us Safe.

  380. The boobs are out there–they’ve always been out there full of alcohol fueled wisdom that they picked up in a bar.. Reinforced of course by people like the Florida gas bag and others. Education for them comes from loving people like Hitler who showed the world what a great nation should look like but wound up a charred corpse in a hole in the ground.

  381. I’m not American, I am Canadian and I can honestly say that this stuff scares the hell out of me. As our closest neighbour us Canadians do care about America. We are always the first to respond when help is needed across the border and America is the first to respond when we need help. But this stuff said by Trump, and Trump supporters just terrifies me. I don’t want to see the United States become divided, implode, or be weakened by all of this and attacked, but if Trump does manage to get elected to President I am very afraid that one or more of these things will happen.

  382. Trump Hater says:

    Donald Trump is nothing more than a oxygen thief, please someone shut him up. He makes me want to puke

  383. This “journalist” has been complaining about “self-loathers” on the right side of politics.

    Yep – a liberal… complaining about people who self-loathe… f****ing LOL! Hypocrisy at its finest.

    President Trump 2016.

    Hillary for Prison. Bernie for the Gulag.

  384. Not happy with either candidate, although I have seen the coverage on TV with Trump Protesters, and he consistently tells them to “go home to mommy so she can tuck you in”. This is about the most childish and unprofessional comment by a Presidential candidate that I have ever seen or heard at any Rally. He is nothing but a school yard bully. No way in hell that he’ll get elected. He’s got an ugly personality, and unreasonable plans. There will be no wall built. That’s absolutely ridiculous!

  385. Everyone is an immigrant unless you and the last 80,000 years of your ancestry has lived exclusively in north east Africa. But I would agree with Trump on on thing, we should expel him from the US since he thinks immigrant’s children aren’t “real” Americans.

  386. The rally is streamed live, so it’s not difficult to watch for yourself. Believing the fictions coming from this “journalist” who obviously has an axe to grind against anything right of center is a fools choice. Watch the streamed rally or better yet go to one yourself and witness live.

  387. John Rogers says:

    In order to understand Trump supporters you first have to Admit the obvious. The United States no longer has a Republic (a state in which supreme power is held by the people and their elected representatives). We have an Oligarchy (a power structure in which power effectively rests with a small number of people). Trump supporters want to abolish the Oligarchy. The problem is the Oligarchy has corrupted our democratic processes. The candidates we have to choose from are first picked by the Oligarchy. Trump was picked by the Republicans to up their ratings not to win. Now he has become their Frankenstein. Trump supporters view him as not being part of the Oligarchy. Everytime Trump says something that is not politically correct and the government officials get uncomfortable it assures the Trump supporters that he is not part of the Oligarchy. I believe the United States is headed for a revolution.

  388. Trump didn’t even want to be President but no one can’t seem to run this country correctly. So he decided that he needed to run for President. Why would someone who has so much money even bother to run and get so much hate from so many people? I think God wanted him to run for President. Just like Jesus you get so many that don’t like you so you suffer, but you do it for the good of the people.

  389. The ENTIRE video is on Y.T. for anyone curious enough to watch. But then again, most sheep will just take one liberal guy’s word for it. Who needs the truth? I wonder why he didn’t tweet his observations beginning with the protesters outside the event – probably because the things being said ABOUT Donald Trump couldn’t be published.

  390. ruth carrier says:

    OH PLEASE stop with the liberal propaganda trying to write a Hitler narrative. Your article is HATE speech-trying to insinuate that everyone who disagrees with you is a racist. I have been to a Trump rally in California and the only offensive language & gestures (such as burning the American flag, F**K Tshirts were because of the protesters. Inside people were patriots who love America and all American citizens.

  391. From video interviews I’ve seen of his supporters before a rally, I’ve concluded that many of them enjoy large quantities of alcohol, frequently. Also, many have more tattooes than teeth.

  392. Obviously a series of made up tweets…. I wish journalists were held accountable for what they write these days. This entire article would have to be retracted. SMH at the games they play.

  393. Politicians are ALL paid liars. We are screwed regardless who is elected. THEY BOTH SUCK, LIE AND ARE FULL OF SHIT!! GOOD LUCK AMERICA. GOD BLESS THE USA. WE’RE GOING TO NEED IT!!!!

