Marmite on toast

If you believe some people on the internet, it heralds the beginning of the apocalypse. For others it was only slightly less worrying than that.

The BBC website is to get rid of its archive of 110,000 recipes on, and lots of people are not happy.

A petition started this morning to save the recipes has already had over 20,000 signatures at the time of writing, and growing by 1,000 signatures every few minutes.

When the Government is trying to promote healthy eating, surely it is madness to remove such a comprehensive archive which has taken years to create, not to mention time and money. Whilst maintaining and developing it undoubtedly takes investment, simply retaining the archive in its current form is surely not an overly expensive task, especially measured against the meagre cost savings and the loss to the community, as evidenced by the outcry on social media.

Sign it here.

Plenty of others took a pop at Rupert Murdoch and the government for pushing the BBC into this situation




Of course, there were plenty of jokes too



Blame the Tories for this disaster.


Not long before the entire recipes archive turns up on the internet for free though…

  1. Mark Redwood-Thomson says:

    The thought off bbc recipes being removed is disgusting! Removal all the rubbish local news and local tv stations first!!

  2. Tony Manning says:

    Remove recipes for marmite on toast and cheese on toast and the probably the like of sandwich spread sandwiches, tomato sandwiches, cheese sandwiches with pickle, cucumber sandwiches- that’s where they could save some money!

  3. Trevor Brown says:

    The BBC is a major source of trustworthy and quality TV and Radio not just in the UK but throughout the world. It produces quality work which in turn ensures that the commercial channels have to match it. Government plans to emasculate the BBC in favour of Sky appal me and the BBC recipes fiasco is just a small part of this death by a thousand cuts. The government should be ashamed of itself. What next, privatisation of BBC news in favour of Sky or God forbid, Russia today.

  4. Susan prentice says:

    Stop paying so called stars million and the top bosses ,what with expenses the money saved would be a fortune,it’s obscene what some get paid ,then we could have some decent programmes instead of repeats.

  5. Please leave all the recipes on the BBC website . I use them regularly they are most helpful

  6. Simon Allnutt says:

    It costs virtually nothing to leave these recipes on the server, this is a stunt by the BBC.

  7. Scandalous that bosses should decide such a thing. Measured against how much the License Fee costs to how much BBC programming I watch, the BBC Food website and Radio 2 makes it value for money!!

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