Iain Duncan Smith: not cheering anymore

Gill Thompson was outside the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) yesterday, with a banner of names of people she says have died due to benefit sanctions – including her brother David Clapson.

Three years ago, in July 2013, David was found dead in his flat by his sister. He had £3.44 in his bank account and the electricity had been cut off, hence the insulin he had kept in his fridge to stay alive was useless. He had died from diabetic ketoacidosis – caused by an acute lack of insulin.

The 59-year-old had served as a soldier in Belfast when younger, and found it difficult to get a job. Two weeks before he died, the DWP had sanctioned him for a month after he missed two appointments. His weekly Job Seekers Allowance payments had been stopped.

Jill told the Indy last week:

In my opinion, it [the benefit sanction] was a death sentence.

Now she wants a public inquest into his death and for the DWP to admit they contributed to it.

Over 200,000 people signed a petition calling for an inquiry too.

Today, she announced on her page that she reached the £10,000 target for the fundraiser to build a case against the government.

We are continuing to raise funds towards the stretch target of £20,000 which will cover more of the costs of legal action to secure an Inquest/investigation. If I am unsuccessful, I may need to pursue the matter in Court and reaching my stretched target will allow me to do this and if I am successful, these funds will go to ensuring I have the best chance of ensuring David’s death is fully investigated and action taken to minimise the risk of future deaths from benefit sanctions.

Here’s a video from her protest yesterday.

She said yesterday:

I feel myself, his death could have been prevented. And by doing this, I can’t bring my brother back but it’s the only thing I could do. I’m just hoping this will help other people.

With the money now raised, she’ll be setting her sights squarely on Iain Duncan Smith and his shambolic “reforms”

  1. I wish ou every sucsess with this, to the goverent your brother & many others are just another claiment not a name, not a person, they are only interested in sticking to there ridiculous rules and it doesn’t matter what there circumstances are, good luck Gill and may your brother RIP. X

  2. Dennis Mills says:

    Hopefully someday we’ll see certain politicians of this current and previous coalition government in court, after being charged with multiple crimes (deceit, financial mismanagement, manslaughter etc) and a fat prosecution case file. Will be worth a trip to be in the public gallery for that…

  3. well IDS lets hope your days end up the same as the people u av killed,,, u r a killer of the disabled people and yr days will be numbered and u will feel the suffering in same as u have given others,i have never wished on any one a death sentence,, but u, well most of the UK feel the same way, for what u did to david well now you will pay,cant wait to here that u r out, r some one has done to u as u av done onto others,??????

  4. They stopped my money for 9 months I was living on nothing then got a fine off nhs for claiming free prescriptions I needed my meds but was told no I went down hill as I lost my home got in to so much debt moved on to streets living rough with no out look all because someone sed I was fit for work I lost everything when I sure was not fit for work this government needs to take account for there actions.

  5. anthony bowles says:

    Only the Nazis stooped this low, I hope this finally reaches the court with a successful conclusion, even the mainstream media (Murdochites all) will then have to acknowledge the truth at last.

  6. i wish you the best of luck and hope other like you who have lost some one follows you best of luck

  7. Yvonne Jones says:

    Best of luck. I hope in some way that you will make an impact on stopping these benefit sanctions.

  8. The government should be funding this investigation not you and it should be an independent enquiry that they cannot interfere with or ignore like Iain Duncan Smith and Jeremy Hunt tries to do by refusing to appear before parliament. Instead they will send deputy ministers and be seen laughing with colleagues whilst probably abroad sunning themselves on “Governmental business” I expect at our expense.I would love to see them sanctioned and sent to prison for contempt of court for with holding information.

  9. Mick Hutchinson says:

    They have locked people up for far less than what Ian Duncan Smith as done yet he is still allowed to work are streets,the scum bag should be doing time.All the very best Gill and i pray you get justice for your bother.