  394. First I am an American and second I am not prejudice against anyone! I’ve been watching all the debates and listening to people and their reactions to it all for months. The bottom line is there is the truth and there are the lies. I very easily could get sucked up in the moment of debates but I took a step back and listened and watched. I watched the politicians and media bash and twist Trump’s words and I thought it won’t be long before Trump is out of the race but I saw his numbers go up and he was winning, which made the politicians turn on one another. During debates it was the politicians now saying to one another “you backed so-in-so” and “you voted for”. All you have to do is look around and everything speaks for itself. The US is failing! We’re hugely in debt, high on welfare, our health care system is horrible.i am voting for Trump because he speaks the truth, do I agree with how he always says things no but I prefer that to lies.

  395. People will deny any eye-witness account, but happily trust their own gut instinct. Even if they weren’t there, even if they have absolutely no basis for thinking that the eye-witness is biased or making it up.

    This account of the rally may be horrible, but it’s hardly implausible. Why is it hard to believe? The Republicans have been actively pursuing exactly these kinds of voters for years. Trump is a little more explicit about it., but only a little.

  396. Downunder Australia says:

    I’m looking on from Australia and believe me most people here – and I’m not exaggerating – are very scared of a Trump presidency. Apologies but he’s not just a fascist and a highly erratic one – we’re very worried for our friend America.

  397. It’s funny that this guys thinks he can write about something that everyone else can watch and see he’s telling lies and half truths. No where does he “Tweet” that trump encourages immigration but LEGAL immigration. Like a typical partisan journalist he irresponsibly reported his slant on things. I guess you can’t get sued for libel and slander over “tweets”. Journalism in this country is a joke.

  398. The tone of many of these comments reflect Trump’s tone and his unconcern for facts. Too bad the guy who wrote this piece didn’t record what happened. That others, with different reasons for being at the rally, did not hear what he heard does not mean they didn’t happen. It also appears that many who commented do not know the facts of Trump’s business experiences — the many times people who worked for him had to sue to get any pay, his unwillingness to release his income tax statements (which show that he does not pay income tax; he offsets income by claiming depreciation on real estate and expenses for which he has no records), he dated even while married to his first and second wives, on and on. These are not the attributes of either a “successful” businessman or a leader.

  399. Everything that guy tweeted was a lie. My bet is that he wasn’t even there. If he was, he was outside with the protesters.

  400. Everything tweeted here was utter BS. I was at this rally. He is embellishing the story and exaggerating everything. He’s a small-time journalist from Georgia Southern University and he’s trying to make a name for himself, nothing more, nothing less.

    There are always a few bad apples in any crowd, for sure, but at least from what I saw and heard…this is an exaggeration. There were a few protesters who were shaking things up a little bit, and there’s always going to be a few racist idiots in the crowd (there are on the Dem side as well) but these tweets are mostly BS and intended to be shocking and grab attention.

  401. If the GOP does not distance itself entirely from Trump, it will be perpetrating the same injustice to the U.S. that Trump does. The GOP should not nominate him as President. Paul Ryan should not back him. There MUST be someone else to take Trump’s place. He is a bomb ready to explode in our faces.

  402. Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha
    Read some history books folks, their’s many examples of this exact political behavior
    in our past, with all the pitfalls described by people above. And its no less dangerous
    now than it was then. Study how it happened before , what its side effects are, and dialogue on how to redirect this negative vector, and get back on track making a decent future for our children.
    All this brow beating and name calling, come on, aren’t we all supposed to be adults to vote.
    Give me a humble intelligent poor person, with enough life experience to know better, and understand that a claimed plan, should be backed with some concrete info…. I’ll vote for them.

  403. i have been to one and nothing but good things were said trump is the best vote Trump for president i wish people would tell what i good and i was there and it was good
    hillary is the bomb so she can kill more of our guys and lie to there familes

  404. LIAR! I have watched him on several occasions and NOTHING ever even comes close to what your saying. LIAR! There is a special place in hell for people like you! Oh wait, I am a Republican so I am not allowed to say all that! Does not change the truth!

  405. Andy from new Zealand:There is one big difference when comparing trump to Hitler….Hitler propagated hate against the Jew’s with no basis in truth or facts…Trump talks about the dangers of bringing people (refugees) into the country that have radical islamists in their ranks that WILL attack the U.S and he wants to keep them out until their identities are checked and verified.
    I wonder if the people who speak out against Trump would speak as loud, if at all, if any person close to them was killed by an unchecked “refugee”

  406. So, where pretell have these troglodytes been all these years? Surely they’ve been confined to the distant mountains, distilling their hated and vitriol waiting for the right moment to make the south rise again. I think not, I think they’ve been among us all along waiting for a spokes person to articulate their true feeling. Surely they have mothers, and daughters, and friend who are well aware of their hatred, should we also hold them accountable? “All that is needed for evil to prevail is that good men do nothing.” Where are Americas’ good men?


