Iain Duncan Smith budget

A food bank in North Lanarkshire got this referral on Wednesday:

******* is a vulnerable Lone Parent I have referred her previously due to mix up with child tax credits.She has 3 children youngest Son just discharged from hospital pass out at home Has had surgery to remove brain tumour and stent fitted. ******* failed to attend Job Centre when Son was in hospital, I am working with Job Centre to get benefit sanction resolved, in meantime access to foodbank would allieviate some stress for this Family.

Imagine living in a country where the Job Centre penalises you for not attending an interview because your son passed out after brain surgery.

This is modern Britain.

This is the Britain that Iain Duncan Smith and the Tories are creating

  1. Dare I ask:
    1. How many times she’s missed Job Centre interviews?
    2. Whet’s she doing with three kids and no husband/partner? Isn’t it time she found out where kids come from?

  2. Denise Pritchard says:


  3. Never heard of marriage /relationship breakdowns John? No? I had a niceperfect marriage/life with a lovely said
    daughter. ..till it broke down.What are you trying to say here as all you seem to be doing is implying

  4. Until you know the mother’s circumstances, John, you should refrain from questioning her morals, or anatomical knowledge ! She has 3 children, one of whom is Sick. They need food. THAT’s the Point. When the child has recovered, the Mother must find work … until THEN, she needs a helping hand …PERIOD !!

  5. Thanks Mary. Yes where is the father of her children John? They could be dead, have walked away from their responsibilities, abusive, or not able to afford to live with her. whatever the reason she is on her own is not the point really is it? Lone parents are in need of support not judgement. I think what has happened to this woman is a mark of an uncaring society.

  6. totally heartless b’stards .. sanctions … we are told, are the last option .. not the first line of attack. The person that made this decision should be held answerable for their actions and explain in detail why it happened, then apologaise to this poor woman.
    This needs bringing before parliament and an explanation given, they need to see the cruely and heartlessness of these merciless decisions and stop them immediately. What was this poor mother to do.. leave her critically ill child in hospital alone ??
    Cases such as this need to be slapped all over the mewspapers, then people can see the level of spite and maliciousness that those on JS have to suffer and the hands of incompetent advisers.
    This is just a hateful and malicious act by the JC adviser, humanity and common sense are severely lacking as are sympathy and empathy.

  7. Hi john not meaning any harm to you but I’m a lone parent of six children as my partner committed suicide and what’s it to you if she’s a lone parent or not? How dare you. I think people need to wake up and realise that not everybody on benefits is a sponger and have no other choice. I had to give up my job as a nurse as my job does not fit in with the hours of a registered child minder and having no other family support made it impossible. Also u need to realise that big companies who can forgoe paying taxes are costing the country more money than people on benefits. Waken up john and see the bigger picture!!! Idiot!

  8. baffling that in 2016 people like john still exist. i assume that if she isnt with the father of her child that in johns eyes, its her fault entirely, and always down to the woman when her husband walks out or even dies. people with the attitude displayed by john above are what is wrong with the uk at the moment, zero empathy, reads this story and instinctively looks for a stick to beat the victim with….

  9. Turning into a Nazi state, John’s apptitude is from years of media brainwashing that any body on benefits is a scrounger and not of the master race!

  10. John crawl back into your hole…how dare you make comments regards the father/s.
    Until you know someone’s situation just zip it.Not everyone who is a single mother or father are scroungers.

  11. Did that John above really make such ridiculous questions!!! how dare you make such presumptions, on they basis she had to attend the job centre and is a single parent. Even if you have a job you still have to attend job centre if in receipt to recieve universal credit John, as they put pressure on you to find more hours and better pay. An don’t thing most had written a plan to become a single parent, partner may of left, died, may of left him to being a victim of abuse and list goes on of reasons she maybe a single parent. Can’t see the mentality that is bad looking after your children, when their is so many parents that don’t take responsibility or abandon them after a family breakdown. You obviously live a very sheltered or narrow minded life, let’s hope your never left in a similar situation. No ones way of life has a guarantee, let’s hope you have the luck with that selfish attitude!

  12. John, your comment says more about you than it does about this woman and her family.
    Really, you should be ashamed of thinking, let alone saying, such despicable crap. I have some experience of watching a young family member undergoing brain surgery (not one of my own children I hasten to add) and remember it as an utterly terrifying time for the family. What this woman and her family need is reassurance and support; not to be subjected to the jackboot approach by the state. And certainly not to be berated by scum such as yourself. Have a nice day.