  10. Ruiseart Swords says:

    While I wish Gill every success in taking this matter forward to a conclusion that leads to proper punishment for those ultimately responsible for her brothers and countless other deaths, ie. full life jail sentences without parole, it has to be remembered that the judiciary is in reality just another arm of the government and as such can never be truly impartial.
    As the old saying goes “he who pays the piper calls the tune” and we all know who “pays the piper” in this case and sadly they’re the self same ones potentially in the dock.
    I’m not in any way advocating vigilantism or sedition but it seems to me that the only way justice will truly be served in this and many other matters is if the people themselves take the matter in hand.
    Cameron, IDS and the rest of the dictatorial maniacs in the Tory party need to bear in mind the ultimate fate of Nicolae Ceaușescu and understand that the people will only take so much and then they WILL snap!

  11. carole percival says:

    they need to be made to pay for all the deaths here for you and others 100% – need anything let us know xx

  12. Where can we reach the fundraiser for this, I wonder? We HAVE to do SOMETHING! Am glad and impressed that somebody is.

  13. I personally feel that the government’s cuts are too deep and are unfair to the masses, poor people are suffering like this yet millionaires get a tax cut? All in this together? Who are they kidding? I sincerely hope that the powers that be are held to account.

  14. Therese Glynn says:

    This government must be held to account for this. It’s like nazi Britain . Wish you well in your endeavours to push this forward

  15. I feel you are fully justified in this and it should be automatically looked into with the relevant staff interviewed and dismissed. My late father also, suffered years and years without benefits approximately 22 following a major accident which left him disabled and partial brain damage.
    he was forced to rely on family help for the rest of his life affecting his pride. He was the old school born in 1924 and had faught for the this country in world war two. I feel I owe it to him to continue to support the benefits for british people who are in need to continue. Without having to go through this beucratic system that takes weeks, is humiliating, degrading, belittling and does nothing to help those already suffering from health issues

  16. Good luck I can’t believe how Ian Duncan Smith is getting away with his actions. Disabled people loosing there cars as capita, atos tell lies to the dwp about people, s medical conditions. I’m sure it will not be long before someone takes a bullet to that man .

  17. I had my disability benefits taken, and my car. Leaving me housebound with limited mobility and a mental health illness. Everyday i fight the fantasy of death. Living has become hell. I won my tribunal After 15 months of no income & 2 young children to feed. The dwp are stalling me again just to try not to pay saying they are thinking of appealing the decision! I have no money and now have debts. It’s a family genetic bone condition and they awarded my family members who are not as bad as me and don’t have any mental health. I’m scared my name will be on there soon. Good luck and thank you for fighting.

  18. Unfortunately IDS is the kind of person who won’t care a jot about the common man in a bad situation. Unless you are someone who can help him or has as much money as him, he doesn’t see anyone else as human, we are all beneath him. I’ve said it before, if he had lived in nazi germany I have no doubt what he would have been doing…

  19. Best of luck. Not a caring bone in any of the bodies of a tory, and they snigger and openly laugh while discussing and proposing these shameful cuts. Take a look at tax avoidance if you want to claw some money back you bunch of scumbags. All the best I hope you can win.

  20. Sara Russell says:

    In their letters, the DWP say “the law says you need X-amount of money each week to live on” so WHY are these sanctions allowed? Surely they are breaking the law by forcing people to have NO money to live on! It’s passive murder on their behalf!

  21. Scott MacKenzie says:

    I have been battling mental health issues for over a year and on strong medication. Because i missed one meeting due to over sleeping dur to the medication i was sanctioned and money stopped. I had no food e!ectric and what progress i had made with my illness i then went back down hill. The DWP did not give a dam even when i fell behind with my rent.

  22. I wrote to Met Police commissoner demanding he prosecute IDS I receved a reply by return saying there was no evidence of wrongdoing how can the police say that when they have not attempted to get evidence. IDS is not above the law

  23. Just watched your video clip Gill totally 100% with u and sympathy with u and your family . Thank god u raised this. £10,000 but u shouldn’t have to and yes one death is too many with this regime of sanctions cuts to ESA as well has gone ahead !! Admire u x

  24. Best of luck but this government does not care about people in this country were all just a number to them if they want to sanction people
    They will they make hitler look like benny hill be prepared for worse to come as believe me this is just the start of it good luck in your attempt

  25. The gov need to cut people’s benefit in order to pay benefits to the many thousands of peoples that have entered the UK and still are entering, peoples from “outside” of the EU. Peoples that the German Leader welcome, of which many go around sexually assaulting woman, stealing, muggins and committing all manner of crime. This vast majority will rely and always rely upon benefits. And these same peoples most of them had caused the troubles from the countries that then flee from! So there you have it, punish your own British people in order to suck up to the EU plan.