  408. The entire artlcle is Bull Shyt! Time some of your grow up, do some serious research on your own and stop being sheep!

  409. “I don’t like Hitler comparisons but that was positively like Nuremburg rally level crazy.” Exactly what I have always thought when watching Trump Rally – find it scary.

  410. So sad to read this. However, I don’t think Trump is the real issue here – he’s only the enabler. Hadn’t it been Trump, it would have been somebody else. This is what happens when the poorest of children in a neoliberal/ultra-capitalist society grow up. The exact same thing happened in Germany, and it was the reason Hitler came to power.

  411. Katie Carpenter says:

    Please, I want to hear one of Hillary’s supporter’s thoughts on the lies and scandals she’s been behind. I genuinely want to know how you would feel confident with trusting her. No, I’m not asking for your nasty comments on Trump. Please just explain to me how you can defend her after her history.

  412. This is just another attempt to demonize Mr. Trump. The left is so afraid they are about to lose the control of our country that they are willing to do or say anything. What we should be focused on is the New World Order. Their frontman George Soros is spending billions to distract us with crap like this article. George Soros tells Obama what to say and where to say it. That is why Obama is a stammering mess without a teleprompter. He doesn’t care as long as he gets paid. These NWO Satanists funded Hitler just like they are Obama. The FEMA camps are already built very much like Nazi death camps such as Buchenwald or Auschwitz the guillotines and cremation centers are all in place. I don’t want to wake up in a Hillary fun camp so I hope you will keep that in mind when you vote.

  413. I am sorry, but I can’t seem to believe this. I think the media is after Trump. There is no bias journalism any more. They pick who they like, then go after the ones they don’t like.

  414. Gee, that’s odd. I attended a huge Trump rally. Didn’t see any drunks. Didn’t see any hate. Only hate I saw was the OPPOSITION marching through the parking lot protesting those of us wearing Trump hats and carrying Trump signs. But they weren’t allowed in the venue, so we didn’t have any violence. The violence comes from the opposition, not the Trump supporters. They were ALL PATRIOTS. I didn’t see ONE SIGN that was against women, people of colour, Latinos, LGBTQ. In fact, quite the contrary. Saw signs that said: Latinos for Trump; women for Trump; gays for Trump. So what rally did this guy go to? One in his own delusional liberal mind?

  415. This is some of the worst liberal lying propaganda I’ve ever read. It’s laughable. Majority of Trump supporters are not like psycho liberals. The comments are a bunch of back slapping liberal lunacy. Pretty funny but meaningless.

  416. Reading the responses from the Trump supporters only validates the truth about them, when I see Trump on TV screaming “hit em” drag em out “I’ll pay your legal bills!” and then actually seeing a Trump supporter sucker punch a protester it just proves the writer was right.. Trump is a cancerous buffoon unfit to be a dog catcher. He is a spoiled little rich brat who never had to work a day in his life.

  417. So we should believe all of you Trump supporters who say you were there and that none of what Jared Yates Sexton said is true. Where is YOUR proof that you attended the rally??? Bottom line is that Trump is an IDIOT and God help America if he ever becomes President!

  418. Deb Holderness says:

    Everyone needs to stop hating and ban together to make this a better country. I was just in Paris and London this past week. Every cabbie we had asked what the hell our country is thinking with Donald Trump. We are the laughingstock of the world now. How much worse do you think it is going to get if he is actually elected. There is going to be an all out race war. No other country will support us. If you think we can stand alone in this world, you are crazy. I am not a Hillary supporter either but in this case, it is the lesser of two evils. And believe me, Donald Trump is evil. He loves stirring up the hatred.

  419. Sing along with the tune of “Bye Bye American Pie” and put in the words “…..The day AMERICA died!!”

  420. Moses Johnson says:

    U can see for yourself this man have a clue give the people what they won’t and watch this country go down like the Titanic but see how crazy his follows is this what they won’t Keep telling it like it is it take more than telling it like it is even the Republican not going to let him win

  421. Dave Windsor says:

    This angry, mad hatter, hater and out right bigotry………….most unfortunate indeed. What I see is a blame game here….blame Trump, blame Trump, blame Trump. Boy are we naïve or what. Blind and arrogant to believe America has always been better than this, above and beyond ‘normal’ accepting, loving, kind, beautiful flower people.
    NO, THIS REPRESSED ALWAYS BEEN RADICAL CIULTURE HAS BEEN NURTURED BY A COUNTRY THAT IS JOBLESS, WELPHARE LADDEN, DUMBED DOWN INTENTIONALLY. Even if Donald Trump is not elected, these people and worse will continue to fester in a pot of swill for decades to come. Get your own head out of your asses. the old 80/20 rule is obvious here. People don’t care because they HAVE NO MORAL COMPASS ANYMORE. THE FLIP FLOP FROM 80%GOOD TO 2O% TROUBLED HAS GONE TO 80/20 TROUBLED/GOOD……it’s the economy stupid. Americans have no fervor for the flag, each other, God and country because our examples of hyper stupid is the corruption of our politicians and corporations that we have as examples of how to behave. Mom and pop are screwed up and that is the example the country follows.

