Northern Powerhouse dinner

Who says that the Tories don’t give a monkey’s about the north? Why only last night they hosted an exclusive ‘Northern Powerhouse Dinner’ (in, errrr, London) designed to raise funds for the Conservative Party.

Scrapbook trusts they got a better turnout than at Monday’s debate on the UK steel industry — which has seen massive job losses in the north

Empty debate on Steel 29 February 2016

The minister for the Northern Powerhouse seemingly couldn’t be bothered to turn up — even though his own constituents are affected by a local steel closure.

His absence from yesterday’s debate on the massive local government cuts in the North East did not pass unnoticed either:

“I think it would have been appropriate to have the Northern Powerhouse Minister, James Wharton here, given his stake in the region. His constituency lies in the north-east so his constituents will also be subject to the effects of the Government’s decisions.

‘Northumberland Dining Club’ is listed as the official hosts of last night’s festivities, giving the same address as the Tory MP for Hexham, Guy Opperman:

Northern Powerhouse dinner

Similarly named dining clubs have been classified as ‘unincorporated associations’ — a loophole which has been used to hide the identities of rich donors.

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