  26. Hope and pray you get this government bang to right and good luck to RiP to all that died at this government hands

  27. Lorraine Caldwell says:

    It not possible to live a good life anymore money. Goes down but bills and the cost of living is high too and if your working now it until a grand old age and I no many that have. Gone because of cut in there. Income we are becoming a. Third world there still homeless people on the street what wrong with are government

  28. brenda cumberbatch says:

    i hope you get the justice for your brother . this goverment are pure evil they should be all brought before the courts and prosecuted for what they are doing it criminal.

  29. Lindsay Cunliffe says:

    I hate our government, they just don’t care about people who have disabilities. Your brother has been treated disgracefully, he fought for his country & what thanks has he received, NONE!! The way they sanction people is done without any consideration to peoples circumstances, I only hope their families suffer this type of treatment, especially David Cameron & Iain Duncan Smith. Of course they can afford private medical care sadly!!

  30. Jack O'Neill says:

    23 Oct 2014 —
    We did it – MPs will hold an independent inquiry into the benefit sanctions that killed my brother David.

    My brother David was an ex-soldier who worked for 29 years but died, starving and destitute because he was penalised by the Job Centre for missing a meeting.

    Now thanks to the more than 211,000 people who signed my petition – the Government will be forced to investigate whether stopping and sanctioning his benefits contributed to his death.

    This victory is not just for David, it’s for all vulnerable people who need a safety net in tough times.

    I want to say a huge thank you to everyone who has supported this campaign. You are the ones that have helped make all this possible. Your wonderful support has forced MPs to act.

  31. Too many people have died under the care of this government, they are vile and an insult to humanity, personally I’d see them all lined up and shot through the head.

    The way your brother was treated was a disgrace, they way they treat everyone other than themselves is a disgrace.

    You keep fighting Gill and good luck to you, one day these bastards will be brought down!

  32. What a damning indictment of the government of the fifth largest economy in the world that they are happy and willing to demonise the most vulnerable of our citizens by blaming them for all the countries economic woes. What a shame the real culprits the bankers, city hedge fund managers and their ilk can’t be pursued with such vigour. I wish you the very best of luck with your campaign.

  33. Please Gill be strong and carry on, contact The People’s Assembly to see if they can help with your cause because together we can take this criminal government to court.
    There will be a mega protest in London on the 16th of April, please come with your banner and together we will demand justice for the victims of this murderous government. Hope to see you there. With love, Genni.

  34. I would like to know what dirt Duncan Smith has on Cameron for the PM to allow him to stay in this position. Smith must know something really damaging about Cameron otherwise the PM would have had him out in a re-shuffle. Why else would somebody allow a maniac loose rein to wreak havoc, kill people and bring public shame on a party?

  35. Well I’m not paying for someone who’s not contributing to my economy. If I don’t turn up to work I don’t get payed, if I don’t turn up twice I’d get fired. If I get fired I have no money, if I have no money I can’t afford any food, housing or heating and I die. I don’t see the difference?

  36. Funny how the Government can find money to give themselves a pay rise, fund wars, support economic migrants but we can’t look after our own.

  37. Bonaria Blackie says:

    I support you 100% and would be happy to donate to your fund. I too have been sanctioned in the past, although in my case, the DWP didn’t send me the appointment letter.

  38. This is sheer murder in my eyes, l wish you all the best in fighting this problem, cause people even now are suffering through Duncan Smiths rule were, how dare they put in for expenses when they get a wage, no one should go without food and heating in the 21st century…..

  39. Bonaria Blackie says:

    if you click on the blue letters in the article, you get taken to Gill’s crowdfunding page. I donated to the page just now by following the link.

  40. David Cockshaw says:

    You have the British people’s wholehearted support. please let us know where to donate, continue your fight as long as necessary we are with you.