  422. Tough choices this year. Hillary has 40 years of absence of integrity and ethics Trump is bombastic. The self proclaimed journalist’s tweets are about what he went to find and focused on the 10% not the 90% that see Trump as the better choice. Voters created the current dilemma that requires drastic measures to fix by electing someone who never held a job and had far less experience than Trump in the affairs of our government. Obama has been a disaster. So why do we need Trump? To get us out of this Democratic mess. The Democratic powers that be anointed Obama back in 2008 and made a deal with Hillary for 2016. They are destroying the country. If Hillary becomes President, the economy will take a dive worst than 2008. Medicare and Social Security will go bankrupt and the country will have not credit rating. Radical changes are required if the country is to survive. Hillary is not the answer. Sure Trump scares people but that is mostly driven by Leftists like this wannabee a reporter.

  423. That is just one person’s account. For all we know he was paid like the rest of them. He has thousands and thousands of loyal supporters and that would not be if what this reporter said was true. He does not encourage violence, the only violence is the busloads of protestors being paid to cause trouble. Just got to wonder…..with all the money being spent to keep him from running…….WHAT ARE THEY SO AFRAID OF? Look people….judge by what you actually SEE….not by what OTHERS want you to see. There’s a lot of deceptive folks out there who will do and say anything to cause trouble. If you really want to know what Trumps about…..go to one of his rallies yourself… and then use your own discernment.

  424. Let’s say that Trump has just 10% of the American vote. What that means is that every tenth house on your street has someone like those at the rally. Maybe that tenth house is right next door to yours. Trump, for all his stupidity, is not the problem. It’s your neighbors.

  425. It appears that most people believe the perspective of the reporter at the rally was a fraud and lying about what he had observed – but I was there too – what I saw was one of the most intelligent statesmen I have ever seen – his is articulate and impressive with his selection of words from his very abundant vocabulary – he has a great vision for this country – the depth of his understanding of international affairs is overwhelming – his is accurate in his understand of all the problems facing America – all poor people and people of color are just plain lazy worthless people – everyone who is a recent immigrant from Mexico are all rapist and murders – only white people should live in America – the reason our poor young men in America don’t have jobs is because all the immigrants are stealing all the good paying jobs – all the gays should be killed because not even God loves them – but God does love all the Baptist preachers who are praying for all gays to die or be killed – he is such a down to earth man – everyone loves him – he has no enemies – he is mentally and emotionally strong and is in total control of everything he does – his great mind is unmatched – he will be welcomed with opened arms by all other nations – they love him – he said so – and everything he says is true – all of us can believe everything he tells us – he is such a kind loving man – we will be fortunate to have such a great man in the White House – of course it will need to be renovated to meet his great taste in furnishings – so when he entertains all the world leaders who love him so much he won’t be embarrassed by the shabby furnishings in that place now – there it is folks – an honest report of all that I witnessed at his rally – his followers are all such lovers of America and so well informed – they know what they are doing
    **disclaimer – while none of this is true – it is what some people want to hear – there it is – you are now informed (lol)

  426. Really, This rhetoric is played on both sides. Either they are bussed into protest by chanting, throwing eggs, or starting fights…. Wait, that is just the liberals. Apparently the loudest messages delivered with hate, are committed by the ones that say the others are hatemongers. When someone sucker punches or throws an egg in someone’s face, how is that NOT hate? Anyone can tweet whatever they may or may not see, it is called hearsay. One prime example… War of the Worlds, when an adaptation was first broadcasted on the radio in 1938 by Orson Wells.

  427. LMAO. Let me guess democrat? Surely half your bs posts are about your drunk ass protestors… That was more laughable then a random democrats blog…

  428. You need too wake up. Your a bunch of blind sheep Trump is what you need a man who protects and cares about the people. You people who say things about him are a digrace, you are being decieved by the devil himself he has blinded you. I pitty you so much, America as gone astra from god. And that Muslim loving Obama who is a servant of the devil himself wants too destroy your country from within And the lying whore of Babalon who he indorsed will follow. You say he is hilter tell me who has hate. I can tell you hillary and obama they cant even see eye to eye with russia. And hillary herself would go to war with Iran hmm funny hey while the USA give them 150 billion dollars of your tax money Idiots. Trump is not your hitler hillary is your hitler. When that whore was the cause behind the Bengazi failure. Not to include she has 30k of emails, and many other times she has been up before the senate and a judge, but the truth will get out.

