Sad Boris

Boris Johnson’s column today in the Telegraph is a master-stroke of obfuscation – the pretender to the Tory crown manages to blame the EU for the state of the British steel industry even though his own colleagues blocked any ation.

Johnson writes:

Take the glut of Chinese steel. It seems that the EU Commission has been considering a broad range of anti-dumping measures for some time. It is also clear that before Tata took the decision to close Port Talbot, the UK was one of the countries to be lobbying against such tariffs. Some have suggested that this was out of a general desire to suck up to the Chinese; others that it was a principled aversion to tariffs, and recognition that such import duties would hit domestic consumers of steel. Since the Port Talbot crisis blew up, the story seems to have changed. We are now told that the UK does indeed favour anti-dumping measures, though not of the kind that the EU Commission has been proposing.

The result? Probably nothing. Nothing will happen in the near future, if ever, because there is no agreement round the table in Brussels.

Did you get that? Even though Boris admits his Tory government blocked action to help the British steel industry, the EU is to blame because it now can’t get the problem resolved quickly enough.

And now the excuse from the government is that the EU wasn’t asking for the right type of tarrifs, which gives EU-sceptics an excuse to blame the EU again, without taking responsibility for their own actions.

This is a master-class in churning out bollocks.

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