  41. It’s so sad to think that before anyone who can look into, who has power to actually right these terrible wrongs, needs so much raised in legal fees before it is worth their time

  42. To lose someone this way is appalling. My heart goes out to you and your family. I fervently hope that justice will be seen to be done. Iain Duncan Smith has got one hell of a lot to answer for.
    I would like to make a donation to your cause as a mark of compassion for what you re having to bear.

  43. It’s sad that your brother was not put onto the electricity suppliers “vulnerable persons register” as it would have been noted he was an insulin user so it should have prevented this. Also, I know be missed 2 appointments, did he not have a support worker to help ensure he made his appointments or at least made sure they were cancelled if he wasn’t well enough to attend. Also the support worker.could have.sorted out food bank parcels. I know it’s all too late now, I do think there are people out there that can help and it’s a shame the job centre can’t link up with support agencies for vulnerable people. Whether there is a little bit more to this story we will never know – it’s a shame A person has died again but alas we know it’s not going to end. xx

  44. I wish you all the luck in the world – I send this from my heart. You have ALL of us behind you willing you on, be strong and get the justice you all deserve xx

  45. As an ex employee of the DWP with over 37 years experience of the benefit system from within I fully support any action that helps in stopping this arbitary and unfair use of sanctions.

  46. It takes weeks and weeks for Insulin to spoil and even when it spoils, it still lowers your blood sugar.
    Sounds to me like the guy wasn’t taking care of himself, checking his blood or injecting properly.

    No one else’s fault.

    Insulin can stay fresh at Room temperature for up to 32 days.

  47. @Anonymous 5.29pm ,……. “If u Sue the government it us the workers will pay in our tax .”
    A man and many many others have lost their lives through the negligence of the Government, and all you are concerned about is where the money will come from if the Gov are successfully sued. (Shakes head in despair )

  48. I completely agree with you, Ruiseart Swords, eventually they will puhg us once too often. I sincerely wish you well Gill. RIP to your brother, who served his country only to die in such appalling conditions.

  49. Diabetics also need a proper diet. With no money he could not eat at all and so had no control over his sugar levels. A diabetic cannot live on insulin alone. This government condemned him to death when they sanctioned him, they knew he was diabetic and just didn’t give a damn. For anyone who wants to donate… https://www.crowdjustice.co.uk/case/david-clapson/

  50. Also diabetics are eligible for DLA which pays for necessary food to prevent both Hypo’s and Hyper’s


  52. I’m sorry about what happened. I don’t have very strong opinions about the government. However they are damned if they do damned if they don’t. So many people play the system they have to put rules in somewhere. He missed two appointments for whatever reason (not asking) but surely he would’ve been in contact with them to say why. They wouldn’t just shut it off unless they were struggling to get information. It’s such a difficult thing how do you know who is playing the system and who’s not. You have to follow the same rules. Don’t get me wrong it sucks and it’s all rubbish. Child abusers get off until something serious happens. We all have to be accountable for our own actions aswell. We have to stop blaming others 🙁

  53. Unfortunately the status quo will continue for the next 2 elections by then all those that championed this cabal running this country are personally affected by there contributive efforts to get thus rabble elected,nothing changes why?because British society is made of “whats in it for me”everyone else can go forth and multiply. ..

  54. I wish and pray that your case will be heard tried, tested, and have IDS hung for murdering not just your brother but so many others out there. I hope to GOD that you get a good judge that will hang him and have all benefits reinstated to many others out there,. I know it is to late now, but he is now with the LORD and hope that you win this case. You are a brave brave woman and when you win his death will have not been in vain, as you will have done this for so many others out there too and give them the same strength you have right now. GOD BLESS YOU AND YOUR FAMILY. ,xxx

  55. The Government will not be happy until they have gotten rid of anyone who needs any kind of benefit so they can use the money to increase their own pensions and ‘wages’.
    They (the politicians) may start with good intentions but it’s not long until they get the greedy and selfish bug that seems to stick with them forever.

