• Senior Tory lives in home bought with government-backed mortgage
  • Benefits from interest-free lending while others struggle
  • Hypocrite voted to allow massive hikes on student loans

Peter Bone Help To Buy

Help To Buy is spun as a government scheme which is offering young people the chance for their family to own a home. Young people like … errrrrrr … 63 year-old Tory MP and eurosceptic leader Peter Bone.

Land Registry documents obtained exclusively by Political Scrapbook reveal that a lender on a property owned by Bone’s wife Jennie and in which the couple are understood to live was bought with a mortgage backed by the Homes and Communities Agency — the public body which underwrites the Help To Buy scheme.

Jennie Bone title deed

The senior backbencher leaves himself open to charges of rank hypocrisy — having benefited from an interest-free government loan while voting to allow poor graduates to be charged commercial rates of interest on their student loans.

And despite expensive TV ads filled with grateful looking twenty and thirty-somethings, you don’t actually need to be a first time buyer and there is, errrrr, no limit on your income. The schemes have been described as “nothing but an election ploy” which threaten to “distort the housing market”.

Bone told Sky News before his wife bought the property (on estate pictured below):

“This is an excellent scheme, the Prime Minister is absolutely right and I know probably Labour and Liberals are against it which proves it’s right.”

Peter Bone Help To Buy home

Bone also bumps household income up by £45,000 through making his ‘executive secretary’ wife one of the highest paid MPs’ staffers in parliament. Jennie has also been the star of her husband’s highly tedious PMQs questions framed as ‘Mrs Bone would like to know …’.

The news is the latest episode in the financial travails of the Bones — with the pair quizzed by police over ‘benefit fraud’ allegations after being accused of selling the home of Mrs Bone’s mother to cover their own six-figure debts and to qualify for state-funded elderly care.

There is no suggestion that any of the Bone family have acted illegally. Jennie Bone did not admit liability or wrongdoing in a subsequent out-of-court settlement over care costs.

The Times bone 'debt' front page

What’s more, the property has been used as an official address for his Grassroots Out Brexit campaign — which hopes to get its hands on millions more taxpayers’ money by becoming the official ‘leave the EU’ campaign.

Perhaps Peter Bone can let David Cameron know what his wife thinks about the Help To Buy scheme at PMQs.

  1. “This is an excellent scheme, the Prime Minister is absolutely right and I know probably Labour and Liberals are against it which proves it’s right.”

    That is an absolutely priceless quote. And a stark reminder that people with the level of rational thought of a 5 year old (‘I don’t like him, so what he says must be wrong!’) are running the country….

  2. Daniel Clubb says:

    Leave the poor lad alone. After all he doesn’t really understand real life now does he. It’s not his fault he’s an arsehole it’s the way he’s made……

  3. I assume the fucker is also claiming expenses on this property. He wouldn’t want to miss picking up a few extra thousands, would he.

  4. In my own opinion he is a shameless opportunist who is screwing the taxpayer for every penny he can get. He appears to possess no more ethics than a scavenging sewer rat.

  5. You couldni make it up….un feckin beliviable that they are being allowed to get away with this…its worse than benifit fraud…he should be made to pay it all back and then his ccp should sack him…what a fcuking hypocrite…
    Hope corbyn brings this up as a question on PMQs..so the country can watch him squirm…how many other MPs are at it…probably plenty they cnunts are all the same …greedy grasping insider dealing snouter bastards..oink oink
    And employing relatives is wrong…thousands looking for work so wealth should be shared not kept in the family when the family earns enough…nepotism has no place in public office or having 2 or more extra jobs

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