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Rejoice! Health secretary Jeremy Hunt told Radio 4’s Today programme this morning that this was “likely to be [his] last big job in politics”.

He went on to say:

Health secretaries are never popular, you’re never going to win a contest for being the most liked person when you’re doing this job. But what history judges is did you take the tough and difficult decisions that enables the NHS to deliver high quality care for patients.

News flash for Hunt: health secretaries can be popular – when they’re not pushing ‘reforms’ opposed by the vast majority of the profession and public.

LISTEN to the clip


Reacting to the interview, the editor of the Health Service Journal said that Hunt was on his way out


Others said Hunt had signalled he was never going to run for Tory leader.

But Labour MP Toby Perkins summed it up best


Is a fat private-sector job beckoning, Mr Hunt?

  1. Jeremy Cunt is one of those people in life who can leave you so bereft of hope. Selfish, full of himself, utterly lacking humanity. Luckily I think he’s realising a job dealing with people with values is a bridge too far for him.

  2. Phil Whithair says:

    He will take a job with whoever he sells the NHS to, probably non executive director on a huge salary.
    Corrupt to the hilt. Nasty shit and a right Jeremy Hunt!

  3. Thostidswell says:

    It’s an interesting strategy for the Government to assert that the strike is an attempt to unseat the Government.
    Heath played that card against the Miners and was duly up-ended.
    The Government, however, are well aware that they cannot “impose” a contract directly upon the NHS Doctors (few of them are directly employed by the DoH); furthermore, as is abundantly clear to anyone who considers the situation openly, compelling the remaining Junior Doctors to fill empty places in the duty rosters as the incidence of recruitment problems worsens does not make the hospitals safer as the remainder of the medical staff have real Unions that will not allow their members to be railroaded. The DoH admitted 24/7 working was uncosted, the staffing not even researched; in fact an unachievable Manifesto pledge like the reduction of immigration. Wait until our Doctors get really serious and the NHS stops because the Consultants won’t tolerate having to keep the plates spinning.

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