  56. Barney Turner says:

    Test, you`re missing the point, but possibly you are unaware of the full details:
    Mr. Clapson was an average bloke who just happened to be unemployed despite having a professional trade (plumber).
    He was given no advice about how to survive during the period he was sanctioned for (food banks/Hardship Provision entitlement, etc.), & did everything that he was supposed to (Mandatory Reconsideration as 1st-stage appeal.), & the notification of his sanction being overturned arrived in the post about a week after his death, therefore the original sanction was incorrect but because the procedure is based upon suspicion rather than conclusive proof (which can only be forwarded via inclusion in a Mandatory Reconsideration or other appeal procedure) which takes time to submit & be processed.
    In the case of Mr. Clapson, that elapsed time (whether you perceive it to be short/long/whatever) was enough to CAUSE HIS DEATH.
    Is that simple enough for you?

  57. Why is it the governments fault for the guy no checking his blood?
    I consider myself a left wing but you guys are just grasping at straws it’s pathetic

  58. Anonymous says:
    March 10, 2016 at 7:33 pm

    Fuck the ‘lord’ it’s the lord that made him diabetic in the first place mate, if the ‘lord’ actually existed. Which it doesn’t.

  59. I wish you all the best with this fight …It is unthinkable in this day and age that the government are complicit in these deaths. I so wish the media would do there job and let the people know just how this is effecting those that have found themselves in this position. … This government are the worst in my life time and belong to another age and time …We cannot allow them to take us back with them ….I wish you all the best ..and know that there are many who are thinking and wishing you well in this cause

  60. no words can help .only action from the public to stop this injustice ,one law for them one for us,we need to stand up together ,we must get this stopped

  61. I feel for your loss Gill and many others that have lost loved ones under this uncaring and murderous tory government especially IDS he needs to account for all hes done to us all as i have also suffered under these crippling sanctions. We have to stick together to get these psychotic parasites out of our government as they are a law unto themselves but if we are all united as one and not divided and we can act as I just think they will ignore these pleas and partitions but if we all descend on parliament or there abodes in an active way they cant stop us from getting our points across also the media are controlled by these political Nazis.

  62. Good Luck GILL this mad lunatic needs stopping full stop I personally hate him with avgence for that he is doing to the poor sick and disabled hope he meets a very painful death as others have that he murdered

  63. I am very sorry for your loss and his needless death, like so many other’s. I have been praying for justice for all those that have dies due to this dispicable heartless, callous person and his government. I hope you get justice for your brother, i hope the judge makes an example of him and the government he serves. The lies he has told and continues to tell is beyond belief with the media on his side.

  64. I wish you the very best of luck with this. I sincerely hope that this will open the floodgates to the thousands who have also suffered at the hands of this vile parasite Duncan Smith. I would love to see that vile twisted tosser prosecuted for crimes against humanity, corporate manslaughter and malfeasance/ misconduct in a public office. He an many others who have voted for ESA to be cut by £30 per week should also be prosecuted for malfeasance in a public office, their actions are clearly malicious. They seem to forget they are public servants and we pay their salaries, I believe they get a food allowance of £120.00 per week they have TV licenses paid for as well as many other things of which we have to pay for. It is our money NOT theirs. Duncan Smith must be put on trial for crimes against humanity.

  65. Peter Barron says:

    Disgusting,What were the population thinking of when they voted the Tory crooks back into office.

  66. If there’s truly a god out there, lend this lady a hand, if ever there was a deserving cause such as fighting against those cancerous twats that reside in our so-called government, then this is it.

  67. good luck. i hope you get the justice your brother deserves. my name could easily have been on there too

  68. The Tories were voted back in office by the sheer apathy of the British public who didn’t vote. I hope this is a wake up call to them to get off their backsides and vote. Mind you with the Tories changing the boundaries to suit themselves, the 1000s of people lost from the electoral roll due to the new rules……this lot will still be in power in 2050. By which time we will be cleansed of disabled people because they will have let them all die just like they let David die. Good luck Gill. I hope this goes all the way and someone is sentenced for what happened to your brother.
    Does anyone have any plans for building a guillotine?

