Louise Mensch

Former MP Louise Mensch went full Fox News today on the Fox Business channel, claiming that Europe is in the middle of “complete disaster, blood, chaos, carnage” because it had let in Syrian refugees.

She then went on to claim that “there are no real refugees”.

The segment reminded us of Dan Hannan MEP, who once went to Fox News to rubbish the NHS and praise their healthcare system (before Obamacare, of course).


Louise Mensch claimed:

The criminal attacks, the massacres that were carried out in Brussels and in Belgium, carried out by young men who have mostly just abandoned their women folk and abandoned their families. Young men of fighting age who’ve literally stormed into Europe and pretty much taken it over.

But Mensch is, not for the first or last time, completely incorrect.

The two Brussels suicide bombers were of Belgian nationality and Moroccan descent. They hadn’t come over as refugees.

The attacks, some speculate, were in revenge for the arrest of Salah Abdeslam, one of the masterminds of the Paris attacks. He was a 26-year-old French national who grew up in Brussels.

Even the passport found after the Paris attack was forged.

Mensch never lets facts get in the way of a good rant.

  1. It is really disturbing that Conservatives do not think to speak in an appropriate manner. A classic example here with Mensch choosing to incite hatred in order to big herself up. It seems that they are hell bent on causing trouble and I don’t know if it’s ignorance, arrogance or both. Hunt has caused hell in NHS, Morgan causing havoc in Education, Osbourne’s war against disabled all aside from silly boy games with local government and with everyone else except the rich.

  2. As an MP Louise Mensch, faced ridicule for her behaviour. Now she makes this scandalous and offensive ‘incorrect’ rant masquerading as a news article on Fox. It is no wonder many Americans have such a twisted view on the refugee crisis in Europe. Clearly Fox has learnt nothing after its ridiculous false claims about Birmingham.

  3. Gerry Ramsden says:

    could you please refrain from calling her ‘former MP’ it actually sounds like she would have some credibility. If you continue perhaps ‘former conservative MP’ is more appropriate.

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