  429. I love how the liberals point their finger at Trump but turn a blind eye to Hillary. Seriously, how do you all look at yourself in the mirror? Lies, Lies, Lies…
    God bless us all if she gets elected…

  430. Truth Bringer says:

    These liberals are mentally ill or brainwashed, Democrats are part of the communist GLOBALISTS that worship evil corruption and liars, and these tweets just show how much a group of Liars they are.
    I have no respect for liars or liberals, they believe Islam is a Religion of peace, and believe the KKK is a Conservative organization, but the biggest racism comes from the Democrats and the liberals, in fact the people who love all other people’s and have contributed most to society are the ones being hated the most right now, if you kill traditional America you will kill the world, and that is what all liberals wish to do. So if you are liberal you will use terms wrongly, you believe the media blindly, you hate normal families and love pedophiles and Rapists and anyone that says kill whites and Christians, and you lie through your teeth while probly bashing a good man or woman’s name. Liberals won’t think for themselves or research the truth because they want everything free.

  431. Just curious Jared…who are you voting for in the election? Journalists without objectivity are just fiction Novelists.

  432. Jared Has No Clue says:

    I’m sure that’s exactly what Jared was looking for. And I’m sure he ignores the Bernie and Hillary supporters who attack Trump supporters and beat up women.

    Truth is that there is a lot of division and gross conduct on both sides. That’s what happens when you have a crappy, divisive president.

  433. Whatever opinion you think you have to share with the world here. Stop using CAPS. It looks really dumb.

  434. Vijay patel says:

    Any one who believes this left wing loon moron ,who writes tweets from his toilet seat, needs MRI of his brain!
    Most likely he/ she Will find the cerebrum missing and empty space is filled with atrophied cerebellum!

  435. Shaun Milligan says:

    I use to work for a CBS affiliate. Tweeting does not equate Journalism. Wheres some video, wheres the audio, oh there wasn’t any? Then it’s a non-story most likely fabricated by that liberal pansy who tweeted the shit.

  436. You people are gullible! The rally was in March this supposed reporter tweeted in June 4 MONTHS AFTER THE RALLY on his time line, wake up.

  437. Wow…the Trump supporters will do ANYTHING to deny the hatred and bigotry and sexism and homophobia spewed at these rallies! I’ve seen the people on TV. I’ve heard their comments. These tweets unfortunately, don’t surprise me at all and I’m sure every last one of them is true. It’s disturbing and disgusting and I hate that I have to live in a world with people who are supporting this narcissistic jerk! What kind of retaliation can we expect from people like this when Hillary is President???

  438. Linda Adornetto says:

    I need to rebut Mr Jared Yates Sextons report on the Trump rally held in Greensboro, NC last Tuesday June 14. I and my friends were there I am in my 70s and I never saw anything to make me feel unsafe. We, black, white, Asian, young,old,families with children(I have pictures to prove)doctors, lawyers,business men and women had a good time. Mr Trump rented this facility for the evening,that is the same as his home and if someone misbehaves in his home he has every right to ask them to leave.Hee has every right to have the local police remove them. I recall that happening to only a few,like 5only. Mr Trump does not drink so alcohol was not available and I and my friends whittnessed no drunken fools at this event.Mr Sexton is filled with dislike for Mr Trump and his liberal bias is showing

  439. This is 100% BS. If this was truly the case it would be all over the libtards news. Show me video of these lies. Come on I dare you. This is what’s wrong with America today, lies lies lies.

  440. Idiot trying to push his agenda against Trump. if it were that outrageous his communist reporter buddies would be sure not to miss it. but as usual dishonest reporting by the left. Another thing that Trumps right about…..TRUMP 2016

  441. I live in North Carolina and this rally aired. What can you say when press or media reword just mouth off things that are not all facts but a way to try to deceive the people. Maybe you should stay in GA for I grew up in TN at the GA boarder and recall many were not the brightest bulb in the house. What watt of bulbs you use? Just saying for many that listen know what he said and get it. As to people in the crowd of what was said in not the blame of Trump, maybe they were Hilary supporter to make a scene. But I have learned, you cannot fix stupid and he has spoke of issues of his plans for America. That is why he is top runner for the people.