  69. Angela guthrie says:

    Its a disgrace how people are made to struggle, the price of living keeps going up but the benefits keep going down…but look at the money the MP,s are living off..disgusting…hope the evil man can live with himself…shame on you David ….hope justice is brought to him

  70. id love to see a detailed report of his finances before jumpinig to conclusions….

    saying ” oh he starved as he has his benefits cut ” is meaningless if he smoked/drank/had sky etc etc

    if he tried to live a life of luxury rather than basic living ( so sky/virgin/internet/ non basic foods, ready made meals, biscuits/chocolate etc etc ) its not the government’s fault, if he did its entirely his fault and he deserves no pity.

    People who live on benefits seem to want to live a life of luxury rather than a life on benefits. why should they when people who work struggle?

  71. It would be nice to think they can be held responsible for their actions and I wish you every success be prepared for them to close ranks and hide behind red tape

  72. Well done and keep up the good fight.

    “For evil to survive, it is enough that good people do nothing!”

  73. They cut the benefits of our people, cut corners to save money at the peoples expense, and yet sit on their fat pay cheques and somehow find millions to bomb another country…. I hope you win, and I hope it becomes a domino effect. We are the people, we are the 99%, we have power in numbers and we should not stand for this kind of injustice!!

  74. carole jarvis says:

    They have every angle tied up don’t they, remember before they started on there illegal path of murder and destruction they took away the right to legal aid that way they knew that the people they were attacking (the sick and poor) could not take them to court! Thank god for the very few people who will still come together to carry out such actions on behalf of the rest of us. What we really need is a class action against not just IDS but his accomplices Cameron and Osborn!

  75. It makes me mad the government cut benefits and pensions for the old but put there wages up spend money on migrants housing and giving them hand outs .if thay drove them selves instead off shower driven cars and paid for there own food and electric instead off getting it subsidised thay are making this country in to a he’ll hole .thay are responsible for your brothers death but the rs no way you will win the court case .the jukes and all in power won’t let you .wot we need in parliament are normal working class people who no how hard it is to live .

  76. The European court of human rights is the place to go…..they have already said the UK government is probably in breach. Good luck with the UK courts and we should all be out in our hundreds of thousands making sure justice is done and seen to be done.

  77. RISE UP! Start a Demonstration. Join a demonstration. Get your freinds and your friend’s friends involved. The people united cannot be defeated. We Are Anonymous. We Are Legion. We Do Not Forgive. We Do Not Forget. Expect Us.

  78. God bless you lass, can I contribute a little something to help I despise this evil man preying on decent people.

  79. I went through this for last 3 years then got it all back..but now I am going through it again…Don. T think I am strong enough to do it all again this is just the beginning.theres gona be more suicides including mine probably. .bastards they are..good luck.xx

  80. Positive thoughts and wishes that you will receive justice for what has happened. Truly a disgrace, good luck, xxx

  81. Catherine O'Connor says:

    Good luck in taking them on. I hope you get justice for your brother and for the many others that have died at their hands. I am ashamed of our government and what they are doing to the poorest most vulnerable of its society whilst they are taking taxes and cutting wages, benefits nhs care and in our faces upping their incomes and fiddling expenses whilst sleeping on the job. They are the cruelest of jokes and really deserve to be prosecuted and stopped. I wish you and your legal team all the luck in the world. And I applaud your bravery.

  82. Hope there is truth in the saying what goes around comes around .Ids should be put in a cold damp flat / house with minimal money food to buy and meters to fill .But he is gutless to try this .Evil bastards

  83. The Government simply DO NOT care, especially Ian Duncan Smith, so long as they have their comfortable lifestyles, thanks to the ordinary members of the public, the sanction situation is getting out of hand.

  84. I would like all of them to have everything taken away and see how they live on what they think everyone else should live on.

  85. Test says

    ‘Also diabetics are eligible for DLA which pays for necessary food to prevent both Hypo’s and Hyper’s’

    No, you’re wrong. Having Diabetes doesn’t make you automatically eligible for DLA. Stop spreading disinformation & try doing a bit of research before typing such rubbish.
    As for you criticising a dead man, well that’s really scummy thing to do. Maybe the guy just gave up? This kind of thing is happening more & more. It’s totally immoral what the DWP are sanctioning people for. You sound like a mean spirited person? Just remember KARMA.

