Glyn Davies MP

When the news broke that Labour had snubbed a donation from the burger giant McDonalds, some Tory MPs did not resist the temptation to put the boot in.

One of them was Glyn Davies, MP for Montgomeryshire:


Odd for an MP to spend so much time on the issue.

Is that because Mr Davies has had hospitality from McDonalds in the past… and then failed to declare it? (h/t @SunApology)

But Mr Davies also said he was quite happy to accept the hospitality, he believed McDonald’s was doing a lot of good work in promoting sport for children, and dissociated himself from the attack on Mr Pugh.

A spokesman for the Conservative assembly group said it stood by its assertion that Mr Pugh should have declined the hospitality invitation, as it believed association with a fast food chain was not compatible with a campaign for a healthy lifestyle.


Political Scrapbook called Mr Davies’s constituency office to ask if they remembered it. A spokeswoman confirmed that Glyn Davies was indeed a Welsh AM at the time but couldn’t recall that specific incident.

Glad we could help jog their memory.

  1. Jonathan Wilson says:

    Oooo My first Twitter blocking, I’m honoured.

    All I did was post this link to Davies’s twitter account with the words “that time you forgot to register, awkward”.

    That obviously didn’t go down well, hahahaha.

    What a sad individual, then gain I guess they hate to be spoken to by us plebs – especially when it doesn’t agree with their view point.

  2. Joe Phillips says:

    Some cretin Labour MP called, I believe, Streeter has declared that Jeremy Corbyn is a snob for turning down the £30000 for McDonalds displaying at the coming conference. You can imagine the headlines in all the newspapers if it had been accepted, by Labour
    ” Labour doesn’t care about obesity and will accept money from anyone”.Even idiots like Streeter would have changed their tack and demanded a rethink, just to oppose Jeremy Corbyn. I wish these Idiots would go and start their own party, they seem so sure they can do better.

  3. Jonathan Wilson says:

    Interesting, looking at the reply tweets by others… the number of replies have substantially reduced. The common aspect of the ones no longer showing is that they posted to the bbc’s link or this sites page. I wonder why he would want to block posters of such links, something to hide – like, I dunno, facts?

  4. Unless you wear wellies and drive a tractor Glyn Davies won’t give you the time of day. My Brother has written to him on a number of occasions and he hasn’t even afforded him the courtesy of a reply. Lembit Opik may have been hungry for fame, but at least he worked hard for all of his constituents in Montgomeryshire.

  5. agree with Joe…

    The problems we face as socialist oriented thinking people is not the Tories – they are quite capable of destroying themselves with their sociopathic greed and lack of loyalty to core principles
    the real problem is that some PLP member are similar to the point of causing nausea, and still hanker for the losing days of the compromised neo-conservative clan that misdirected Brown and still think Bliar was a huge success.

    Corbyn is not a great leader – but he is streets ahead of any other Labour potential that is sitting in the wings planning greasy pole assaults and forgetting that it was Jeremy’s principles that got him the popular vote.

  6. terry davies says:

    Now is the time to reintroduce integrity and honest intentions into Politics. Who wants any salaried Mayor? Its clear there is another gravy train being created and communities will lose their care and poor standards be created by the race to the bottom. Why are there traditional mayors, city salaried Mayors and after the next mayoral elections – metro MAYORS.
    Do we need any salaried mayors?
    when was there any consultation ? I dont want to see this further drain on the finances of communities and the start of yet another gravy train with the accompanying manipulation of public spending through control of ther duties and salaries.

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