Goldsmith and Khan

Imran Khan, the Pakistani political leader may be Zac Goldsmith’s ex-brother in law, but he has also been repeatedly endorsed by the Tory candidate for Mayor of London.

Now, more video interviews uncovered by this blog should raise big questions about Goldsmith’s judgement, and his apparent claims that rival Sadiq Khan was ‘giving cover to extremists’.

Zac Goldsmith endorsed and legitimised a man who has justified attacks on British troops and spouted common anti-semitic tropes about Israel.

First, a bit of background.

Imran Khan is the leader of PTI – a major political party in Pakistan that has several times been on the verge of being elected. He is also Zac Goldsmith’s ex-brother-in-law, having previously married Jemima Goldsmith.

But the relationship between the two goes way beyond familial ties.

Zac Goldsmith endorsed Imran Khan last year for PM of Pakistan, saying he was an “honest and strong leader”. He also praised Imran Khan just last month at a Conservative Friends of Pakistan event.

That was payback, as Imran Khan campaigned for Zac Goldsmith several times at his constituency, and Goldsmith said he considered Imran Khan “a hero”.

Imran Khan’s views

This blog has already revealed that Imran Khan gave an interview a few years ago, justifying attacks on British troops in Afghanistan (and the Afghani government), by claiming that insurgents were fighting for “freedom” and their “jihad” was justified in the Qu’ran. The Guardian reported on those remarks.

Goldsmith endorsed Imran Khan just last year, and again a month ago, after these remarks were made. Goldsmith has legitimised and endorsed him repeatedly.

Now, Political Scrapbook has uncovered another video – a compilation of remarks and interviews by Imran Khan – where he blames Israel for sectarian violence within the Muslim community.



First clip:

Saudi Arabia is our friend, it will always be. Iran is our comrade and that also won’t change. In 1965, or maybe in 1971, Iran and Afghanistan stood by us. Both were with us! Now what are we doing? We are getting involved in a war [in Yemen] that is run by the enemies of Muslims. Remember that Israel is behind this. Israel control’s America’s foreign policy, and of the Middle East. There are even books written on this, by Jewish professors…

Second clip:

Imran Khan: It may be that this is not regular terrorism, this is sectarian terrorism. The Shias and Sunnis who are being made to fight with each other – this is an international conspiracy. There is a global war, and Israel is behind it. There is an effort to get Muslims to fight each other, make Shias and Sunnis fight… why are Shias being killed? Why is this happening?

Interviewer: Israel has its own agenda/attitude, but Saudi Arabia and Iran have their own proxy groups fighting in our country, the Shia and Sunni groups – you should criticise them also?

Imran Khan: Whoever is making them fight, who is behind it? Who benefits? If Muslims in the Middle East are fighting each other, who benefits? Divide and rule is who’s policy?

Third clip:

What has Iran done to anyone? It’s in front of you. Israel is pushing the whole world. Israel’s full power is being deployed and it controls America, so what can Iran do?

The clips have been put together by an anti-Imran Khan rival, but the translations of those interviews have been independently verified.

Political Scrapbook emailed Zac Goldsmith’s campaign a few weeks ago inviting them to comment on his endorsement of Imran Khan, but they declined to comment.

We have sent them another email asking for comment.

Why won’t Zac Goldsmith talk about his endorsement of Imran Khan?

  1. Certainly quite disturbing and delusional. I am no friend of Israel, but these accusations are preposterous and seems familiar, Zionist world conspiracy, one which Adolf Hitler subscribed to!! Imran Khan has muddied his previous good reputation and is in danger of becoming a bigot. We need some calm in these tempestuous political waters and not intemperate comments.

  2. alan cheshire says:

    I spent nearly ten years in Pakistan let me explain the next prim minster of Pakistan is Imran Khan this was agreed 2 years ago, Imran Khan grovelled to the Taliban he never even had the guts to pay his respects to Punjab Governor Salman Tasser when he was murdered by his body guard like all the Pakistani Government Kuffers

  3. This Imran Khan is clearly spouting bigoted ideas straight out of the Hitler handbook, on top of which we hear incitement by Naim al Haque in the background screaming in German, which makes it sound even more like a clip from World War II. Does he deny the Iranian regime is supporting the Houthis? Or is he trying to say that Israel controls them, too? His comments are patently ridiculous, and Zac Goldsmith may want to repay his support, but by doing so, he is himself supporting an extremist, and dare I say, an anti-Semite!

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