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The Daily Mail has an editorial comment article today calling on David Cameron to help child refugees. Yes, you read that right, the Daily Mail!

The comment piece is titled ‘The Mail’s always been robust on migration. But we MUST give these lost children sanctuary‘.

It says:

But while we understand the arguments for hardening our hearts, we believe that in the exceptional circumstances of this crisis, it would be wrong to do so. True, we have no legal or treaty obligation to lift a finger to help. But our moral and humanitarian duty cannot so easily be shrugged off.

… we believe that the plight of these unaccompanied children now in Europe — hundreds of them on our very doorstep in the Channel ports of France — has become so harrowing that we simply cannot turn our backs.

It is not their fault, after all, that they’ve been sent halfway round the world alone to search for a better life, often after seeing family members slaughtered.

The editorial isn’t perfect, and the Daily Mail’s ‘robustness’ on immigration has frequently veered into casual racism, but this is a welcome development.

The article follows an impassioned mini-speech by Labour’s Yvette Cooper in the commons yesterday, calling on Cameron to do more too.

A lot of people on Twitter were shocked



Labour plan to keep pushing the issue, with another amendment by Alf Dubs.

Hopefully, more Tory MPs will heed this call then.


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