Melanie Phillips

The columnist Melanie Phillips is on fine bonkers form again today, with an article titled “These awful tattoos show we’re turning pagan”.

In a piece for The Times today, Phillips geniunely claims that

The craze for body art signifies a deep shift in western values away from respect for humanity

This isn’t a joke or a parody, folks, this is a real national tragedy!

Not only that, David Beckham is to blame.

It is no coincidence that the fashion for tattoos and piercings has taken place at the same time as the huge increase in popularity and acceptance of paganism.

The numbers of people identifying as pagan jumped from 42,000 in the 2001 census to 56,000 in 2011. Pagan “priests” are allowed to use wine and wands during ceremonies in jails. A pagan police association has been set up to represent officers who “worship nature and believe in many gods”. A few years ago, Cornwall decided to teach witchcraft and druidry in school religious studies lessons.

As paganism has risen, so Christianity has been declining.

Phillips goes on to say that the route to this decline of Christianity “lies in environmentalism”, with its pagan governing premise.

She ends by saying

But when it comes to the image of himself he [David Beckham] chooses to project, he would appear to have become a pagan god for our desacralised age.

We are not making this up. You can also read the full text here.

Is there anyone as bonkers as Melanie Phillips on a national newspaper?

  1. A quick flick through this psychopath’s twitter account will show you that when she talks about ‘respect for humanity’ she really has no idea what she’s talking about. She’s no Christian either. The only thing she looks up to is Israel.

  2. Melanie is right, tattoo are ugly, dirty looking, if you have it, it is not attractive.
    she tell you the way she sees it,
    I agree with her.

  3. Dept of Corrections says:

    “Wine is used in worship by many Christians, Jews and some Pagan traditions. The wine should be bought and stored securely and only used under the Chaplain’s supervision. The Chaplains may not bring in the wine themselves.” – Page 19, Ministry of Justice: A Guide to Religious Practice in Prison.
    Not a bit like a Bacchanalian orgy is it? Disappointing.

  4. Wilhelmina Bothwell says:

    I agree with her too. She has insights and courage few do in this narcissistic, sentimental age. Does she claim to be Christian? I don’t think so. She’s Jewish. (And educated Christians believe in Israel too… A history lesson would be enlightening for those who think otherwise)

  5. So this Loony Phillips make a VERY dodgy connection between tattoos and Pagans ?? I would suggest that most people with tattoos would have no idea what paganism is about or care. The British Isle’s like the rest of Europe was Pagan for thousand’s of years before the bloody Christian invasion, virtually every major Christian church or cathedral was built on a former pagan site wiping out the indigenous beliefs. Pagans don’t have a history of trying to convert others to their religion invoking Holy Wars/Crusade/Jihad as an attempt to force their will on others. Pagans have not killed millions throughout history in the name of a ”one true god”. The next time loony Phillips is on Question Time she should ask David Dimbleby about his tattoo.

  6. Well done Melanie for once again going against the flow of public opinion. Apart from those who have tattoos to be more acceptable to the ‘in crowd’, I think the main reasons for tattoos are deep insecurity or extreme egotism. It’s the ultimate selfie! And, yes, we do live in a culture that has lost the plot when it comes to giving honour to the one who created them, and filling the vacuum in their life with the hero worship of celebrities. So tattoos and paganism have indeed been linked for 1000’s of years. Ancient paganism and modern atheism are the two sides of the same coin.

  7. If anything, religion has more in common with paganism than atheism does. How do you seek to convert the heathen from his pagan ways to your religion? You take elements of his beliefs, practice scans rituals and supplant them with the identities of the new gods. There is nothing uniquely Christian in the concept of killing your god and having theme reborn.
    It seems that once again some who profess a deep religious fervour and dislike if the life style choices of others would do well to remember the principle of love thy neighbour.
    I fail to see how a religion with 50;000 adherents can be considered such a threat to the moral standing of the wider population

  8. Chris Ashton says:

    Melanie Philips is a very intelligent and hard working writer. If you think what she says is wacko then you should read her ground breaking book, ‘A World Turned Upside Down’. It’s a deep analysis of how modern society has lost its wits and lost sense of its self. It’s a hard read though. Twitterers and facebook freaks would find it a challenge.

    Listen to Melanie she has perceptive things to say every time she opens her mouth or puts pen to paper.

  9. John Whitney says:

    Melanie Philips is one of the smartest commentators around, and her political insights are spot on. I would like to see her in a debate with the mental midget who wrote this lightweight piece. She would run rings round the author.

  10. Anyone who believes Melanie’s usual tripe about fear and apprehension about matters which fly over her head are just as deluded as her, middle englanders pulling up the draw bridge to all and sundry, and to the rather obtuse individual who suggested all Christians support israel, I suggest they enquire what their brethren Christians in Israel think of this matter.

  11. Peter Thomas says:

    So what’s new? Those on the liberal left are incapable of debating with Melanie, so they insult her.

  12. Stan Thompson says:

    Watching Question Time if Melanie is on the panel then its usually enlightening to
    say the least, I’m Agnostic but I’ve no quarrel with Melanie in regard to Becham and
    those crazy tattoos proving to me at least all his thinking is in his feet ,get back on
    Question Time quickly Melanie. Stan Thompson.

  13. Mark Hamilton says:

    It is good to see that the majority of Commentators here are in SUPPORT of Melanie Philips.
    The insults are, as usual, ill-thought out ‘One-liners.’

    Even should one disagree with Melanie, t behoves one to consider what she has written and formulate a cohesive alternative argument. Not just make some inane, emotionally weak, comment.

  14. Brian Mallalieu says:

    Melanie is right indeed. We are increasingly pagan but God is infinitely far from being dead. Jesus is ALIVE.

  15. Peter W Watson says:

    She is 100% correct. The western world is rapidly becoming an insane asylum.
    Quos Deus vult perdere prius dementat

  16. Melanie is spot on right.
    David Beckham is so ignorant that he said (effectively) when questioned “Yes. there will be a Christening, but we are´nt sure into what religion!” Now who is barmy! So what is wrong with her supporting Israel, the only democracy in the Middle East, that is such a sore thumb to all the dictatorships around it that the Moslems want to destroy it to continue their barbaric abuse of girls (clitoris excision). Imagine men accepting having the penis removed! Tattoos are against the Bible. And who wrote the Bible? God and the Jews. BOTH Testaments! (Luke was a convert like Ruth.) Yes. there is no more Jewish book than the Bible. To ignore it is to deny and curse Christ and God ! The Bible is an intelligence test!

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