Cameron boasts of his record on FGM … while specialist FGM services are closing down

In January this year, David Cameron told the House of Commons that Britain was not involved in Saudi Arabia’s assault on Yemen, which has claimed thousands of lives.

But an investigation now reveals this may be untrue.

In response to a question from the SNP’s Angus Robertson, the PM said in January:

Just to be absolutely clear about our role: we’re not a member of the Saudi-led coalition, British military personnel are not directly involved in the Saudi-led coalition’s operations, personnel are not  involved in carrying out strikes, directing or conducting operations in Yemen or selecting targets and we’re not involved in the Saudi targeting decision making process.

But now an investigation by VICE News into the war in Yemen seems to have contradicted that claim.

The piece on Britain’s “Covert War” in Yemen reveals that:

  • UK agents were providing Americans with locations and information for drone strikes
  • Britain played a “crucial and sustained role” with the CIA in “finding and fixing targets”
  • British intelligence also assessed the effect of drone strikes
  • Agents were also training Yemeni intelligence for US drone strikes

The investigation also reveals that:

British forces also, on occasion, took the lead. In Sanaa, the British training team was living in a team house, moved every six months for security reasons, with a permanent medic. However, according to UK military personnel who served in Yemen, some rooms were kept empty for “temporary visitors” — British special forces who were flown in for short missions. Due to the low profile maintained by the British trainers, these teams could avoid drawing attention.

The vast majority of bombings in Yemen have been authorised and carried out by Saudi Arabia.

But British and American interests are thought to operate in Yemen not just to learn about potential threats to their countries, but continue operations against al-Qaeda.

The VICE revelations seem to go beyond what was admitted by Cameron earlier this year.

Perhaps another statement on the matter is necessary.

  1. Eileen Conboy says:

    Here we go again…DD does not know right from wrong…he probably needs assessment by a psychiatrist as he appears to show lots of the symptoms of a sociopath. I think we should all just presume that if his lips are moving he is lying and ignore him.

  2. Yep! Dodgy Dave at it again. You will notice that they are rarely accused of lying, they are said to have misled the House, or the British public, or said to be economical with the truth when really they are lying through their teeth..

  3. Michael Bell says:

    proof surfaces again that this man isnot fit for purpose.How much more before people take to the streets to force him and his chums out of power. Britain needs an orange revolution.

  4. Britain has been actively conniving with Saudi Arabia against The Houthi in Yemen. That includes the varieties of bad behaviour like bombing schools and hospitals. Cameron lies habitually, but whether he chooses to admit or deny this Country’s participation, he should remember that War Crimes are war crimes and aiding and abetting them as our Servicemen are doing under orders does not exonerate our men. Co-ordinating weapon strikes does not exclude bombing hospitals simply because the murderous Saudis think they can get away with it because Dodgy Dave is joining in with the cover-up.

  5. Smoking Weed at school never can tell if it fuddled his brain, should have been expelled! But no allowed to carry on to become prime minister

  6. lock down Parliament….. old fashion lock on gates….cuffs and covers….sound systems distraction tactics….

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