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Senior Tories in Portsmouth took a group ‘thumbs up’ picture outside a children’s centre they’ve axed, and dismissed the criticism as “paranoia”.

The thumbs up picture, apparently taken after a hard day of campaigning, was outside the Havelock Community Centre – the home of Southsea Children’s Centre.

Except that Neill Young, one of the councillors featured in the picture, had ruled last month that the centre’s Ofsted-recognised programme would be taken away, to cut £205,000 from the council budget.

Lib Dem Central Southsea councillor Lee Hunt told Portsmouth News:

They have just closed the children’s centre and there they are stood outside it giving the thumbs-up. It looks like they’ve made a right pigs ear of things. It looks to me like they are gloating, and I am very, very angry.

The Tories are either politically incompetent or they just don’t care, and I suspect it’s an element of both. It’s an absolute own goal.

Councillor Young hit back:

We were out campaigning, we had a good response, so we put a thumbs-up. It wasn’t anything to do with the children’s centre…

There will still be some services out of the Havelock centre. There will just be a different way of providing it.

Presumably, “a different way” is euphemism for “less of”.

  1. Sylvia Ashby says:

    Unbelievable ignorance in insensitivity. Actually – only too believable. Just cruel and thoughtless idiots.

  2. Inform them that two care homes will close in the Torbay Brixham area. with old age pensioners not knowing where they are going to live. Would they put a thumbs up if there next of kin where OAP,s and there care homes where going to close.

  3. I could say they need to take their thumb out of their arse and look cuts that won’t affect the most vulnerable…
    This picture is Crass beyond words..

  4. typical of bullies to gloat and sneer at their victims and publicly show-off their hate-crimes. This is only too common from Tories, there is blood on their hands, and on the hands of those who voted for them. You think this is bad? Wait til you see how they are quietly stealing our homes and giving them to developers to make profit on turning social housing into private rented accomodation. It is beyond evil, the housing bill, the welfare cuts, austerity – we are still paying for the bankers mistakes while they are happily spending their bonuses. We cannot allow this state of affairs to continue.

  5. This is what we are up against. We make the mistake of thinking they are responsible people – even if we disagree with them. But they are not. They actually want to harm our society. Anything that might put a nano-penny on the tax bill of someone who can well afford it is simply going to get swept away.

  6. Go out and harrass the hell out of them on their campaign trail. Bring up every fact about their failings and keep at them for answers.

  7. Go out and harrass the hell out of them on their campaign trail. Bring up every fact about their failings and keep at them for answers.

  8. Go out and harrass the hell out of them on their campaign trail. Bring up every fact about their failings and keep at them for answers.

  9. Terry Davies says:

    they are typifying the imbeciles who think photoshoots get good publicity. do you think portsmouth tories will continue to vote for these egocentric councillors????

  10. What a bunch of imbeciles. Absolutely disgusting but then again I expect nothing less of the Tories. Absolute bunch of arsehole’s who should be stripped of their roles immediately.

  11. A good response?
    Get in the sea. If i see a tory campaigner i will set it/he/she on fire.
    Getting home alive should be a good response for a tory you inhumane wrecks.

  12. PAUL LAWLOR says:

    I tell those Tories in Portsmouth …you have brought down the thunder and now it’s coming for you,on May 5th you are going to get what you deserve,
    I hope Labour gain control of the council there!

  13. Pete Guthrie says:

    I think the tories are disgusting too but lest we forget, Cllr Hunt was one of their right wing firebrands for years and ran against me as a Tory

    The Lib Dems are the ones who led PCC into a crisis with Cllr Hunt as a member of the executive. There is only one solution, vote Labour on May 5th

  14. They don’t give a toss about this country they only care about maintaining class structure and insuring people from the bottom can’t make their way up the ladder and steel the richest minoritys cash so they can stuff it all in tax havens and bleed this country dry it doesn’t take much to realise that every billion pounds they hide is cash removed from this country’s economy

  15. Janis Garbutt says:

    They are the most amoral,self serving,divisive,set of nasties in modern politics.The sooner we can got these arsewipes out the sooner we can rebuild their colossal draconian cock ups.

  16. Christine Hughes says:

    Own Goal !
    Don’t let them forget it as it shows the Tories have no concept of the effect on people’s lives caused by their policies .Jeremy can use this against Cam-moron ,make him squirm .GET THE TORIES OUT.

  17. I don’t know which is worse, this hunting trophy photo, or the one of Cecil the Lion. These certainly look prouder – and they didn’t have to travel so far – it’s probably only an hour or so by train from where they live to their constituency.

  18. John Loyns Meade says:

    They could not care less as long as they can find a way to line their own pockets, regardless of the outcome, they must dislike kids

  19. “Yay! Look at this successful implementation of our policies! We’re coming for YOURS next!”

    They are enemies of the people. It’s a shame most people won’t recognise the fact.

  20. Tories said the same 6 years ago and since when they started closing youth centres (easier cos no one stands up for teenagers like they do for kiddiwinks) nationwide. They are vandals of the worse kind.

  21. Beryl Oldroyd says:

    This lot make me ashamed of my home city. I trust Portsmouth will get it’s ‘mojo’ back in May and consign them to history! The Portsmouth I knew was better and kinder than this.

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