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Yes, that actually happened. Fox News hosted the craziest debate last night among the Republican candidates, and Donald Trump resorted to defending the size of his hands… and penis.

It wasn’t just shocking, it was an indication of how surreal the clown show had become.


Here’s a clip of what Trump said








There were other amazing bits too







This is the best circus on TV

  1. Jonathan Wilson says:

    Its not the size of the hands, its the length of the fingers in relation (allegedly, I have no idea if its true and I’m not wasting my time to find out).

    Donald Drumpf has fingers that look like cocktail sausages, iddle widdle little stubby fingers – ergo Donald Drumpf has a micro-penis. 😀

  2. Wondering (nightmare!) if he had a combover “down there” too…and how long does he search for mr stubby…

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