Rupert Murdoch at Leveson

The Times newspaper was shamed into putting the Hillsborough verdict on its front page this morning after an online backlash that included its sister paper The Sun.

Here’s the first edition of the The Times


That led to a barrage of criticism on Twitter, including by actor Stephen Mangan

Even journalists at The Times were horrified at the omission

And here is the second edition


The Sun stll avoids any mention of Hillsborough verdict on their front page.

  1. Murdoch is the scum of the earth. So it follows his papers will employ scum of the earth editors who have as much backbone as a jellyfish. They will get what’s coming to them.

  2. Andrea Eddleston says:

    Scum read my tweet @andiacc
    Scummy scum scum
    Shove it up ya bum bum bum
    Ya Murdoch bum with ya paper n tv n fuck off back to OZ
    Rupert n take Kelvin

  3. How could Jerry Hall be so naive again! Foxhunting protestor Bryan Ferry,Cheating Snakehips Mick Jagger and Snake Oil Rupert Murdoch Tory woman see daft cow

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