  442. Remember the movie “A Few Good Men” Trump supporters can’t handle the truth of what a scum bag he really is. Keep wearing your blinders, fighting evolution. Life is only more difficult for yourself and that is a choice you make and have to live with. Perhaps the cancer will kill you before you can vote.

  443. I’m 70 years old and have been around the block more than a few times . I’m appalled at the fact that a man with the mentality of a 9 year old could be taken seriously, Are we all stupid? Trump is running out of money – he doesnt need it because the media covers everything he has to say. Why dont they just ignore him? The idea of Trump as president scares the **** out of me

  444. Bryan Watts says:

    Most comments here are based on BS. If you look into everything he will do it is to repair the damage done to our great country by Obama and will be continued by Hillary. I remember hope and change but we have gone downhill in this world and will continue to suffer if Hillary is elected. I support Trump and as Obama had his chance and has been so divisive and has ignored the laws on immigration. He has mistreated the military and vets, use the IRS to harass his opposition and will eventually let Hillary get away with the email scandal by telling Lynch not to indict her.
    I’m ready for real change in this country back to what we once were, a God respecting country who will take care of country before taking American tax dollars and giving it away. It’s also time for the senior citizens get a honest COLA on social security rather than what they have been doing. Obama is the worst president ever and Hillary may very well out do him but I prefer her to serve time in prison rather that as PO

  445. Been to Trump rally and nothing even close to this goes on. This is nothing short of BS and disinformation. He must have mistaken Bernie supporters for Trump supporters.

  446. You sir are a moron. You are so full of crap. I was at this rally. You are a @$$ bag and is what is wrong with this country. If you don’t like Trump that’s fine. But people need to start being honest. So many lies have been created with nothing to back them up. Does Trump have flaws? Well hell yes. But the media and left have lied so much about what he has and has not said. Even twisting of what he said. For now on have video evidence to support your claims in its entirety. Not just bits a pieces. It’s very easy to twist things and have excerpts to try and twist to back it up. Show it all. Lies!!!

  447. We expect politicians to like. But we expect the media to report the facts and truth. The media lies so much about Trump that I can never believe any more criticisms from the media anymore.

  448. If Jared had used his phone to record what he heard & saw in Greensboro the Trumpsters would say it was a big lie produced in the same studio where they filmed the fake moon landings.

  449. frances osmon says:

    I went to a Trump Rally & nothing like this went on. People that write these things just loves Drama!! I guess the only thing people are scared of is making things right in America. We have Rules, we have the constitution, we have laws that no one wants to be serious in enforcing. Just because you want a good life doesn’t make you a racist & bigot. I do not think that is nice to say for one thing. Here is the Truth!!! Hillary has thousands more lies & Scandals then Trump has, but she is protected & the wrong people thinks she is a God’s gift to the world. I am sorry to say but God doesn’t liars like that & I am afraid she will soon go to Hell for those lies. I do know we have a very serious problem with radical muslims that needs to be dealt with. Hillary wants to ignore that problem & securing this country is suppose to be the one job that a president is suppose to do. Hillary would be a wrong choice for this country.

  450. Eva Thetford says:

    These are some of the vilest, hateful remarks I have ever read and biased to the extreme. I would be ashamed to distort the truth like you have. It is shameful for American people to lie and slander anyone like you have here. It embarrasses me for you. Trump 2016.

  451. If Trump gets in he will put North America into a world war
    He is hated all over the world
    The only real North American are the Natives
    I am from canada and remember 200 years ago we kicked your asses out of here
    2 times
    Trump must have a yellow streak up his back will not talk to the protestors
    He has to get his goon squad to rough them up

  452. non of your business says:

    I really don’t believe any of this Jack Asses Tweets.He just made an ass of himself. He must be fro the Left because all that he has said is a LIE. Trump is for the American Citizens . This ass just made it seem like Trump is not . Is this how they cover up for the protesters? By lying for them. Trump has more at his Rally’s supporting him then Killery ever thought of having. Lets not accuse American Citizens of being Drunk .I think the left wishes they were to make all of us for Trump look bad. STOP TWEETING>AND POSTING BS THAT HAS NO TRUTH IN IT.jared yates sexton you should be fired from your job for not telling the truth.

  453. Just like most lying liberals, Sexton has no video or audio to back up his slanderous tweets. Total fiction and fantasy.

  454. I call BS. No video evidence, and using Twitter to frame a narrative. Seriously, do you think that citing some hearsay on Twitter is legitimate journalism? I’ve seen plenty of anti-Trump people’s experiences who went to a Trump rally and came back shocked, but it was because what they’d seen in the media about his rallies were completely false.

