Cameron boasts of his record on FGM … while specialist FGM services are closing down

The SNP’s Angus Robertson stunned the House of Commons today after asking Cameron about police investigation into Tory election expenses, even as Cameron criticised other countries for corruption.

He said:

Seeing as the Prime Mininster is prepared to lecture other countries on corruption and probity, could be explain why seven police forces have launched criminal investigations into Conservative MPs for potential electoral fraud?

The Prime Mininster didn’t really know how to respond.

After initially waffling about how no country was perfect on corruption.

As for the issue of what he says about the electoral commission… The whole point in this country is the Electoral Commission is independent and when it comes to operational decisions by a police force, they are independent too. That’s the hallmark of an uncorrupt country!


Up to 29 Conservative candidates are thought to have benefited from the ‘battle bus’ scheme, and further investigations are also rumoured.


Not an issue that’s going away for the Prime Minister

  1. If the police are independent, why has there, as I believe , been a cover up for years about persons in power and sexual abuse allegations.

  2. Hardly independent-Hillsborough and Rotherham……are just two examples

    The police have made politically based decisions for years in collusion with the CPS with local and central government interference for years.

    What I find strange about this whole scenario, is how it is being allowed to be perceived as bending the ‘rules’, which In fact it is the law.

    I am reading a Mr Les Cummings received a suspended sentence for making a false statement about a candidate(though it didn’t materially affect the result), it could have affected the result.

    What is the more serious?

    On the face of it, this appears to be parties acting in concert, to pervert the democratic process through fraud.

    One could take it to the extent, that the Conservatives(I was one and I am not a Ukiper either) came into government due to deliberate acts of fraud and false accounting.

    These acts must be independently investigated with a special squad and decisions made under the public gaze.

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