Iain Duncan Smith: liar, pants on fire

“Time to halt the smears spin and threats,” Iain Duncan Smith declares in the Daily Mail today, thundering at the EU ‘Remain’ campaign for scaremongering.

The Remain campaign’s case seems almost wholly based on what they describe as the nightmare of leaving. This case has in whole or in part become characterised by spin, smears and threats. …

In the last fortnight we have had a series of highly questionable dossiers – threatening almost biblical consequences if we dare to consider a future outside of the European Union.

Regardless of where you stand on the European Union, it’s pretty rich of IDS to complain about “spin, smears and threats”.

Let’s remind ourselves a little of Smith’s own history of employing the same tactics.


1) There was the time his department was caught fabricating case studies for his leaflets

Iain Duncan Smith lie


2) There have been several occasions when the Statistics Authority has pointed out he has lied about stats to justify his cuts

Iain Duncan Smith lie


3) Then, IDS tried to do a cover-up over claimant deaths.


4) Iain Duncan Smith even lied on his own CV

Iain Duncan Smith lie

5) He repeatedly lied to parliament about the status of Universal Credit

Iain Duncan Smith lie


6) This blog once caught him lying twice in single week


Have we missed any out?

Whatever you think of the referendum, does the biggest liar in Parliament really have a right to complain about scaremongering?

  1. I know IDS is only briefly mentioned in this article but you can bet your bottom dollar he had a big fat finger in the pie! His ideology and his obsession has fuelled the reforms and I get the distinct feeling he watched too many episodes of ‘Shameless’ and took them for the truth of the matter! The man is absolutely obsessed with finding sick and disabled fit and cured and ready to earn their keep, no matter how far from the truth it is. He will not stop until he is stopped. In the meantime the sick and disabled die in their droves and this is the real reason they are no longer claiming sickness and disability benefits. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1324035/75-incapacity-claimants-fit-work-Benefits-test-weeds-workshy.html

  2. He has the gall to complain of ‘dodgy dossiers’ when he has still to clear up the lies in his own dodgy dossier Ie his CV.

  3. Barry Keightley says:

    What else do you expect him to do ? He’s a Tory for goodness sake. Surely no one expects him not to lie

  4. Dr MacKenzie-Anderson says:

    Just think where we’d be if he’d remained leader of the party and became Prime Minister.

  5. Smith wants to sell us all insurance, and to that end he’s willing, more than willing, to reduce the quality of life of already desperately ill and dreadfully disabled people from generally dreadful to unspeakable – all in the pursuit of personal gain. Death’s too good for him.

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