    Meanwhile, when you see the video evidence, you see the protesters being extraordinarily violent, burning American Flags while waving Mexican flags, trashing cops cars, sucker punching people in the back of the head, etc. Then you see people exiting a Trump rally, thanking the police for keeping them safe and shaking their hands.

    The blatant lies are not helping the case against Trump. People are sick of the lies on the left, and this is the whole reason for Trump’s rise.

  455. If you go as a “biased” observer, all you will see are those things that support your bias – not that there was some of what he observed, with as many people who attend these rallies – I think, potentially his glasses were colored with the MSM prove Trump to be a buffoon lenses – his words – might have been more credible if he has pulled out his cell phone and videoed a few of his “sightings” – but then, that would have been too easy – without that, I have no reason to believe that the rally was anything like his comments. Hillary’s participants are blind and deaf – to continue to support someone as evil as she is – at least, so far, you can’t say Trump is even responsible for one death – let alone comparing that to the Clinton body count that is close to 50 – the four Benghazi deaths then associations with approximately 46 other mysterious or sudden deaths of people were or had valuable information about the Clintons – You can not control who shows up for rallies.

  456. Bonnie Morris says:

    Twist, twist, twist to make it sound like Trump is anything but who he truly is. Go Trump!

  457. You Clinton lovers are idiots!  Her brother-in-law went to jail for trafficking cocaine in Arkansas in which she and Bill were part of the ring, he took the wrap since Bill was in Politics. Hillary blamed a 12 year old girl for her own rape by 2 adult men, blaming it on her idolized fantasy of being wanted and being sexy to these men…ar 12 years old! And for the remarl about Milenia Trump being of a Communist country, Hillary’s mentor was Saul Alinsky who favored communism and her and Barry have already placed many of his ideas into place. If you read this link of her “Dear Paul” letters and her fascination over his ideas, you will see the list that Barry and Hillary have in place and want to continue in place…including Core education and gun control. This doesn’t even touch on her other BS

  458. Are you sure you were at the Trump Rally in Greensboro, NC? Funny…All the news reports (Greensboro News & Record, Boston Globe, other legit sources) and videos say and show disruptions inside and out by Trump PROTESTORS, not supporters. They arrested 20 plus protestors from inside the venue who were causing a ruckus down front, removed them and charged them with disruption and trespassing. They arrested many more outside the venue, blocking sidewalks and throwing things and punching supporters trying to enter the building. They said the rally attendees were “peaceful”. I SMELL A BIG FAT PROPAGANDA RAT! Stop creating hate and spreading B.S. If you ever grow up and become a real reporter, MSNBS may be your only shot at employment (oops, I mean MSNBC). You’re pitiful and no one is buying your lies.

  459. I believe it is all lies to make Donald Trump look bad, anything I have seen on the rallies everyone has been well behaved. None of this propaganda reported is true. The problem with liars is the truth will come out eventually then they look like idiots.

  460. Why are you all acting so surprised? This is what happens when you don’t take care of your people. Life frustration turns to anger, anger turns to hate. People are desperate for change. And now you’re all “shocked” by the results. Perhaps if the government actually did their job in the first place, educating the general public and providing jobs instead of turning them into mindless consumers, you wouldn’t have a new Hitler on it’s way to power. And the rest of the world will suffer for your choices.
    Shame on you all for your inaction.

  461. Liberal sabotagers and liar. Totally false. Trump rallies are just the opposite of what this is. Try going to one instead of making up what you want it to be. Can ‘t trust liberals!!!

  462. LIBERALS ARE FULL OF HATE !!!!! This just proves what we have known all along. They will go to any extreme to punish those to don’t believe as they do. That is more like Hitler than anything you will find on the right side. This is one of the trolls that Hillary hired to saturate the media about Trump. Well done Hillary. A job well done but we will prevail in the end because we will overcome your hatred, just like the hatred you showed those 4 men in Benghazi. You may not have to answer now but you and your haters will one day have to answer to God and that will be much worse for you than a Trump rally!!!!

  463. I always stop by Facebook posts that are anti Trump. I cannot believe how undeniably stupid they are. Every ” fact ” they spew, is what lies distillery tells them. One person told me, only the radical Islam are violent. Muslims are a peaceful religion. That’s like telling me Manson is innocent, because he actually didn’t do any of the killings. And I say this, as a Christian, American, and human being….. at this point in time, Muslim’s cannot be trusted, here in America. In fact, why are they here? Basic fundamentalism Muslim, majority believe in: All Adulterers, and Homosexuals, should be stoned to death. If a Muslim leaves the faith, they should be executed. And anyone not of the Muslim faith, infidels, heads chopped off. The Muslim religion has been terrorizing the middle east for over 13 centuries. They are not our friends. And when you have POTUS and NoSkillary, claiming they are, we all should be very, very, scared.

