Zac Goldsmith

Funny how elections force newspapers to change stances. It was only last week the Evening Standard had endorsed Zac Goldsmith as the Mayor of London. Now it is back-tracking already.

In an editorial published this afternoon, it stated:

By contrast, the Tory campaign was catastrophically misjudged. The attempt to suggest that Mr Khan was sympathetic to extremism backfired badly: Londoners got a toxic whiff from the campaign and the result was that  Mr Khan’s support was bolstered rather than otherwise. Many people were attracted to his life story: his rise from a council estate to become Mayor of London embodies the can-do, egalitarian character of the city.

Quite brave of the Evening Standard to blame Zac Goldsmith’s campaign, since it among the first to fling mud at Khan with the exclusive about Sadiq Khan’s ex-brother-in-law ‘link to extremism’.

We demolished that story here.

The Evening Standard then continually gave outsized prominence to more accusations of extremism from Conservative politicians, sometimes without basic fact-checking.

Now, desperate to salvaging its reputation, it is laying the blame entirely with Golsdsmith’s campaign.



No doubt Khan will forgive and move on, but unlikely that others will.

  1. Tory reactions to the Goldsmith campaign are not hypocritical; their self-serving squawking about Labour’s ‘anti-semitism’ while running a racist campaign was hypocritical.
    No, their reactions are worse than hypocritical; all the tories who have crawled out of the woodwork to condemn Goldsmith since his defeat were silent during the actual campaign. In effect they are saying a nasty racist campaign is wrong because it lost, not because it is nasty and racist. They are effectively saying the sin is it didn’t work, not that it was wrong. Had Goldsmith won using these disgusting tactics, we would have had years of election campaigns based on this kind of ethnic nastiness and the people of Britain owe a big favour to the voters of London for so decisively rejecting it. This was a very important vote.

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