Yvette Cooper MP

Yvette Cooper MP stunned the House of Commons today with an impassioned plea calling on Cameron to take in child refugees, and accepting the Alf Dubs amendments.

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She said

The Prime Mininster has just suggested that child refugees in Europe are safe.

There are children’s homes full in Italy and Greece.  Over a thousand children will sleep rough in Greece alone tonight. How are they safe? Ten thousand children have disappeared in Europe, how are they safe?

The agencies say children are committing ‘survival sex’ – they are being abused, subject to prostitution and rape. It is not insulting other European countries to offer to help. They want us to help.

So will he reconsider his position on Alf Dubs amendment before it comes back to vote, and stop with his attitude to loan child refugees, putting this house and this country to shame.


Lord Alf Dubs was a beneficiary of the Kindertransport, the government-backed programme that accepted child refugees from Germany just before the second world war, and has been leading on the amendments to let in the Syrian child refugees.

If the Prime Mininster does not listen, will at least other Tory MPs?

  1. There is passion in the speech and Cameron was probably unable to respond to cooper’s verbal onslaught

  2. I don’t know why she’s even an MP if she feels so strongly why isn’t she like David Miliband out there doing her bit instead of harping on? Same with all those do-gooders they earn all that money,charity workers barely get anything.Labour doesn’t care it’s Cooper’s guilt over Iraq

  3. Yvette Cooper l applaud you. This is a child protection issue, not a political decision. This is an impassioned plea to do the right thing- as a fellow human being, not a politician.
    David Cameron- stop worrying about votes and start worrying about how history will view the cold-hearted, calculating arrogance of you and your cronies.

  4. Krishna lathia james says:

    Shame on us. History will say we were complicit in child abuse. Wake up PM these are Children they are not born with race or religion imprinted on them.

  5. Margaret Short says:

    Yes this is a child protection issue! I am 77. If I was younger I would take one!
    Young families tell Cameron you can help. Well done Yvette Cooper.

  6. Marjory Williamson says:

    Cameron makes me ashamed to be British. If we in Scotland had a separate say, we would take our share. Until Cameron and his Eton crop of fellow politicians open their eyes and ears, they place their futures more and more on the way to the back benches if not out of the door altogether.

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