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Last night, the London* talk radio station sent out this tweet, wondering if Jeremy Corbyn should resign over the Panama Papers.

Yes, genuinely.

It immediately attracted a storm of criticism from its own followers, many asking LBC to delete its Twitter account.

This morning LBC was also condemned by others, not usually seen as Corbyn supporters.




LBC are staying very quiet

  1. Ronnie Dunnett says:

    Tragic the pathetic standard of our Prime Monster.

    The house of commons if innocent must stand up and condemned the guilty March them out in shame as they throw rotten fruit at them. They stand high and mighty while they condem the poor.

  2. Tony Bobbett says:

    In all this furore have we all forgotten about the small or non-existent amount of tax that ‘Osborne & Little’ pay per annum. Not a lot, as Paul Daniels used to say?

  3. Andrew Maguire says:

    You live here you work here you pay the tax here quite simple really! Cameron will just tell lie after lie why on earth would anyone believe him now? Maybe because the media is just as corrupt as the torys! And LBC can f#*k off with all the other tax avoiding parasites!

  4. I reckon it’s Nick Ferrari behind this…the man is a notorious rightwinger only initial Tories or Ukip onto his show

  5. You’re quite right Louise. Nick Ferrari is a disgusting right-winger whose views belong in the Middle Ages.

  6. Nigel Walker says:

    How can you seriously ask if Corbyn should resign? He is asking the questions people want answered. If anyone should resign it should be Cameron.
    Even if he isn’t guilty he is damaging his already troubled party by staying on with this hanging over him

  7. corbyn is for the people cameron is for his rich buddies, out with cameron and his cronies and in with corbyn

  8. Camerons in trouble
    He knows it
    We knows it
    You knows it
    Get the weed out its spoiling the lawn him and all the other dead moss of the conning Tory party..

  9. Jonathan Wilson says:

    “Ian insists that the Prime Minister is not mentioned in the Panama Papers”… funny, neither is Mr Putin mentioned in the Panama Papers; yet that hasn’t stopped every single western publication using his picture because someone close to him was associated with the papers. Yet somehow David Cameron shouldn’t be associated with the Panama Papers when it was his dad who was screwing over the British public by dodging tax, David Cameron who’s education was paid for by his tax dodging dad, and gave him the leg up into politics via Eaton.
    Oh, but no… we can’t question our betters can we *doffs cap, bows, scrapes* no we can’t be allowed to question the moral standing of someone who has had an easy ride thanks to his dad dodging tax while us plebs have to pay it.

  10. I’m ready to tear the shirt from Cameron’s back. He continues to resort to playground politics by scoffing at Corbyn’s attire, yet we appear to be footing the bill for his ‘expensive taste’. I’m fuming, and I imagine millions of others are too. Get out of our government, Cameron you fucking psychopath.

  11. No suprise that right wing loudmouth Nick Ferrari is behind this,the man is a woeful braggart!

  12. Corbyn is a disgrace. Lives in the past and would drag our Country back into the 70’s.
    Cameron’s Father is not Cameron. What if Corbyn’s father was found to have been a chimney sweep. It doesn’t matter it was his father.

  13. The saying about people in glass houses not throwing bricks is extremely pertinent in this furore. I doubt there are more than a handful of politicians who can claim to be whiter than white. As for Labour winning any future election, that is so unlikely that Jesus would have to be resurrected to perform another miracle. I say that as a disenchanted voter who worries about the political future of this country since Labour lost their Scottish vote! Labour need to come up with more than just mudslinging to win the confidence of English voters, the financial state they left this country in will not be easily forgotten.

  14. jon says corbyn will take this country back to the 1970s …whats the alternative leave the country in the hands of the torys and go back to the middle ages cos thats the way they are taking us …..should corbyn resign defenatly not should cameron and osbourne follow ids that should be a big fat YES

  15. The 70’s was a good decade. A larger proportion of the population had jobs than now. The Tories are basically killing this country for the benefit of the very few. I wonder how many people are really unemployed, over the actual figures. Cameron & Osbourne should both go now.

  16. Les – they left the country in a better financial state than it is now, after 7 years of cuts. They prevented complete economic collapse by nationalising the banks, which screwed the balance sheet, but the international markets were confident and continued to give us a triple-A rating.

    At no point were we regarded like Greece or Spain by the outside world, and I think that’s interesting, given that we are always told to show trust in the markets. International finance is going to be more concerned by the real financial picture than politicians trying to hoodwink the public by making fatuous comparisons between household budgets and macroeconomics.

    He’s now got us in a cycle of falling tax receipts which will demand more cuts. It’s like a company axing it’s productive employees one-by-one.

    Unfortunately the Labour-screwed-the-economy thing is an easy one to sell, even though history says Tories crash it more

  17. The 70’s was the decade when there was the least inequity between rich and poor in Britain and we should be trying to recreate that state of affairs. In that respect it was a great period in British history and this government is trying to con us into believing that this can’t be afforded ever again. Bullshit!

  18. The 70’s really weren’t so bad – more income equality, and stuff like the NHS and schools worked better, and the trains and underground were affordable. Oh yes – the music was better too.

  19. Peter Simmons says:

    Les Royal – You clearly haven’t heard that the ‘state Labour left the finances in’ is a Tory smear, that’s a lie, they made it up. It has been well and truly put to bed by finance experts, but apparently you failed to see that. Not paying attention?

  20. I agree with Les on the financial mess that labour left the country in, they should have stuck with tory free market dogma and let the banks fail when they went bust.

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