David Cameron: trust me

The BBC’s Andrew Neil is one of the few senior journalist at the corporation to focus on potential Tory election expenses fraud. The Daily Politics today covered the issue in detail.

This short 6 minute video is a good primer on the growing scandal.

It’s been a slow-burning story but it shows no sign of going away as Channel 4 News continues to break new ground. If anything, it’s getting worse for the Tories.

Yesterday the Election Commission took the party to court to force it to hand over crucual documents which had been requested by the Commision, but which the party had still failed to release.

So how did this all start?

And then Andrew Neil goes to explain the background.



The BBC may have caught up but it was outrage on Twitter that forced it to give more prominence…

  1. robert bradford says:

    Essentially the Tories appear to have ‘bought’ the General Election .. What worries me is who else they will able to buy in order to get away with it ..

  2. Alan Harwood says:

    The Tory ‘elite’are crooked through and through and must not only be hounded from office but held to account for their criminality and jailed. They may then get the message that they can’t do whatever they want and that they are not above the law.

  3. Politicians are corrupt by nature ,if they told the truth at elections no one would vote for them.

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