Zac Goldsmith

Shazia Awan, a former Conservative candidate for constituency of Leigh, said she was switching to the Labour party after watching Zac Goldsmith’s “repulsive” campaign for Mayor.

Ms Awan had earlier criticised Goldsmith’s candidacy in an article for the New Statesman, saying it was “exploitative and ugly”.

She spoke out after another Tory woman, Binita Mehta, group leader at Watford Council, said Zac Goldsmith was “patronising” London’s Indian voters.

A day after Goldsmith’s piece in the Mail on Sunday, which used an image from the 7/7 terrorist attacks to criticise Labour, Ms Awan had finally had enough.




With Sadiq Khan ahead of Goldsmith by at least 20 points, at least according to one poll, she isn’t alone.

Just 4 days to go

  1. Colin Sharples says:

    Desperate, disgusting, deceitful Tories at their worst! Nothing these evil, elitist idiots will surprise me now. Vote Labour and destroy the Tories forever. My thoughts are with the millions of innocent people who’s lives have been made to suffer at the hands of these ideological morons.

  2. Kevin Sparrow says:

    To all those disappointed Tory voters, vote Labour to show your disgust at the vile corrupt Tory party!
    All they are doing is punishing the poorest in our society, they are slowly asset stripping this great country of our and giving it to their Rich friends !

  3. Paul Bower says:

    Thank you to all Conservatives who are voting Labour on 5 May to defend decency. Shazia Awan is a brave and noble woman. This could not have been easy for her.

  4. Good news. If you can keep your nerve and vote for Corbynistas next governmental election you are likely to acquire such faith in humanity that all this here and now will seem a bad dream

  5. I’m not sure the Tories have any power to control what pictures the Daily Mail uses to illustrate its articles, but nevertheless it’s been an odd campaign. I don’t understand why the Tories would be trying a dodgy guilt-by-association campaign against Khan when there is a far more legitimate direct line of attack they could be using: Khan stole thousands of pounds of taxpayer money by fraudulently submitting (with a different description) an expense claim that had already been rejected once and which he therefore KNEW wasn’t claimable.

    The Tory campaign should have been “Khan belongs in prison, not the Mayor’s office”. There’s no reason to bring race or religion into it. The man himself is unsuitable for public office. So why have they shot themselves in the foot with this idiotic campaign?

  6. Anyone knowing the background of the Goldsmith family (particularly his father and his mate Tiny Roland) should not be surprised in the slightest at this ones behaviour. As they say father like son

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