Boris Johnson zipwire

Boris today said people should “stick to the facts” on the EU Referendum debate today, which would be believable if it didn’t come after he falsely claimed the EU was stopping the sale of bananas in large bunches.

Asked about the Tory grandee Heseltine slamming him last night, Boris told BBC News:

I think the most important thing is that everybody should cut out the synthetic outrage about things I have said, and stick to the facts.



He was asked to respond to Michael Heseltine yesterday slamming him and saying Boris was losing his judgement over the EU Referendum debate.

Meanwhile, yesterday, Boris told a crowd of people:

It is absurd we are told that you cannot sell bananas in bunches of more than two or three bananas.

As every sane person on the planet has pointed out, this is untrue.


So… when exactly will Boris stick to the facts?

  1. I think Boris might just be using the spurious example of bunches of bananas to illustrate a wider point about the detail interference and obsession about certain subjects we see within committees in Europe. In my experience of – god forbid I admit to it…..working in and living in mainland Europe and actually getting about a bit – I do come across some howling examples where regulation introduced to cope with a perceived or real problem in an industry in one part of Europe, is completely irrelevant or even damaging to a similar (on the face of it) industry in a different part of Europe. I also see examples where countries conveniently (or sensibly) ignore rulings when they don’t feel they really apply in their own national or regional situation. As for the obviously insane grinning monkeys in the picture above, they must be completely bananas themselves to think they are making some intellectual or other smart visual comment. Pathetic, and I am a pro Europe believer !

  2. Moira Stuart says:

    Ironically, when I buy bananas, I usually only want to buy two or three, because they go off too quickly. However, they always seem to be in large bunches in my local supermarket. I end up just breaking a couple off a bunch, very carefully, of course!

  3. John Laband says:

    A number of our politicians seem not to have had a meaningful job and are concerned mainly with playing our broken political system to their own advantage. They ‘squat on our lives. Why can’t we use our brains as a pitchfork and drive the brutes off’ (Larkin)

  4. How on Earth did this twat manage to be elected twice to be in charge of the largest city in Europe?

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