Momentum lobbying company Jon Lansman

The founder of Momentum — the campaign group set up in the wake of Jeremy Corbyn’s victory — is setting up a lobbying firm to help private companies reach far-left politicians across the globe, Political Scrapbook can reveal.

Described as ‘the first Bennite lobbying shop’, the initiative is spearheaded by Jon Lansman (above), who hopes to establish the new outfit as a competitor to Tony Blair Associates, the consultancy run by the former British PM.

Like Blair, aides to Lansman are understood to be setting up a Byzantine network of companies to disguise financial affairs. A source close to the project told this website:

“We have already kicked Blairism’s arse in Westminster. Now we’ll do the same in the private sector.

The company will be called Kapital Partners.

With Lansman looking to take techniques refined in Momentum and apply them to the corporate world, the company is hoping to attract a host of ‘misunderstood’ clients:

“We want to find ways to engage Sports Directs freelance workers to help them lobby the government to protect the flexibility in their contracts.

First the Labour party, next the world!

  1. And in other news…

    “UKIP explodes in a giant ball of noxious gas and beer cans over Cardiff Bay…Ron Twaite (73) of Penarth said, ” It was there in the night sky just throbbing, then all hell broke lose…I’m still looking for my dog “Shakey Stevo”, he ran whimpering behind the sofa”.

  2. Jonathan Wilson says:

    I was about to get most enraged… then I read the text, lol.

    Mind you, I’m sure the permanently thirsty Gweedo will believe it and use it to whip up his educationally challenged supporters.

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