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Former MP Michael Portillo launched into a blistering attack on the Tory government last night on BBC This Week, saying it was “in paralysis” and had “nothing to say”.

The context: the sparse and bland Queen’s Speech.

He told Andrew Neil:

… and now it comes forward with this Queen’s Speech. After 23 years of careful thought about what they would like to do in power, and the answer is nothing.

There is nothing they want to do with office or power. The government is in total paralysis, because the only thing that matters to the government now is the saving of the Prime Mininster’s career.

And the saving of the Prime Mininster’s career is dependent only on one thing, which is winning the Referendum for the Remain campaign, and that majority that he secured last year – it’s all for nothing.

The government has nothing to do, nothing to say and thinks nothing.

The segment was on BBC This Week last night, which also featured an apperance by the conspiracy theorist David Icke. Yes, really.



Ouch! Though a Tory paralysis isn’t such a bad prospect…

  1. Leslie merry says:

    Ideological austerity imposed from day one,enriching cronies with selloffs of national assets and tax breaks aside.They’ve done more than enough with the vicious attacks on sick and disabled people,in any decent society the sleaze and corruption would’ve brought down govt long ago

  2. Bryan Partington says:

    Absolutely brilliant piece from Mr Portillo, tells all you need to know about this corrupt government led by a weak spineless prime minister aided by an equally weak and useless chancellor all of whom are in it just for themselves. This government lies with impunity and they manage to convince millions of remainiacs that they have the interest of the UK at heart when that couldnt be further from the truth. Gideon has failed to match any of his forecasts since becoming chancellor and yet keeps his job, I can only assume he has something on Cameron or he’d have been sacked years ago

  3. another key Conservative policy, the new “family home allowance”, an extension of the inheritance tax allowance. According to HMRC, the cost of tax relief on contributions to both work and personal pensions has increased sharply from £17.6bn in 2001-02 to around £35bn today. Some experts think the true figure could be as high as £50bn when you add the cost of the tax-free lump sum available to savers at retirement (£4bn per year), the tax foregone on investments within the pension (£7bn per year) and the relief on National Insurance contributions (£15bn). That would mean pension tax relief costs more than the annual spend on defence.

  4. Cameron and Osborne have painted themselves into a corner. If remain wins the vote , what are they going to do when the next prosperity tax comes along , the next power grab comes along ? Stand there and say ‘oh yes’ , or say bollocks we’re not paying this , or not adopting that ? They seem to want their cake and eat it , and it will be their undoing.

  5. peter dracup says:

    Portillo upset because the Government is having a rest from its all out Class War on the working members of society.

  6. Thank heavens there is a backbone in this country.
    Leaving all our doors open for raping, murdering muslims who get away with it.
    It has become a sick and evil society with Cameron and his cronies not caring less but to make money

  7. John thurston says:

    What odds can you get on a world with Hillary Clinton as President. Teresa May as Prime Minister, Angela Merkel as Chancellor, Marine Le Pen as Premiere, Nicola Sturgeon as First Minister, Christine Lagarde as Chief Executive and Elizabeth Windsor as Queen? Will the ladies do better job than the fellas?

  8. In this country we have a traditional establishment of land owning gentry, Royalty, peers of the realm and families who have passed down vast wealth accrued in the days of Empire over generations. Alongside this we have a democratic process which should actually lead to a more balanced society, and a more representative government. Unfortunately our main opposition party sees fit to emulate the party that directly represents the establishment, in order to defeat it. Then everybody votes the establishment party in because they control the media that is seen as truth by most of the electorate, when faced with this lack of choice. Then, as Portillo points out their role is polarised around the maintenance of power by any means necessary, alongside bolstering their failing economy by continuously taking money from the bottom of the pile, when if we had a “strong economy” as they claim, there would be no need for austerity. It’s all going to plan Michael, they don’t need to ‘do’ anything.

  9. If the home owning public can be frightened into remaining in the EU through the threat of lower house prices, then all is lost for future generations. Anyone that would consider remaining for this reason needs to sell up and buy a nice exspensive house in France.

  10. At 80yrs old I have watched this country go backwards since migrants were allowed into the UK. our once proud housing estates have now been given to migrants,, and have become slums, we had to pay rents for these they get rents paid, they go shop lifting every day, and get away with it because the police have their hands tied, the excuse, they do not understand English, they know all the laws and if you touch them they charge you with assault, even if you want to go past them . at my cousins funeral in Birmingham, five Asian youths exposed their bottoms to the Hurst as it went past, they are ungrateful scum we offer them homes paid for by the British tax payers and this is how they say thank you

  11. I am worried !! When the majority of us vote Brexit and we’re out,, Camoran wants remain will he make more of a mess of this country just to prove his point ???

  12. This government is a welfare state wrecking ball, polarising society so the poor, the sick and the disadvantaged live on the margins. A selfish and inadequate apology for leadership.

  13. Cameron SAYS he wants in but let’s look at the facts
    things are getting a little hot for him, he wants a rest
    People will vote out just to go against him
    Boris appeals to the Brexit voters and is standing by
    I think there is a little reverse psychology at play here.
    Once we are out the Tories can pretty much do what they like
    and continue the Great British sell off. J

  14. It must happen that,after some time in office, a government has simply done all it wants to do. I’d like to see a Queen’s Speech saying- we have no plans for new legislation except that necessary to keep things ticking over. The rest of the time will be left to Private Members’ Bills.

  15. David Cameron has said that one of the main reasons he wanted to be Prime Minister was that he would be good at it.

    What happened?

  16. Now we are out please those people who voted to stay in. stop being so negative that does not help. We are out and we must be positive or we will go under. So stop winging.

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