  86. About time stopping people’s money that are ill and proved by professionals but Ian the twat dukcan Smith should be charged with murder but he would rather give the money to some Muslim peado With two or more wife’s the only thing i would give them is a back hander

  87. If it had been any other company they would be able to be sued for corporate man slaughter but because its a government department its allowed to happen. Its our Queens government its her majestys government lets all write to her to complain how its affecting lifes even death sentence for some . would be interested to see the outcome.

  88. George ID Smith is guilty of indirect man slaughter. I sincerely wish you well on this Gill. Your brother deserves justice!!!

  89. Margaret Robinson says:

    Stopping an insulin dependant diabetic’s money is disgusting as is saying that he is to blame for his own death! Some people think they are too clever when they are actually ignorant and horrible! Good luck Gill! X

  90. I’m so sorry for your loss. There are so many people behind you, supporting you and hoping you get some sort of justice. I’m worried that there is a lot riding on this, so please take care of yourself. I don’t think there are any things that this government wouldn’t stoop to. Stay safe.

    For the couple of idiotic comments, ignore. People seem to think that if they earn a good wage, this couldn’t happen to them. Karma is a bitch. Disability and ill health can happen to anyone anytime.

    I know things will be difficult for you, with some idiots thinking they’re clever making stupid judgemental comments. That’s the difference between us and them. They’d rather make snide comments. We would rather those in government who are responsible for this tragedy (and by using sanctions against ANY vulnerable person, they are culpable) are held to account.

    We are all behind you! You have the strength of thousands of us, supporting you!

  91. Joseph OFarrell says:

    I hope you get everything you want as justice for your brother and I hope Ian Duncan Smith and his cronies get everything they deserve, they have no concept of the misery they have caused to thousands of ordinary people.

  92. please note on the link above you will need a good broadband as the list are the deaths of over the past 6 years of the sick and disabled in going through welfare reform and runs into hundreds of deaths

    “Viewer discretion advised.”

  93. Tories are no better than war criminals and should be put in front of a firing squad for how many deaths have been caused through the sanctions they have imposed on sick vulnerable people who were already struggling.

  94. Kevin partridge says:

    I hope they send duncan smith to hell.He’s ok spoutin his mouth off hiding in the house of commons,bet he’s a coward on the streets.

  95. This Heartless Minister IAN DUNCAN SMITH Must Be Charged with Genocide Against Humanity & Crimes Against Humanity. Never ever thought that a British Minister would stoop so very low like this in my whole life and now its happened. No wonder His TORY BOSS David Cameron wants to do away with The Human Rights Act, it is so that he & his party of PARASITES can persecute & Kill BRITISH PEOPLE… as they have done in this case

  96. Message in response to Mandatory. You arrogant pile of poo. I know you are Conservative from your inhuman response. Just remember what goes around comes around. You day will come. You hateful person. Noted that you are remaining anonymous . a coward as well as a Pratt

  97. So sorry for your loss Gill. There are certain elements in here who obviously do not know what it’s like to be poor. To hell with them. Good luck with your quest. Xx

  98. Andrea Michelle Westley Smith says:

    The wrong people are still getting sick benefits, free travel.
    To get this right everyone should make new claims.
    I have menieres disease & would like to work & i get no perks …ie bus pass
    I thought our Queen was meant to serve & care for her country… ?

  99. So the guy was too stupid to check his blood levels and it’s somehow the governments fault that he died?
    It takes a hell of a long time of having high blood sugars to kill you.

    The guy clearly wasn’t putting any effort in it’s no one else’s fault.

    And you can receive DLA if you’re diabetic. I’m getting £200 a month for my diabetes.

  100. Sanctions should be stopped full stop! They are pointless and defeat the object by giving you so little to live on how can you possibly then attend work based interviews and find work! The government should be held accountable for many policies that place lives in danger.

