Nicky Morgan

It’s a good day to bury a big u-turn. After weeks and weeks of stridently claiming they would definitely force all schools to turn into Academies, they have now announced a partial u-turn.

The controversial plans to to force all schools into Academy status by 2022 were announced in the Budget.

But in an interview with the BBC today, Education Secretary Nicky Morgan has said this would not apply to all schools now.

The full interview is not out yet.


Morgan says now that schools judged ‘good’ or ‘outstanding’ will no longer be forced to become Academies.

UPDATE: Expect more outrage as it emerges the government plan to force through its plans without legislation.

In its press release the government states:

As a result of these conversations, the Government has decided, while reaffirming our continued determination to see all schools to become academies in the next six years, that it is not necessary to bring legislation to bring about blanket conversion of all schools to achieve this goal.



  1. Wanderin Bongo says:

    Bl**dy h*ll – Nicky Morgan looks as if she’s been skiing with Gideon, judging by her eyes. Either that or she’s been taken over by The Evil Overlords! Oh ……..

  2. Andrew ADAMS says:

    This right wing ideological proposal to force all our state school to become Academies was never about raising standards it was simply a ploy to effectively privatise our state schools and for the Tories cronies to make a killing at the taxpayers expense like all the other failed fire sale sell offs which only benefits the CEOS and shareholders and foreign investers.

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