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Three prominent Tory MPs have now been rebuked by charities they are patrons of, for their vote to further cut support for disabled people last week.

After he voted to cut ESA disability benefits by £30 a week, Kit Malthouse MP has been asked by Andover’s MS Society to step down as their patron.

Donna Birch, Chair of Andover’s MS Society, told Andover & Villages

Due to recent events we no longer feel that Kit Malthouse is a suitable patron, so we have asked him to step down from this role.

Late last week, disability charity Richmond AID sharply criticised Zac Goldsmith MP (and Tory Mayoral candidate) and Twickenham MP Tania Mathias for voting for the disability cuts too

We are shocked and disappointed to find that both our local MPs here in the borough of Richmond have voted for this cut and plan to invite both MPs to our offices to explain the impact this will have on disabled people.

The vote means those applying for the Employment and Support Allowance (ESA) will see the benefit drop from £103 to £73 per week.

Will more charities follow suit? Let’s hope so

  1. Good let’s show them we won’t stand for this, they maybe two faced but we are not, we stand for something as individuals and as the charities and organisations. These mp’s are scum happy to take expenses for all sorts but not remove the life line of the most vulnerable they sicken e, and will never understand what it means to have physical and mental health problems disabilities.

  2. Er, MS is not a mental illness. Maybe correct your headline and first paragraph. these are all charities wihcih support peoplewith ilnesses or diabilities, not just mental health issues.

  3. Rather like Geoffrey Cox MP for Torridge & West Devon; he who forgot earnings of £400,000 but remembered 49p for milk in his expense claim. Professes interest in autism issues et cetera but voted for cuts to disability benefits.

  4. Mark Waller B.A says:

    We can only hope that the tory scum that voted for this gets a dose of karma. I hope their families get crippled in an accident and suffer because of their cuts. Stop overseas aid before hurting the people who you are supposed to represent.

  5. The mps that have voted to cut benefits from the disabled , if they have a family member ,will more than make up for there loss ,with there expenses and don’t forget there massive pay increase , shame on em all who voted for this

  6. Ian Hankinson says:

    People of Twickenham had a decent honest stalwart of a man in Vince Cable & they turned him out in favour of this selfserving bitch … God help us

  7. Darren Thornton says:

    The people saying hope this affects them some day, they wouldn’t be doing this if they was ever going to need these benefits themselves. They are all well off people!!

  8. Paul Maynard the member for blackpool who has cerebral palsy himself also voted in favour he was quick to hit out when he was mocked for his speech yet happy to take money off other disabled people.

  9. Kit Malthouse is a grade A b*llend. He is not interested in anyone, but himself. He offers zero support to his constituents. He told a few constituents who approached him regarding the hunting ban that he “really liked hunting actually” so he would be the wrong person to contact. He is known not to answer correspondence and if he does, it’s usually unhelpful empty phrases. He chose to stand in Andover, because he knew it to be a rather save Tory seat. That man is a truly disgusting, self-centred, mean piece of work. He should not be allowed to wear any affiliation to any charity as a feather in his cap.

  10. notice david cameron didn’t turn is dla down when he claimed it for his son their a load of hypocrites,one rule for them fiddling their expenses and one rule for disabled and poorer people vile vile people !!

  11. Elizabeth Roberts says:

    Roll on the next General Election. That is if there is any country left to vote for. The Tory party will have given it all to their friends.

  12. Charities are there to help not to condone people like the TORY VERMIN That’s been elected by greedy fools.

  13. I’ve suggested that Families for Autism (East Sussex) get rid of Caroline #hatstand Ansell in Eastbourne as patron.

  14. Julie Maguire says:

    John Baron MP for Basildon. He is the chairman of the All Party Parliamentary Group on Cancer ( APPGC ). He campaigns to improve the quality of cancer patients!

  15. Mike Penning of Hemel Hempstead voted for this disgraceful cut.. but hey austerity didnt come into the equation when he claimed for a dog bowl on his expenses… these despicable sub human hypocritical MPs make me sick

  16. I run a group fir people with mental illness and these latest cuts are driving my group members to suicide attempts .I am ashamed of my government and sadly.I voted the conservatives in .

  17. WELL, All I can say is that the stupidity of the electorate has come back to bite them on the arse. And they will do it again.

  18. Terry Wallis says:

    I myself am disabled and have a son with Down’s syndrome this is going to affect us so much, it’s unbelievable that these animals that call themselves MPs who tell us they are there to help us are putting so many people into poverty whilst getting richer by the day. And plan to cut even more, they are killing OUR NHS and services to help the elderly and they blame it on the normal people of this country but if they would punish the bankers and corrupt MPs this would be a start to putting things right. Somehow this government has got to be stopped before there’s no country left.

