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On BBC This Week last night, presenter Andrew Neil spent one minute on one of the biggest political stories this year – the potential Tory election expenses fraud.

It wasn’t for lack of trying – his guests didn’t know about the story and had little to say about it.

That in itself says a lot about how much attention the media has been giving this story.

Andrew Neil: Seven police forces across the UK have now launched criminal investigations into Conservative potential electoral fraud. This has the potential to turn into a scandal. I mean today, I think it was, the Tory central office couldn’t get its response in on time, and now in breach of court orders.


Michael Portillo: You’ve blind-sided me on this… I haven’t followed this at all. I don’t know where this electoral fraud is, no.

Andrew Neil: I’m sure you have Alan…

Alan Johnson: No… (laughs) I saw it for the first time on your…

Andrew Neil: It’s about the allocation of expenses. Erm… That there are national limits and there are local limits. And the Tories were bussing people in, financed centrally, and they were staying overnight, financed centrally, and they claimed it was part of the national campaign, but they were out campaigning for the local MPs in marginal seats.


And that was the end of the discussion, since neither guest knew much about it.



Moreover, last night it emerged that the Tories withheld key documents from election fraud investigation.

And yet, coverage this morning on Radio 4’s Today programme was negligible.


Is it any wonder lots of people feel this story hasn’t got enough media attention?

  1. Roger Grenville says:

    Just imagine if it had been LABOUR candidates doing it. Laura Kuenssberg would have had to be physically restrained !

  2. The sad truth is that no British political party is interested, not to mention enthusiastic, about fighting corruption. Not one had fighting corruption as a manifesto promise. On the contrary, they all love to promise us that Britain is the least corrupt country in the world. I guess that by their analysis, the British public hardly has any interest in fighting corruption, and Jo Smith votes only by one criterion : which party will add a pound to Jo Smith’s pocket. If anyone ‘political’ already talks about corruption, it will be only about corruption of the other side. The truth is, I believe, that they are all corrupt. Look at the terrible corruption prevalent among British judges : they all keep quiet about our massive judicial corruption. Shame on all parties.

  3. Alan Jackson says:

    Liars! Its inconceivable that they had never heard of this! Look at their body language!!

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