Boris zip wire

Today started off with prominent Brexiters Boris Johnson and Michael Gove pledging that a vote to leave the EU would result in the VAT on energy bills being scrapped — only to be contradicted by one of their own colleagues.

Chris Grayling downgraded their “promise”, saying that cutting VAT on fuel, enforced by the EU, was just “one of the options”:

That wasn’t really the message Johnson and Gove were sending in an article they penned for The Sun:

“Fuel bills will be lower for everyone.”

This confusion comes as the Remain camp has published a list of 20 commitments made by the Out campaign, which their rivals claim are unfunded to the tune of £111bn.


The problems don’t end there. Johnson’s and Gove’s enthusiasm for their fuel pledge doesn’t explain why other Brexiters – Iain Duncan Smith, Liam Fox, John Whittingdale and Norman Lamont – were all for the tax when it was introduced in 1994 and a year later tried to double it from 8% to 17.5%.

The misinformation in this referendum debate continues to pile up.

  1. Colin Alston says:

    Boris rides again. Looking like a circus clown. Talking less sense than a circus clown. He’s losing the plot and he’s losing the argument. Boris is now the front man for ‘Project No-Idea’.

  2. VAT on fuel was not enforced by the EU. It was enforced by the Tory government of the day (as you go on to say later in the piece).

  3. All the Brexiters have to offer is nationalistic xenophobia. This caused two terrible world wars, so let us keep it firmly in its box and stay in the EU.

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