Iain Duncan Smith in a select committee

Iain Duncan Smith will get a severance pay of roughly £34,000 just for quitting the government frontbench as minister, research by Political Scrapbook has revealed.

His payout will be in sharp contrast to the fate of most ordinary workers, who get nothing if they abruptly quit their jobs.

The combined ministerial and parliamentary salary of a Cabinet minister is £135,527, which includes a parliamentary salary of £74,962.

Research by Political Scrapbook led to this document on Parliament.uk website states that cabinet mininster get a golden parachute of three months salary if they quit their post.

Here’s the relevant section (page 21)

IDS severance pay

At roughly £11,294 per month, that would mean IDS will get around £34,000 just for quitting as a minister. Lucky for some.

If IDS was treated like other Britons who relied on the DWP, he would get nothing.

  1. what a top scam….a good thing hes a multi millionaire eh! if it was anyone else they wouldnt even get benefits for quitting their job

    what a mug, what utter ground dwelling suction feeders these parasites are, a true drain on the wealth of britain and its people

    truly sickening….

  2. I’d give him a parachute and an anvil, cut the cables and throw him out of a planet at 20 thousand feet.

  3. Gary F. Who said you subtract one from the other…He was a government minister therefore worked out on the salary for that job. Even if you were right 15K for resigning??? Bit rich when your job has involved taking money off people don’t you think???

  4. George Hanlon says:

    I wonder if this £34,000 will be transferred by treasury straight into an offshore tax haven account of his choice.

  5. Suzanne Lesley says:

    Why do people think the anti EU Tories like Iain Duncan Smith are against it for the good of British people?
    I don’t get IDS acting as if he suddenly cares, because he said before he was proud of his work after Owen Jones pointed out how people were suffering.
    Tories always turn out to be liars and hypocrites. When Labour gave us the first ever minimum wage Tories tried to vote against it, saying any form on minimum wage would be bad for the economy. Now they’re saying they’re for a minimum wage, so are they saying they lied before?
    All many remember about politics is last Tory propaganda headline they read. Same as how many don’t realise UKIP formed from Tories who were worried the EU will prevent them from mistreating most British people, for only the few at the top to gain. They don’t want EU directives allowing workers enough breaks etc. Many think they care about British people just because UK is in the name, rather than seeing it’s full of ex Tories.

  6. FFS. At least do some research before commenting.

    As a cabinet minister you get a cabinet minister entitlement (salary) added to your Parliamentary (MP’s) salary. In essence you are paid to do two jobs. He resigned from the job of cabinet minister so he loses this entitlement from his salary. He did not resign as an MP so he keeps his Parliamentary salary of £74962.

    The relevant section of the linked document clearly states that the lump sum is three months of the annual MINISTERIAL salary which is separate from his parliamentary salary. Why the fuck would he need compensated for his total salary when he isn’t losing his MP’s wage.

    By the way, IDS is an odious prick. I also think £15k is an immoral payment for this sociopath or any of his ilk to be receiving for resigning from their jobs.

    Commented because I believe the facts were incorrect. Facts should be facts. I am quite happy for anyone to correct me if I have misrepresented anything.

  7. What can we do to stop these ridiculous payments being allowed? I for one do not agree with this and want to put my foot down and stand up for myself to say ‘No!’. (Sorry, I am a newbie to politics). Thanks 🙂

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