  19. its a sad day to see cuts going to be made to disable people its hard for them as it is in pain 24/7 but thats not anough so the torys are going to stab people in there backs give them more pain, if torys do get voted out in the next election who will replace them it cannot be labour because they will open the flood gates like blair did what start off all these money grabbing migrants they just come for benifits and a home so labour are out of this only one party who will run this country for the british and they are UKIP and there leader nigel farage as priminister, we also need to get out of the EU and at once close our boarders to any migrants for now remove those vilont rapeing thugs boot them out with all there family if need be by our armed troops but this will only happen if we all on the 23rd june vote out.

  20. Is this something to do with the decision to scrap tax credits given that they had to find savings elsewhere as a result

  21. Tom Tughendat for Tonbridge & Malling. I’m in hospital with limited internet so can’t research & contact charities he’s connected with but if anyone else can manage it?

  22. Cut the £100 million subsidies for 600 parliamentarians they are mostly millionaires an give the £100 million to the NHS and charities that need it. After that ban anyone from parliament who has falsified claims for expenses and take away housing benefits for politicians for housing in London if a millionaire cannot afford his own flat on £70k a year when us the general public not living in London are supposed to live off less than £16K without all their subsidies.It is about time these selfish bastards started living in the real world

  23. When will our government realise that they are responsible for this countries mental heath crisis, they bring on anxiety, depression and social exclusion !

  24. Brian Ludlam says:

    Tim Loughton mp , as well (Shoreham & Worthing) I think he`s something to do with Mind,…………& another tory cunt !

  25. Please change your headline. MS for one is very physical and most definitely not mental health charity.

    Great to see 3 have gone, I hope there are more if under the same circumstances.

    The headline is really disappointing and shows a lack of understanding of what the charities do, all you need to do is cut out ‘mental’
    Would be good for Cameron to go from the various health related he is a patron of

  26. Robert cowley says:

    Does this mean that Cameron’s son has his money cut. I hope it happens wats good for kne is good for another

  27. IWhen ‘O’ When ‘O’ When will we plebs ever learn the lesson about voting for Greedy, Corrupt, Lying, Self Interested Conservatism. We just never seem to learn that these Tories are out, not only for themselves but for their Cronies in return what Tory MP’s can do for them

    When ‘O’ When ‘O’When will we plebs ever learn and stop voting for them. We never seem to learn that Tories MP’s are not only for themselves but for their Cronies who in turn do favours for their Tory MP.s. I am sorry if anyone other than the very rich, privileged, aristocracy and those prepared to sell their souls, delude themselves into thinking the are Conservatives, but you are only used by them to give your vote


  28. Amber Rudd MP has recently resigned as Trustee of the Snowdon Trust!

    MIND West Sussex are due to meet on April 10th to discuss their 3 patrons.

  29. I expect nothing less from the tories – they are nasty, nasty scum.

    I want to know why 26 Labour MP’s abstained.

  30. Clear from torys that if the disabled all shot themselves it would reduce the deficit, cut the excess population well I’m not going nowhere

  31. I fear for my disabled kids under this government. Next we will be forced to put them in work houses to save more money!

  32. It’s disgusting that any government would cut benefits for the disabled. The MPs who voted for or abstained should be ashamed. We need to stop single mother’s having so many babies & refusing to name father’s. If you can’t afford to keep your child from your own earnings don’t have them!!

  33. They the tories are continuing a fully fledged vendetta against disabled including children.most disabled have limited funds available to them and without representation cannot fight their corner.dwp staff seem to be incentives ed to make their lives as difficult as possible.they invade privacy investigate any facet of their lives.we are supposed to live in a civilised society this is like something out of or wells 1984

  34. Malcolm Prior says:

    Terence should learn to speak and write English if he is to stay in this country. At a very quick count there are at least 30 mistakes in his comment, and l have no doubt many of the migrants can read, write and speak English better than he can! The fact that he aligns himself with Nigel Farage shows the limits of his intelligence!

  35. Makes you question the motivation of charities that make the local politician Patron in the first place. Often, like Malthouse, they have little or no association with either the charity or local are. Perhaps a better patron might be the Pensioner who’s stood outside Boots on Flag Day for the last thirty years no matter what the weather rather than a self serving politician though it should be noted that many charities seem to have been infiltrated by groups and individuals more concerned with their own profiles than the plight of those they are supposingly helping.

  36. karma just round the corner. what goes round comes round full circle. this dispecable evil nasty cruel tory goverment only care about there own in there society. the longer they in the more vulerable people will suffer even more. we need to bring on national strike to get rid of this evil lot.

