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It isn’t just the Tories – Christian fundamentalists are also freaking out that London is on the verge of electing its first Muslim Mayor.

This morning, Britain First, who have been going around mosques in London with giant crosses and berating Londoners for not following Christian values, sent out an email to followers to “damage” Khan’s bid for Mayor.

Britain First claim their media team have come up with “a short powerful video exposing Sadiq Khan and his Islamic extremism,” and wanted to raise money to spread it on Facebook.

Specifically, we want to push the video as an advert on Facebook, with a budget of around £2,500.

Doing this will cause Khan damage, real damage.

With a budget of around £2,500 we can hit hundreds of thousands of London voters.

An article by the far-right group on their website is titled ‘Say NO to Labour’s Muslim mayor!’. Sounds suspiciously like the Tory strategy.

Also panicked are Christian Concern, another fundamentalist group that has focused less on street brawls and more on opposing legislation to advance gay and abortion rights.


Christian Concern

An editorial on their website states:

With Khan in charge we can only expect an increase of Islamic segregation in London leading to increased radicalisation. Even if there was a major terrorist attack I doubt if he would take appropriate action.

Whilst I also have reservations about the other mayoral candidates, I see the issue of tacking Islamic segregation as one of our highest priorities if we are to stem the rising tide of Islamic extremism in the UK. With Khan in charge, London will increasingly become Londonistan.

Sounds very much like The Times columnist Melanie Phillips.

We can’t wait to hear their squeals tomorrow.

  1. Oh… my… flipping’… word… Political Scrapbook cannot possibly be naive enough to think that BNP / EDL splinter group Britain First are ACTUALLY Christians (fundamentalist or otherwise)?! Some people on the mainstream left seem to (ahem) fundamentally misunderstand the far-right, especially in the days (thankfully passed) when the BNP were in with some chance of crossing-over into mainstream politics. Can you really be that naive?

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