    However it’s the laws surrounding accountability that need to change and thats the one that will need to proved . If you can win that then good on ya. All the best x

  101. Roseann Mcseveny says:

    This gov want to get rid of the disabled we have been it the hardest i…. They take money from the sick and disabled so,they can claim for breakfast ect a saw some mp saying his breakfast was £57 think it was IDS and yet what we get to live on for a week is not much more than his breakfast that we PAYED for mind …as for my country Scotland you should hang yr head in shame for voting no or we would be rid of them They should be MADE accountable for these deaths gd luck in this fight

  102. Good luck as i do was sanctioned(carers allowance and income support) as they stopped my sons benefits,had no help from DWP and had to rely on food banks while i appealed.If you need more people to help with your campaign i will gladly help as these murderers in government dont care about the normal people unless you have a few million in the bank

  103. Kenneth Thomson says:

    It’s true that our social welfare bill is getting too high but cutting the benefits and sanctioning those that need the money should be a long way down the line. we hear that the government is cutting benefits in one way or another almost every day, What we don’t hear about is how many of the benefit cheats are being caught, those people who work ‘cash in hand’ and still make benefit claims. Our welfare system should help those in need and throw out those who cheat.

  104. The egocentric prick likes to stand, during PMQs,at the entrance to the Commons where the cameras pick him up, looking smug This man will get his comeuppance when some sort of justice prevails and we have a Secretary of State who cares about the little people.

  105. Give us all the details says:

    People are aware that ‘benefits’ are not a right, but a donation of money paid by the government and involuntarily funded by the taxpayers? It is effectively charity. All that is asked is that you meet the requirements to receive it. This has been the same no matter who was in power.

    I support an inquest into this matter. I want to know why he did not attend the 2 appointments that would have given him his benefits. I want to know why he died alone in his house without support from family, friends or any other charitable organisations (the Royal British Legion, for example). If his reasons were legitimate then the DWP has some explaining to do. If it was his own fault, then I’d expect at the least an apology from his sister!

  106. Good luck to you Gill,I wish you total success in such a barbaric government breach of inhumanity, this feeble excuse for a government has a total disregard for human life, and forget all those men and women who have fought and sacrificed there lives for a safe and better Britain. I will follow your plight with keen interest gill,go get email girl.

  107. ids is assured a knighthood and and a member of the house of lords to reward him for his actions. i also suffered under these sanctions and was left with nothing. thank god for foodbanks.i fought and won but my mental health deteriated to the point where i didnt see the point of existing anymore. i worked as an engineer and paid into the system for 35 years but when i became ill they made up lie after lie to try not to pay me anything.good luck with your case i hope you win for all of us!

  108. The government has duty to every one of us in the uk, Animal Farm exists at present, a mafia running the country ad hoc, damining the poorest and most vulnerable in the name of savings whilst, ad hoc pay themselves vast sums of money when not one of them is in work. Parliamentarians are not employed, it is an activity they carry out on behalf of us all, it is not employed work. Simple answer, go find some work and stop the bandits paying themselves rewards. I don’t work hard all week to have the sick and dying being castrated financially while these pompous Bigots rob my contributions to society to line their burgeoning pockets and fattening their increasing girths. Stop the pretentious bull shit, start treating the country with respect, you (parliamentarians) occupied at the grace of the common people, need to be gone, enough, you have arranged the deaths of too many people in the blind and arrogant ignorance that is known as privilege, grace & favour. Get real, get human, get gone

  109. IDS has definately got something on Cameron- these dictators should be held to account-they are getting away with what Hitler did.

  110. People on benefits who has been sanctioned for not turning up to meetings is down to the managers of Dwp, they have to give figures to the government, not all appointment letters are sent out, I know this, as I have been on the receiving end of it.
    I am regerstered disabled and now my weekly money has been cut by £63 a week, I wish this lady good luck in her fight against the government, she has my backing.
    We should all stand against them, not just those on benefits but everyone, let this country unite as one

  111. Going by the name hahaha. ….u spineless maggot piece of shit any comments regarding your views put your name coward. ….God forbid u need.help…Well my be not Just.shoot.u you.piece.of crap…..

  112. Sorry not read all the comments… is there any way I can send some money to you… there are a lot of people in your position and would back you with anything you need. Big hugs. Moira x
    Moira x

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