  37. Samantha Cottam says:

    Absolutely disgusting. Some MPs have disabled family members but yeah its alright for them because the huge increase in their salary that they get for voting won’t affect that. They sit comfortably with their new salary and good honest people who aren’t scroungers pay the price. Yeah thanks a bunch your meant to be helping this country. The way your doing this I bet a blind folded monkey could do a better job. You don’t have our best interests in mind you just want to add to your ever growing pile of money while the rest of us struggle!!

  38. James Murray says:

    Malcolm Prior, rather than demean Terences’ bad grammar and lack of social graces, think about what has got him so angry that, he probably can’t type fast enough to keep up with his outrage at the way the sick and disabled in this country are being treated. It’s absolutely disgusting, the way the Tories are treating the people of this country. The migrants seem to be better treated than those who have contributed via National Health Insurance and theirTaxes, some for fifty years. I’m all for helping people in trouble but, the Tories just seem to be burrowing their snouts deeper into the trough and to hell with anyone else. Some of the expenses claimed by these MP’s are rediculous. Most ordinary people have to live on less than £20 K per annum, most of the expenses claims by MP’s are for several times that, it’s simple greed, nothing less.
    I diagress, Terence’s whole point was about caring for people and yours was about grammar and spelling, I know who I’d rather have at my back.

  39. I am appalled and disgusted at elected leaders once again choosing to persecute the most vulnerable in society. What is even more disgraceful is the fact that many of these MP’s are PERSONALLY affected by disability- either by being patrons for charity, or for having a family member who is wheelchair bound, or suffering from epilepsy/Down’s Syndrome. Mr. Cameron himself tragically lost his own son to disability, and speaks candidly on how he RELIED upon the same NHS his mates are now trying to privatise through the back door. There are millions of disabled people in this country who cannot even use the toilet unaided, clean themselves, dress themselves, move from one place to the other by themselves. They are prone to low self-esteem because of their condition. They face horrible workplace discrimination. Imagine the distress caused by losing £30.00 a week. My family were on welfare; we know what cuts like this are like. People will be driven to despair. Shame on this government!

  40. Brenda hit it right on the nail on her last paragraph: ” we need to bring on national strike to get rid of this evil lot” That is th only thing that would work, not all the written complains that lead to nowhere

  41. @ Robert Cowley, CaMoron’s disabled son died several years ago, so the cuts will never affect the CaMoron family.

  42. Jim asked what charities Tom Tugendhat was involved in. The only mentions I could find on his website was this :” He is a Dementia Friend and an active supporter of the Alzheimer’s Society.” Hope this helps, and hope you are better soon.

  43. The cuts will never effect these families. The sort of income they have protects them. They never have to worry how they are going to live from week to week.They should try and cope on a living wage and realise how important disability benefits are.

  44. Ok automaticly give the sdp to suport group esa and pip claiments and the esa cut could b fsir but the fact sdp is missed from most claims your already saving my g

  45. To claim sdp get is10 form for 65 a week top up if in esa suport group and pip any rate or dla mid to high .if living alonne and nobody recieves carers alowance .

  46. Not so long age there was a 38 degrees petition going round to sign, saying that we had no confidence in the current tory government. How is that getting on ? If there is enough of a revolt in a democratic country, surely something can happen.

  47. This govenrment has the power to do what they do because we stood out of their way and let them do it. Some voted Tory (not me), some helped make the Tories move more right wing by giving votes to UKIP – all Nigel Farage had to do was stand iin a pub with a pint in his hand sounding off about immigrants getting all the jobs and millions thought ‘He’s like me’. He’s not like you, he is a millionaire ex public schoolboy, he probably doesn’t care who comes into the country, what he cares about is that you can be fooled into blaming poor young Poles and Hungarians for what the Tories have done. It is not the young Polish cleaning woman who works for the wealthy family who is your enemy, it is the family so rich they can buy cars for all their kids the miinute they turn 17, can afford to own several houses, do politics as a hobby at the weekends, own half the county. When we stick together, help each other, learn about each other, care about each other, we win. We have the power.

  48. Labour MP’s who who were able to vote but abstained on political or ethical grounds must be deselected by their local constituencies as soon as possible.

    However Labour MP’s (particulary Blairite Red Tories) have form for supporting Tory welfare cuts and here’s details of those who supported brutal Tory Coalition cuts on welfare reform on 20 July 2015 and they should also face deselection, perhaps the Red Tories could join the Conservative Party?

  49. Come next election apart from never voting Tory again if any of them canvas my home I’ll set the dog on them as well as throwing a bucket of pee over them

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