Sadiq Khan

In winning London by a huge margin yesterday, Sadiq Khan set another notable precedent: winning the largest mandate of any British politician….ever.

The Mayor of London is the biggest directly elected position in British politics, especially since Britons can’t vote directly for a Prime Minister.

And Sadiq Khan won the most votes out of all London elections: a record 1,148,716 votes in the first round.

His final tally, after taking second preferences into account, was 1,310,143 votes [note: we had the figures wrong initially, and have updated them].

When Boris Johnson won City Hall in 2008 with 1.1 million votes, he said it was the “largest personal mandate in British political history”.

Well, now Sadiq Khan has easily topped him.

Here’s a comparison of previous London Mayoral elections

London Mayoral votes



Not a good day for the Tories

  1. Al we need now is for a Tory hypocrite to claim election fraud cos they don’t do irony do they

  2. Jim Morris says:

    SNP polled over a million on the constituency vote and only 50,000 less on the regional lists, so added together just on the 2 million mark out of a possible 8 million. Sadiq Khan 1.1 million out of a total of 14 million?

  3. I voted for Sadiq because of Jeremy Corbyn. So, don’t misread our intention. We need Jeremy as Prime Minister, and winning the London Base is a super strategic position. Sadiq must play as a team member, is not “him” is the Momentum movement.

  4. Umar Daraz Khan says:

    Sadiq Khan not only represent Londoners but he also represent moderate, secular and liberal Muslims, a section that is hardly represented in British Politics. He gives an opportunity for voters and people like me to get behind him, have a voice and feel partner in UK politics.

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