  464. Really, ok then! So, Jared Yates Sexton attends a Trump Rally with an open mind and going to impartial in his reporting right? I have serious doubts about what he tweeted and why he attended other than to ridicule and demean Trump supporters.


  466. I already addressed many of these on Jared’s twitter. I was at the Greensboro rally. Most of these tweets are flat out lies. And the rest, he spun in a negative light. Sham, shame, shame…

  467. Charles Sullivan says:

    Well, if you’re at a Trump Rally in Greensboro, NC, then you kind of have to take it for what it’s worth. There are lots of beer drinking rednecks around that area. Not that it’s a bad thing to be a redneck and believe what you believe. I’m sure you saw them acting foolish, but my question is, did you see Donald Trump calling for any of it? Did you see him or hear him asking for racist and hateful remarks? I’d say probably not. I love how everyone that against Trump can only talk about what his supporters did and never what he did. Lol. Just like saying Donald Trump is a racist. I haven’t heard him use any racial slurs. I have heard him say he wants illegals accounted for and if they’re here they need to be sent back. That’s not racism, that’s a matter of Homeland Security. Wake up people. If Hillary Clinton is elected our country will continue to be flooded with these miscreants. I just want America back to what is was.

  468. LOL is this an onion story? I have been to two Trump rallies and saw none of this stuff. Talk about fear mongering.

  469. Sally Dillon says:

    This is all bogus and a perfect example of just how far removed from real journalism the present day crop of crap has gone.
    I do not believe any of it with the exception of ONE tweet!

  470. This is all made up nonsense ! It’s actually hilarious to read the comments. You all want to and do believe these lies. Simply watch one of his complete speeches or rallies on YouTube.

  471. Journalist? That say’s it all. How much was he paid to tell these lie’s? Do you honestly believe this crap? Ever actually listened to Trump and not what the media/press say? If you did, you’d see how ridiculous this sound’s. It’s people like this that have turned American’s against the media. What are they so afraid of that they would spend million’s spreading lie’s? This is no journalist….this is a hired liar!

  472. If he really wanted to convey the truth then he would have filmed and taped his little trip to the rally , now wouldn’t he? Not truthful. Full of false accusations and liberal lies spewing out to suit his crippled little minds agenda!!!! Don’t say it, PROVE IT.

  473. Instead of typing the many sights you saw and the many comments being made, why didn’t you video with audio of the entire rally. Then everyone could see and hear for themselves. What is your point anyway. Are you a member of the Dump Trump?

  474. Truth Teller says:

    Pure “Yellow Journalism.” I’ve been to a Trump Rally as have other family members. They are nothing like what he described. In fact, you can watch them on YouTube! Patriotic, polite people who want fair trade deals, vetting of immigrants, better schools, better healthcare, Due Process before taking away any rights, worthy veterans benefits, affordable college (no loan scams) -like Clinton’s Liberty University-, true tolerance for ALL (not the fashionable faux college kind), and respectful discourse and behavior. Always some bad apples in every crowd (mostly plants). This guy is not a real journalist or sadly he’s par for the current course. Sorry totally non credible biased source.

  475. I call BS on these tweets. I went to a Trump rally and nothing like this ever happened. The people attending it were Latino, Blacks, Whites, Asians and none of us were drunk or making racist remarks. Geez you can be a legitimate reporter. Probably one of Soros’ goon. Peddle your lies somewhere else. #Trump2016

  476. If every person would actually research with an unbiased and open mind, instead of listening to hearsay, they would be for Trump, hands down. Yes, he should use better language, but he stands for what is morally good and right. He is being represented by the liberal media and the narrow minded followers who don’t really know more than they’ve “heard,” in a way that makes him look like a monster. That is all based on lies. Unfortunately, America doesn’t have many thinkers left because of dumbing down tactics that have been in place for years. Ones like the anti-Trump rioters and the Black Lives Matter rioters, with all their hatred and violence, have become the norm. Don’t call me racist. I have many friends of many ethnicities, and they don’t agree with or act like the ridiculous rioters. Those who scream “Racist!…” are the true racists. My hope is that there will be some kind of awakening while there is so little time left to save America. Otherwise, Hillary will seal our coffin.

  477. I guess this “journalist” did not attend any of Obama rallies when he was running against Hillary in 08. What about the “Bros not Hos” tshirts, and how about how they always played that Jay Z song “99 problems and a bitch ain’t one” . Give me a break. This is a bunch of BS

  478. Shill of the left. If this was true, it would have top of the fold the day that happened.

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