  13. Jeanette Murdoch says:

    John cant and wont appoligise for his comments above , to this lady with 3 children with one been very poorly, because by the sounds of it he is a torie just like the BASTARDS running this country into the ground, around us ,
    You should hang your head in shame JOHN, just like the rest of them, i dread to think you are ever in the position this lady is in in the future, but then if you are you would expect to jump the que and be treated first above everyone else, god help any children you have or about to sporn if they think like you what hope have they got.

  14. Other than a Tory cock womble I don’t know who john might be. Deffo a total twat tho.
    As for Iain Dumbcunt Shit there are no words to do justice to that despicable sack of Shite.

  15. Stephen jones says:

    sanctions are nothing more than a tool of oppression they are used as a last resort for serial offenders or used to help people back into work

  16. Can any of you lovely people that are obviously believers of freedom of speech, that are criticising John’s post…… actually know anything about this ladies circumstances.

    It appears you think it is acceptable to call John personally insulting names ?!

    Hence you making assumptions of John’s character and favoured political party ??!

    Be nice ….. and try to understand that not everyone supports your views and you should accept that fact …

  17. Helen Ranscombe says:

    And with one troll like comment John succeeds in diverting attention away from the real story! Don’t fall for it. It is a tactic often used. The real issue is Benefit sanctions on people who don’t deserve them. My eldest son has had to have frequent brain surgery, due to his condition. They are dangerous ops. The last thing on my mind would be thinking of going to sign on due to some anachronistic evil government policy of victimisation!

  18. John possibly her husband died defending his country, or he had a fatal road crash, or he died of cancer I could go on. As for her children probably all from the same father, I am sure this young mum is more than aware of where her children came from she gave birth to them. You John are an ignorant unfeeling cunt and a measure of the lack of empathy being nurtured in this country.

  19. Comment clearly made for a reaction.always the mums for being a single mum. Ridiculous. I hope she gets proper advice and claims all the help and support she needs until this bad time has passed. X

  20. What a ugly attitude to have. Theres always 1. The type that would step over you if you were on the floor dying. Ugly. Karma. Let’s hope you never have to go thru the same and need support. The best of it is. If she had of or was given proper advice she could claim support. To help whilst going thru this.

  21. Even if Corbyn were to ask a question about this in PQT all the tories will do is laugh and cat call about it. It comes to something when serious and important questions that require an answer are treated with derision by the only people who could do something about it.

  22. John you get your money stopped if you only miss one appointment you don’t have to miss several , As for her been a single mother how do you know he husband wasn’t killed in a road accident, killed in action or died from some serious illness you just don’t think before you speak ( you’re a dimwit ) like most of the politicians in this country

  23. John,
    Did you consider the possibilities that her husband may have been a soldier and died fighting for his country….. or, maybe she had been trapped in an abusive marriage for years and finally found the strength to get out of it….
    You, ‘sir’, are the kind of arsehole that doesn’t belong in a civil society. Bad times can occur to anyone at anytime. I hope karma pays you a visit. I can only presume you don’t have kids of your own due to no woman wanting anything to do with you, or maybe someone was stupid enough? Bet they’re proud just like your mum????

  24. Stormy Normy says:

    ”Come on then John………Squeak up for yourself…….You started it…….Now look what you’ve done…Hope you don’t loose your job….”

  25. John is obviously a conservative NAZI, one of the scum that rally around Ian Duncan smith like fly’s round shit. We do not need people like you John in this day and age !!!!!!

  26. Andy Lombardi says:

    John said “Dare I ask:
    1. How many times she’s missed Job Centre interviews?
    2. Whet’s she doing with three kids and no husband/partner? Isn’t it time she found out where kids come from?”

    1. We don’t know.
    2. Your supposition here reveals a sinister side to you which is not appealling at all. Are you the Donald in disguise?

  27. DEAR JOHN.. no seriously, Ive just typed out your dear john letter, just close the door on your way out.

  28. It’s a system. You’re supposed to attend, because, hey, attending and finding work is what you’re supposed to be doing to get back into society.

    If you don’t attend you get a sanction.

    If there’s a reason you couldn’t attend, you appeal and the sanction is lifted.

    Is it a great system? No, because you should get the chance to explain before you get the sanction. It’s designed to be as quick. simple and effective in a majority of instances. But it’s poor design and piss poor competence, which is pretty much par for the course in most government systems, regardless of which party instigated them. It’s not an eeeeevil Tory scheme to pick on single mothers as a deliberate policy of persecution….

  29. When will people understand that this Conservative government actually despise poor people and view them pretty much as animals. They still hold to the ‘Eugenics’ of if you are poor it is your fault and you are a lower species. Most people today are controlled by the media and are too blind to see. A program of demonising those on benefits was running for years through right wing newspapers and right wing controlled television. Has anyone noticed how many Tory MPs took photo opportunities with disabled people and pledged their support before then cutting ESA payments? All so they wouldn’t look so uncaring…..while they claim thousands, often fraudulently! And please don’t forget that these are often the very same people already subject to other cuts such as ‘bedroom tax’. Who ever thought we would have lived in a time of Food Banks? This isn’t about Austerity nor economics. This is purely about class oppression. But at least the rich get richer! Pay Rises?! ‘All in it together eh!!’

  30. Anyone who thinks that this structure would change under a different government is deluded. I should also say that you have been given SOME facts here, not all of them. I guarantee there is far more to this than meets the eye.

  31. Tom…..Labour did pledge to get rid of the bedroom tax if elected. History shows that certain processes happen under certain governmental controls. So yes….different things happen under different political processes driven by different parties goals. I wouldn’t call that deluded. In fact the non voting majority of ‘they are all the same’ carry the same culpability as those who voted Tory as they did nothing to stop these well set out intentions. So there are ‘SOME facts’ here…………you mean as in this woman’s benefit was stopped when she missed an appointment due to her son’s health? What other facts do you need? It happens to people all of the time, hence the rise in food banks. It happened to a very ill friend of mine with two young children. Again, what is so delusional about that? I’d say those who don’t want to accept the facts are deluding themselves in order to live a more comfortable life!!

  32. Let s hope John you always going to have a perfect life cos life so circumstances can change lives in the blink of an eye the poor mum has enough stress in her life without people making it even harder

  33. John you are clearly a tori so clearly have no respect for other from this country. As for this woman who had to endure such heart ache. This is becoming a fact of life that we have to endure, we have less human right born here than people who are not born here. I can’t believe how things are progressing it’s worrying it’s concerning but nothing is being done. We are going back in time not moving forward. Give it a decade & we will be even more divided with even more hatred. Bottom line I conclude with is bring back respect because it has been lost some where down the line. I believe if politicians & certain people had more respect for others then we could possibly get out of this black hole.

  34. Well John, I went to the job centre as a single parent. I know the father of my daughter but he chooses not to know us. Whilst I was claiming jsa I was also completing an access to nursing course so that I could go to university. I cannot imagine what this woman is going through with an ill child and 2 others to look after. I assume John that you are on your high horse because your life is absolutely perfect and everything in it goes exactly as it should.

  35. John John John…..meanwhile, real, live, paid public servants are systematically destroying the safety net created by and for our humanity. John is the foot soldier of the the true enemy….intolerance, inhumanity, Tory ideology and Iain Duncan Smith. Who will rest in peace?

  36. John, misogyny and victim-blaming ran through every risible sentence you wrote. I won’t confront the horribly cheap and degrading accusations you made against this woman, because several decent people have already done so.

  37. Ahh I get it now where is her husband john? Your her ex husband, that makes sence, who now feels jilted because she binned you for being a obnoxious opinionated uneducated Moran who has a fetish for channel 5 car crash TV programs about “scrounging benefit seekers” and she obviously divorced you for having very small penis which you over compensate for with narrow minded horse crap empty opinions, go on buddy shake you blue flag at the pc monitor while masturbating over a picture of IDS (funny how if you only add one letter to his name you get a disease) while keyboard bashing bullying a woman ha ha who said men couldn’t multi task.

  38. Advisors at jobcentres often use bullying tac tics and nit pick every detail if you have been on benfit for more than13 weeks. They are on a mission to saction asmany people as possible. No thought is given to any circumstances.

  39. Shoot first, ask questions later.

    Does this vicious, cruel and heartless policy consider in any way the needs of the (innocent) children?

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